Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans | Writers Marly Halpern-Graser & Jeremy Adams Interview | SDCC 2019

all right we're here in San Diego comic-con 2019 we're in an official press room for the Teen Titans go vs Teen Titans movie which is gonna be premiering today and I'm very excited I'm with two very special people very important and special people for this project I thought it's gonna boss the Teen Titan name keeps rolling off but nonetheless I am here with Jeremy Adams Marley helping gray sir they are the writers for this special project now this I keep saying this special because it truly is I love both Teen Titans go and I've I've been told 203 Titans yes and the fact of the matter that you're able to capture the two together this is the happy medium for the fan base that was what two or three Titans yeah that brings back that that brings them back and the ones that may have been a little bit worried about Teen Titans go because the seriousness was gone this is a very clear statement to say you guys we've listened to her welcome back well I also think it's just one of those things I like I'm a fanboy – and I get annoyed when people change things but it's not changing things like it's just they live in this universe they live in this universe like those two ideas can exist like at the same time yeah and we live in a world where you know jean-luc Picard has a show coming out you know so what's gonna happen in 20 years maybe Teen Titans comes back to its own show I don't know I mean if people are watching it on the DC Universe app which you could buy now you know and watch the degree that you're watching Young Justice I'm sure there would be a conversation but I think what Marlee specifically and Jeff put together was this kind of like I don't know it's so meta in a weird way because it's like the fandoms hate each other it looks let them fight on screen so but I mean the fact that you have a movie with them together because I was a fan of the original and on the fan of Teen Titans go you know that they get to operate in the same universe I don't know it's pretty remarkable I think it's gonna be it's gonna be great though yeah I mean in my ideal world the structure of this movie where the two different teams with the two different attitudes they meet they don't like each other they have to fight through fighting they learn they have more in common than they thought and they have to team up to take on a greater enemy I hope that the fans do that help me hook they fight yeah yeah exactly yeah no I hope that I hope that the I hope that the original oh three Titans fans I hope they beat up some children then I hope they realize that Demma knows I hope that them and they realize that they have a lot in common with the children and then the adults and the children team up and I don't know battle grandparents not sure who their natural enemy is this is like a self-help book that's waiting to be written it's like beat your children until you understand what they're going through it's a great that's the whole premise I need to know how much time I need to prepare for the biggest role sharks in the Jets you see them people come into the panel for the screening instead of handing out like we're not gonna be at the panel we will not be there thing is if you like it that was Marley and if you don't like it it's Jeff and I'm just here to be like hey let's put a fart joke in last question for you guys can they got a busy week a day and so forth going off yeah the multiverse I've been asking people and I know the writers got to give me a clear-cut definition what does the multiverse mean in the Teen Titans universe Oh bro yeah I'll let you take this I would say for their for the most part we're following the multiverse rules established back on crisis on two earths when the Justice Society met the Justice League which is you know the way it works in DC is every basically every version of every DC character ever has a whole universe where that version exists yeah and we're just leaning into that okay and you'll see there's there are several comics versions of the Titans that have cameos in this because this is we're saying that in the same way that there's the different universes with the comics this is just two more universe yes so you saying there's a chance Nightwing that we spoke to a little bit or it might be the og we'll have to find out you'll have to download it legally and buy come buy it on DVD instead of stealing it be on the DC Universe a pity boy I'm sure we'll it's got to be right max launches in this movie isn't on there like riot in the streets take those weapons to the car today be safe you the director and you will but guys a genius and I don't mean that loosely and nothing works with them she wants a certain pain and he cares so much for the property that he wants he's not working he's not willing to like just push it aside yeah he wants it to be great and I think I think he's that type of guy you're gonna see in a couple years some students go okay let's get back by a bunch of money in four years and we're gonna see something to make for them I really do believe in that guy's talent I mean he asks a lot of everybody and that's great and that's what we're here for is make something really great in something or last everybody will love and it's a particular challenge I'm just gonna ramble it's just a challenge with like Teen Titans go and Teen Titans because the fan bases for both them and how pretty advocate and they're pretty vocal and I'm one of those people that like love tonight and I saw these cute little versions I got and I work with these people huh like what you do you know and then you watch two things go oh this is great – it's a totally different thing that's there it's the Batman brave and the bold intro like I remember them here I think I was in the crowd well it's about my brain the public like what did you do he's supposed to be brooding I think he wants to show you like this is really good you know so I feel like what I hope fans of both will understand is that these two universities can coexist they can live side by side it doesn't negate what any of anybody John in any universe and also it's not to say that that doesn't universe can't happen again you know my friend Brandon Yeti and Greg Weisman I've known justice it's like they were done after season tail but guess what fans wanted it more as years later and they got it and so suddenly if people are decent movers are watching it you know Teen Titans to you breather watching injustice but guarantee you there's going to be a conversation well you might get your wish but it's a great they're both great and they're both interesting and different and that's the juxtaposition in this movie that that's so fun but the silly guys the serious guys you see Robin being able to see what could be you know which i think is frustrating and interesting so that's where a lot of the humor plays yeah so I asked questions someone else you think this is a good introduction to get old fans in the new stuff well you would hope yeah but having good a fan I hold grudges yeah hard people please sometimes it is it is but you know age comes wisdom so I'm hoping that there's enough here that people can just have a good time yeah and realize that like I said realize that it's all one big happy family yeah that's something it doesn't not make age it doesn't exist to negate what you they can operate simultaneously and separate but I do hope people like it so you know I appreciate it yeah absolutely and it's you know the great thing I'm gonna go off on tangents because I haven't had my second right there that so you know the great thing about elimination of these super collaborative probably more so than a lot of things I knew right I will tell you that animation animation is a lot more collaborative in terms of everything all all art is collaborative in the meet them in these days but with animation this happens a lot of schedule bring it to the producer director they'll have notes they might change things next thing you know it's how to do it and he's brought to the story where goes the story where guys are freaking Jesus and their craftsman and they'll think of our joke but you never thought of and sometimes it's a it's like goodbye but at the same time it's written by them too these guys are all amazing and then you go to the recording booth actors go you know there's a there's once you take your ego out of the equation and just go let's try to make the best that we possibly together that's what I think I think things when people just start having fun and that's what I feel like they've done I feel like Jeff like I said Jeff if it's good that's what he's doing yet and I don't think he's satisfied until he gets back which is good yeah that's what you wanted it shoots it feels good to bring these two years I don't know exactly but I believe it's a mural I think it was like all these guys like they're willing to go trying to keep up with the frenetic place at Teen Titans go it just seems like it's going to be an inevitability that's something you know it's that eventually Batman if you men are going to fight you know that's what I feel like there's enough quote I don't know there's something there something powerful about it there's something a little bit about like I know we know they're angry look let them fight it out on screen you know let's what the fanbase is fight it out on screen they'll be great you know there's something a little and honest about their particular scene bringing you know part of part of my job was just to continue to refine kind of the raving storyline in the reveal maybe I don't know like a red dot appears about so that was part of the joy that I had I like I like the magic world also just you know far too I have two kids and they gotta pick jokes because you know I've changed like that so I think that was more of a thing than just being goofy and silly and I honestly feel like my job generally nation is one of my gifts is ideation I have a lot ideas and like I said if you give me a Red Bull I would give you a lot of ideas and so I just want to do that I just want to keep getting ideas and ideas I have my sister-in-law this is my sister-in-law when she met me like the second time she's cherry for the thing I like about here is like this a nine stupid things but you'll keep talking to me that's great but that's how I feel right it's like a a wide net of ideas and also I'm a firm believer and the stupid idea can lead to a good idea right and I tell that to writers that are aspiring to them you just have to do it I mean you go back and edit it but analysis leads to paralysis just do the stupid idea that can bring you to the good idea don't be afraid to say it don't be afraid engage with ideas because great take it everybody's good a ticket for what impresses you we look at Teen Titans go it's a hit show luck that was then again movie another Emmy nomination the other day what impresses you about the family I mean I the insatiable desire to okay I would say this but the fan base is amazing but I also think that the voice actors activated the campus that allows like oftentimes we see people that have had a barrier between the fans the show and those people in particular they really embrace the fans in ways that I think makes it easier for fans to engage okay no animation in the family is that always been in the family sort of for you love anime versus Teen Titans go bringing them together was it ambitious when the concept came up I get to talk about the origins the origins of this well yeah I mean is it obviously I think the project is very ambitious I mean there's a way I think you can even see just in the trailers there's a incredible amount of characters in this you know the there was a more definitely a so many different very very big past very ambitious especially to do on a DVD budget the team did a we plan so much into this like I think I think we have a I'm pretty sure there's a fight scene in this movie with more characters than the biggest fight scene and at the at recovery that we did last year just even though this one was going to go to go directly to video we wanted to make sure we were still pushing the limits of what had been established in the theatrical movie try to make sure it's even bigger even more excited my question is I was thinking is this going to be a way of introducing like the newer generation to the older show yeah I think I mean in my in my perfect world I truly would love it if fans of the original show a new show become equally fans of the other characters innovating yeah exactly yeah I don't want the fans to be but the characters can fight so that the fans can all get along yeah but yeah I mean if there's kids who haven't watched the 2003 show they should and hopefully doesn't get them too and if there's fans of the 2003 show that haven't wanted to check out to Titans go cuz they're worried they won't like it I think this convinces them that there's a lot too much oh yeah yeah so yeah no I would I would love it if the effect is one of the effects of this is there's more fan crossover people who like one show the other become bigger fans of the other one yeah it'll be awesome and definitely excited my first on the trailer the world yeah even though there's stuff yeah was that was it interesting trying to write to balance definitely I think the the toughest thing is when you put them together there is a danger of them blending a little bit and not staying so this thing's like her by team names those standards this is a pretty serious movie there's like real stakes there's a real villain who's gonna really do bad things everyone really cares about what's happening like buy so like if you start with the normal tone of two Titans go this is more serious than that yeah and if you start with the you know if you take like the most serious episodes of the 2003 show this is goofier than that oh yeah so you do want to make sure that since the the overall tone of the movie is kind of splitting the difference between the two shows so you want to make sure the characters aren't splitting the difference in just becoming like a plan plateau in the middle yeah you got to make sure that see we tried to make sure that the go Titans stay really funny and try to emphasize the serious side of the o3 Titans because honestly there are some really silly episodes of the oh three Titans oh yeah there's a version we could do where they just get along perfectly and they're all just goofing off and eating itzá that would actually work but it wouldn't be a very exciting movie and people I think I'd be balling the two starfighters they're pretty much the Starfire is pretty much dude just get along in the movie yeah it's basically the Robin sourcing the right no the Robins definitely don't get along honestly oh three cyborgs I think it's pretty skeptical of those cyborgs yeah they have for common ground in the in the end but definitely at first I think oh oh three cyborgs definitely thinks this guy's not taking me the weight of this mechanical body seriously the tragedy being no longer a full human characters that you're looking forward to like writing a dialogue together oh that mean honestly it was the it was the two cyborgs yeah it was the one I was most excited about there's a scene and there's a scene towards the end of the movie where they meet the pg-13 DVD Teen Titans sorry we should do these interviews after the movie assuming that so spoilers but there's a scene in towards the end of a movie where they meet the actually serious pg-13 Titans and and there's just that conversation where Teen Titans go cyborg is like oh that's the serious cyborg that was the first scene I wrote right when they first asked me to do this project I wrote back scene and I basically wrote the whole movie around wanting to write that scene so what I was most excited what I was most excited to do was write Teen Titans go cyborg poking holes at those three cyborgs serious facade and being like you're not so serious man yeah that was the dynamic I thought would be it would be the funniest and then also obviously the two Robbins in a funny way I feel like the two Robbins don't get along almost because they're not very different yeah the two Robbins are very very similar which means they really don't like each other I'm a next question if we're gonna bring in any other animated films yes I'm really excited for that people 13 yes I guess I figured was okay because they put that shot in the they put that shot in the trailer yeah there's a shot in the trailer we're like Robins like Teen Titans go there's this crazy splashing bitch is like 50 Teen Titans there many of those crazy carried across yes no honestly that was a big inspiration I love I I think I watched it in Japanese so I'd know what it was going on I've only watched a couple of the Super Sentai series so I didn't even recognize most of them but you just see like 50 red you can see like 50 red Rangers yeah and each one's doing a move and you know like that's probably that guy's move I don't know that guy but I bet that thing he did is the thing who does you you could just tell like there's like a shape to it even when you don't know the character oh yeah you can recognize what's happening and I I definitely wanted to try to capture that and so yeah there's a there's I think every I'll just say this thing that may not be true I think every animated version of to platens yeah is in this many of the comics portions of Teen Titans are in this we don't have the live-action also I think we're actually with the exact title that was beyond I'm pretty sure we have every animated version and a good hard to emulate the animation from the web show well I mean short answer yes yeah even shorter even a simpler answer for me luckily that wasn't my job yes mimicking and matching the animation the old show was were they it's the biggest thing that makes this ambitious yeah I think like as an animation fan it's always hard for me to accept this is that whenever there's like a revival of a show a way after so much of the look of animation is a result of the medium yeah like the way my leg even mmm but I'm saying is that even if you want to mimic imperfectly it's tough because the way we make cartoons has changed so I can look at an old episode of Simpsons it looks really different and some events that the character designs have change but some of it is they used to be painting on actual cells yeah and filming with an actual camera and they just don't do that anymore and it just looks different and I was just watching drag a Dragon Ball super because that's all one big continuity they would occasionally do flashbacks the scenes from Dragon Ball Z in Europe and you imagine that it looks like you're watching super it looks exactly the same exact show a shot from scene well that looks really different and so we're sort of in that position of like you know really want to capture the look and feel of the oh three Titans as best as we thought yeah but it's tough because we just making this cartoon in a different way they're a specific attribute to the project energy type take it it was that both of these shows are such cultural rubber nuts and the fact that like you know the original Teen Titans went off the air however many and 12 years ago and people are like still clamoring for it to come back and still care about it they're still so passionate about it and then Teen Titans go was like the number one rated five years or something so the idea of like slamming these two like beloved giant properties against each other and also the fact that it lets you do a giant crossover with ten characters and you only need five actors I did a tiny teeny tiny bit of writing on that and I'm glad but that means I get to take credit for all these great jokes I didn't write that man Superman I don't I assume they assume they went up to his house with a big truck I don't know that but I was involved in my sorta they have kind of a like writers room they give us some notes on this thing writing it and I was just happy to even be in the room they did such a great job your first thought when approached the project having nerves we turn about everything everyone definitely a little bit the nice the only the only silver lining about this being such a difficult project to make everybody happy is I had to accept pretty early on that we weren't gonna make everybody happy and just be okay with that because there's no version of this movie where everybody is happy one thing that I did want to do because you know I grew up obviously I would get really invested in like actually who was gonna win like it was a real fight and so one thing I did want to do is like you know it's no surprise that they team up at some point in this movie but I wanted to make sure and I think you see some of in the trailers that there is a sizable section of this movie that is about the team's fighting yeah and there's pretty clear winners and losers in those matchups I wanted people who I wanted the phantom are invested in like well who would win if you rather bought didn't have to see it and be like well man we know so watch the movie and you'll know – yeah is there anything yes I wanted to at least and maybe maybe suggest what's going on with her because I know that's when people say they want to season 6 one of the biggest things they want is more information she is if she's alive and she is does she have her memories all of that and I would have loved to have at least hinted at that because I think that would have been really cool but ultimately you know this movie was about the two Teen Titans – yeah and we just couldn't really I was like this movie so you know maybe he can do another one of these you could do some of that I would say that's the biggest thing because the other thing I really wanted basically on the team you taking the side I had hoped to get some some reference to terror in there and I couldn't and on the Teen Titans go sided really want to do Santa Clause and we did so on the go side I'm perfectly happy on the Titans Teen Titans side I'd love to do another one so we can get to our oh yeah yeah well I mean class Santa Claus like I said I trained on their entirely they first told me about this projects I immediately jumped to wanting to use the church other and I don't know if we wouldn't even have been allowed to use slaves since he was such a big deal in the theatrical movie but I went right to joy and then you know without without going into too many spoilers you know there are some other versions of the titles in this movie and I was really excited for everyone like they're they're all in there because I want to show and there's a couple of those a couple that have only ever been if you could bring any elevation character in tune into the movie into this I would improve so they came to me and said alright you need to bring a third superhero team into this movie that's not the debate I would say I quit that's no I think it's it's I'm very happy that this to the two Titans characters well actually they they announced it in the in the cast one character I want I really wanted to use as I thought it'd be funny and you did his gentleman ghost and I just like gentleman ghost he's not really a Titusville and I just like him so I guess that's probably the one just sort of general DC character that didn't need to be in this movie but I wanted him to be with gentleman ghost I'm basically just a fan of him because of how they braving the bowl that was always a big fan of that so I was excited to do it I went to the spa on jim Starlin i've been a really big fan of its comic since I was a kid so this is this is his first Comic Con since endgame so it was cool to see him like see a huge crowd be excited to see I did I went in bonds I also wrote the Batman vs. so I went and bought some marked up let's spend extra money for things for my own thing you don't get any merchandise can I give you anything sometimes if I really want to make sure I get it I just get it myself to ensure if they give me one that I have a present I wanted to make sure I got one yeah same here like that your is it it's it's it's different with different things though gentleman goes we broke in here at the first I didn't know who they were going to but when I wrote dark side Indians played that tape before that I knew that what I did I wrote is excellent he wrote to the efficiency big-big

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