Teen author lands big book deal

20 thoughts on “Teen author lands big book deal

  1. I'm 13 and writing a book called WICKED. It's a retelling of the wizard of oz but from the witch's perspective.

  2. How ofte'n is kidz home Libraries display'd on social media?
    ….name 2
    Nev'r eliminate rooms in your home for your kidz libraries ; nev'r let entertainment, toyz, clothes,gates, locks or a bolt to intrude upon your kidz possibilities, b'cause it will set upon a stagnat freedom of their mind

  3. Just keep believing and trusting in God's (Jesus Christ) timing and he will bless you beyond your wildest dreams.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I just turned thirteen and I’ve been writing a novel for two years. Now I’m trying to get it published… wish me luck.

  5. I'm turning 12 on April 28th, and I'm outline my book called, "The Charm" it's going to be a book series that will be published on wattpad.

  6. I'm a 14 year old author and I have finished one book called Shadow Zone but it is currently in editing. I'm also in the middle of a poetry book and 46,000 words through another book.

  7. How do people get the money to publish books? can you guys please tell me? Anyone who published or knows about it.

  8. I 'll be honest I'm at the same time impress but yet jealous because I've been planed on being a author and yet he got ahead of me. But no matter I'm not gonna let that get in my way to fulfill my dream

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