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(Cassette Player Sound Effect) – That “Polo and Shell Tops”, that him home when I heard that though. I remember the first time I heard it. I was in high school. You know, you’re going
through baby mama problems, he got a song for that. You’re going through some beef, he got a song for that. Family members turning on you, he got a song for that. It’s like Meek Mill be
hitting them targets, saying what he needs to
say, that’s gonna resonate with the streets, that’s why
he always had the streets. (Polo & Shell Tops plays) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ I remember ♪ ♪ Maybach Music ♪ – I feel like a lot of his songs, especially early in his career, was hitting key points of
the life that I was living. But when I heard the song, I
knew that we from different places, and all this different stuff, but we got the same struggles. We got the same struggles, same hobbies, do the same shit, go
through the same shit. ♪ I remember nights I used to sell rocks ♪ ♪ Posted on the corner like a mailbox ♪ ♪ First class ticket to a cell block ♪ – Just to get some Polo
and some shell tops ♪ Cold world ♪ ♪ And they say Hell’s hot ♪ ♪ But it ain’t hotter than that
choppa when them shells drop ♪ ♪ Man I see niggas play that ♪ – [Tee Grizzley] Block
and get they bell rocked. ♪ Cops cleared the scene and
I was back by 12 o’clock ♪ – You know, that shit
for real, like that shit niggas really live and seen. You know, any rapper can
get in there and talk about some street shit, but when
you get to talking about shit somebody seen or did, it
just gives you the chills. The chorus hit me too,
I liked the chorus too. This is how it goes down in the jungle ♪ When niggas learn to shoot
before they could rumble ♪ ♪ Cops rushing, they gon’
kick in he front door ♪ ♪ And if they chase you better
hope you don’t stumble ♪ ♪ I wanted polo and some shell tops ♪ ♪ I just wanted polo and some shell tops ♪ – Like that shit, the cops
kicked in my front door before, at my grandma’s house. You know, niggas in my hood
really did learn to shoot, and don’t know how to fight at all. The shooters from where I’m from, when they go to jail,
they be getting beat up cause they can’t fight,
cause they learned to shoot, before they could rumble. ♪ I done seen close neighbors lose hope ♪ ♪ Fall victim to the streets
and start to use dope ♪ ♪ I used to load my gun before
I went to school first ♪ – Crazy niggas wanna kill
me, we was cool first That shit be facts. A lot of niggas who I got
problems with to this day, I was cool with them at first. I really was like loading guns
up before I went to school, putting them behind abandoned houses, and going to get them
bitches after school like, that’s the type of shit
niggas really live. Drug money turn to blood money. I only roll with niggas
that’ll take a slug for me. ♪ No matter what it is,
I’mma pay that bail money ♪ ♪ To get my niggas right ♪ – My niggas for life. Drug money turned to blood money, right? Okay. It’s a lot of drug money in the streets, and that money can be used
to get somebody killed, or somebody will die over that money. That’s why they call it blood money. Somebody died over it. There’s blood on it but, you done got – somebody
got killed over this. Cause you’re in a place where
ain’t nobody got nothing. You know, then, only roll with niggas
that’ll take a slug for me. That’s so important cause, you can’t jump out the
window for somebody that ain’t gonna walk out the door for you. You know, just, it’s a whole
bunch of real nigga shit. Meek been inspirational
to me his whole career. Like I said, I was watching him battle, before he even got on. Right, so… To see him… go – be broke… Just to see him start coming up, to see him being a
superstar just was like, damn this shit really can happen. This shit really possible,
Meek was one of the first niggas that showed me. This shit really possible. This nigga from the streets like me, had beef with niggas. Trying to rap, trying to
put his name out there. Got locked up, came home,
and took the fuck off. That was an inspiration for me. Then, when he gets in the game it’s like, you can make it out the
streets and get your chance, but can you stay? Can you continue to break barriers? You know, Meek’s staying solid. He’s holding his weight in the industry, then he fucked around and get Nicki. He fucked around and dropped
Wraith Bentley truck, it’s like damn, that nigga
come from the same place I come from. That’s motivation. You know, that song was
just always the song that resonated with me though. Every night I used to sell rocks, just to get some polo and some shell tops. We all do something for something. To be particular, it was in
the streets doing something for some money. And he made a song about it. And it just connected with me.

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  1. This song was slept on heavy. I banged this more than the intro. 2nd best song on D&N. Best song is YOUNG KINGS

  2. This nigga in the thumb nail lookin bout fat as fuck long ass double chin 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. He not four the grill don't even look right on him he got a white boy type stlye not a street looking guy

  4. Polo And Shell Tops One Of My Favorite Meek Songs Still He Been My Favorite Rapper TBH Since Elementary School 💯💪🏾👌🏾

  5. why rappers think they sound hard with a grill in i will never understand, jus sounds dumb – they look hard and cost more than ill ever have but im just saying, take it out for an interview

  6. Remember everybody was hating Meek a few years ago when he had beef w Drake now everyone a huge fan 🤔

  7. Meek is the definition of the American dream believe it or not go watch them old YouTube videos and watch the perseverance and the hunger no fight no quit and overcoming the struggle

  8. Then it all started from a dollar…. Crack up in my drawers scuffing up my pradas ! This album a fucking classic and full a bangers!

  9. She speaks like his nose is clogged so he gots to breathe through his forehead type shit !

    ( I know its 'cause he just got them grillz n gots to learn how to speak with it )

  10. Bruh not 1 of your folks told you how stupid you look and sound trying to keep that bullshit ass grill in your mouth.

  11. Been rocking with meek since like 6th grade, like tee said them battle days. I'm talking about before he even dropped flamerz. Remember when him and Reed dollaz was going at it, y'all might not know bout Reed tho boy had that fire but he fell off.

  12. Meek SO underrated and it's always been like that. It makes me mad because this world is full of a bunch of cornballs who do nothing but ride waves. Wins and Losses was EASILY one of the top three albums in 2017, but of course people don't realize that because they fake pretending to still hate Meek. Real recognize real, though 💯

    Edit: And when Tee Grizzley said Meek got a song for literally everything you going through, that's all facts 💯💯💯

  13. There's a certain level of poverty/not having that resonates with Meek Mill supporters, that non-supporters didn't experience. It's looking at him and being able to say "he's like me". WHen you listen to something and get chills because its your life being told by someone else thats when you know the person is REAL

  14. Pull outs have Mf'ers talking funny and us in Florida say you got one foot in that street life and one foot out you a Faker

  15. Everybody's fake these days, 76ers were playing Back to Back while him and Drake were beefing. He couldn't even get support from his own cities team , everyone was clowning him. Real fans of Meek know that he held back cuz we all know when it comes to down to real rap Meek Mill runs miles around Drake and I fw Drake but I'm just calling it like it is. I didn't take sides when they were beefing cuz I don't like my bias getting in the way, meek was spitting real shit while drake was just putting out radio hits and thats what took off because Drake got more radio play than Meek. I'm glad they're not beefing anymore cuz they make great music together but that beef showed who the real ones are. And now everybody back on Meek Mills Dick cuz it's a trend smh… shout out to the day ones

  16. Those dumb ass false teeth fucking up his speech and he sounds like he struggling to keep his breath sitting still …better hit that gym fam

  17. I been rockin wit meek since day 1 since the battle days even thru the drake shit I still rocked wit meek he grew up down the street from me ima always support my brotha where the real love at?? 💪🏽💯

  18. I use to hate on meek hard … But it's like the last few years with the likes of lol pump n 69 makes me appreciate rappers like meek … He might not be my style so I don't bump him now but he does have bars n speaks real shit

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