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  1. Hello Erin. Searching after watching your movie many times, I am thrilled to see you here in TED as a real person. I love your story. My students and i have been inspired by your story. Thank you for being an amazing teacher!

  2. Maria's character in the movie was named Eva. I figured it out right then and there because I remember her reaction in the movie when she said "why didn't you tell me Anne Frank dies?". Nice to see the real life Erin Gruwell speak, reminds me of my tenth grade world history teacher, her enthusiasm and her ability to help us remember what we learned was impeccable, I still think about my former teacher almost 13 years later.

  3. Man this got me… Dammit.

    The ripples that teachers make can be felt for generations…my gods what a mess I am. I'm going to some ice cream.

  4. One of my favourite films, probably watched it like 5 times. The power of a good teacher is so underrated. I remember in school I was always getting suspended, I got kicked out of 3 different high schools. I was a very smart kid (A/B grade student) however I had a very bad attitude, I didn't care about anything because I felt no one cared about me. My mother was a single mum of 6 bc my dad passed away when I was 5, she worked real hard and didn't have time/energy to form a mother daughter relationship with me. I grew up not knowing how to express my feelings and without having anyone I could trust so I was often angry for no reason. This was until I met my maths teacher, a subject I always loved but bc I hated my previous maths teachers my love for the subject died. I was 15 got kicked out of advanced maths and sent to his class bc of my behaviour. He knew about me through my reputation of being a bad student however he was the first teacher that didn't prejudge me. He spoke to me with respect, he told me that in his class it is a fresh start, when I was angry I went to his office, he'll listen to me and he'll let me cry, when I felt sick he'll let me lay down on his couch in his office. He was the first person who I felt cared about me. My attitude changed drastically, I wasn't always angry anymore bc he allowed me to vent to him and express myself. I ended up getting a A* in that maths class. I'm still in contact with that teacher till this day, I never fail to tell him how much he changed my life

  5. i have just finished watching the movie dedicated for you. (July 1st, 2018-Sunday-exactly ended at 3 am). Then i googled about you Erin. What you did was absolutely amazing and inspiring. You ran extra miles just for them to have a meaningful shift in their lives. You should come here to Malaysia to give a talk at our universities and schools.

  6. She did leave as soon as she got her masters to teach at college, I believe she only taught for 3 years…sooo, I'm a little confused on her commitment and love.

  7. For more inspiring videos of Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers today, visit our new YouTube Channel "Freedom Writers Foundation"! New content released every week!

  8. For school I have to write something about my hero and I don’t really have a hero in my life so I am choosing to do my school stuff about her

  9. This really hit me because I realized that I never had to go through any of this because my mom decided to be the one to make the change. She didnt graduate high school, didnt get a GED or go to college..she had two kids by 19 but she decided that we werent going to grow up in the city like she did..and she worked and she moved us out of the city and into the suburbs. I went to great schools, with great teachers. I never had to worry about gangs or being shot. My childhood wasnt perfect..no ones is. But it could have been so so much worse growing up in north philly.

  10. Can someone find this scene in the movie on youtube where Maria flips out on Erin because of the outcome of Anne Frank? Can't find it.

  11. I recently watched the Movie….It was Awesome as to how Erin got int the heads of the young people…she cared…I wish there were teachers in my time that could've figured out how to help a child that didn't have the encouragement of Parents..More teachers should want to help every student..giving an extra effort..reguardless if they get paid for every step it takes to help them….

  12. Amazing story and an amazing movie. I saw the movie back in high school and just purchased it recently. Erin Gruwell is truly inspirational.

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