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you he was intelligent articulate and handsome a young man on the fast track to success he looked like a young Cary Grant yet during a grizzly killing spree that spanned five years Ted Bundy slaughtered more than 35 women from his point of view the thing that would make for good sex is an attractive woman whom he's going to handcuff terrorize and make her believe that she's going to die sure I get angry I'm very very angry and indignant I don't like being locked up for something I didn't do and I don't like my Liberty taken away and I don't like being treated like an animal and I like like people walking around and oggela me like I'm some sort of widow because I'm not on January 24th 1989 at 7:00 a.m. before the Sun rose over the state prison in stark Florida plans were underway in the death house for an execution many thought would never occur the electrocution of Ted Bundy America's most notorious serial killer after nearly 10 years on death row Bundy was scheduled to die for the 1978 murder of Kimberly leach a 12 year old girl yet he admitted to killing more than 30 others in a grisly bloodbath that took him through Washington State Oregon Utah Idaho and Colorado since his original capture in 1976 Bundy had become a media sensation I'll plead not guilty right now and America was mesmerised by the former Boy Scout college graduate and law student who was a rising young Republican was even a shining star in Washington State politics the Ted Bundy we knew before there were any accusations and he charges any arrests or anything I was a very nice guy he was a friend of ours we didn't think he was strange or different once he was arrested Bundy taunted the system he escaped twice from Colorado prisons while awaiting murder trials there after his arrest in Florida he show voted acting as his own counsel while rapt groupies devoured his every move he was like a movie star and if he'd look around they'd all giggle and nudge each other and I thought it never occurs to them that if he were free and he met them on a dark night they're just the type of potential victim he would be looking for but Bundy's natural cockiness was now gone as two guards led him to the death chamber Bundy seem very resigned to his fate Bundy seemed startled when he saw the electric chair outside the jail a crowd estimated at 500 have idli awaiting news of his demise chanted slogans like burn Bundy burn at 7:16 a.m. an anonymous executioner pushed the button two thousand volts surge through Bundy's body within 60 seconds one of the worst serial killers of all time was pronounced dead when we came out after the execution call mr. Koerner will atmosphere on the part of some of these people cheering blowing of horns celebration he'd had an easier death than any of his victims some 35 women may have fallen prey to him only he knew the real number and he carried that with him to his grave police believe Bundy's killing spree had begun in 1974 when he was 28 years old studying law and living adjacent to the University of Washington in Seattle he made a very very positive impression he was he was very verbal articulate intelligent I guess I would have characterized him he looked like a young Cary Grant but at that time no one could guess that this clean-cut and good-looking young man was about to begin a series of rapes tortures murders and dismemberments that would shock the world after midnight on January 4th 1974 Ted Bundy stood outside the basement bedroom window of Joanie Lenz an eighteen year old student at the University of Washington he entered her bedroom through a door accessible from outside and while she slept he savagely bludgeoned her with a crowbar the next morning Joanie was found surrounded by a pool of blood a bed rod had been torn away from her headboard and in a sexual frenzy rammed into her vagina there was a specific reason why Bundy singled out Joanie it was a physical characteristic she shared with almost all of his victims she wore her hair long and parted in the middle but it would take years before the police understood why that moved Bundy to murder Linda Ann Healy was a senior at the University of Washington majoring in psychology On January 31st 1974 after Linda had gone to bed Bundy broke into her room he knocked her unconscious wrapped her in bedsheets and quietly carried Linda out of the house her scattered body parts and decapitated skull wouldn't be found for a year to those who would track him and those who would later try to understand his crimes the question remained how could this charming and intelligent young man commit such unspeakable crimes against people he didn't even know they are things they are victims they are not women and I never heard him really use the term we litter females or anything very often he referred to them as things as objects the other person's life doesn't have value since he doesn't see her as a real person with real needs and if anything the idea that investigators in the community will be shocked and the parents will suffer just makes it all the more exciting because he's getting even yet somehow Bundy like other serial killers was able to keep the murderous rage hidden inside of him secret to his friends family and colleagues he seemed very well-adjusted nice person and he was a person that we socialized with and we knew a little bit professionally and I thought was really an up-and-comer somebody was going to do well in life one of the very important aspects of the facade that he built was one of great sincerity he literally used sincerity yet appearances can deceive and Ted Bundy was a master of deception little did I realize of course at the time that that was a carefully crafted social veneer that he had laborious ly developed and used in in his interactions I never saw any aspects of the monster that looked behind that mask but by 1974 the monster who lived behind the mask had been there for a long time perhaps since Ted's earliest childhood I have always felt that beneath the veneer of a normal childhood was with some great hostility toward someone probably his mother police believed that in 1974 Ted Bundy embarked upon a series of grisly murders that began in Seattle Washington and over a period of five years spread through Oregon Utah Idaho Colorado and Florida his rampage took the lives of at least 35 young women when he was arrested in 1976 one of those most steadfast in his defense was his mother Louise Bundy she would continue believing in her son until his execution in 1989 my Christian upbringing tells me that to take another's life under any circumstances is wrong and I don't believe the state of Florida's above the the laws of God Louise is a petite woman a very nice woman she was in denial until the night before Ted was executed when he told her the truth many experts believe the seeds of Bundy's rage were planted in his childhood he was born Theodore Robert Cal on November 24th 1946 in Burlington Vermont his mother whose maiden name was Eleanor Louise Cowell was a prim modest department store clerk who had come to Vermont from her home in Philadelphia to give birth to her child a child born out of wedlock Ted was born illegitimate he was born in a home for unwed mothers his mother I think was about 23 then soon after his birth Elinor took Ted back to Philadelphia it was the beginning of a tragic charade as he grew Ted was told that his grandparents were his mother and father and that Eleanor was his older sister from an early age Ted sensed he was living a lie and there were other problems at home Eleanor's mother had a history of clinical depression suffered panic attacks and was eventually treated with electroshock therapy her father Samuel Cowell was known to be an extremely violent and frightening individual M Cole was evidently a man with maniacal temper who read pornography who tossed his daughters down the stairs if they slept too late as he grew into a young man the confusion over his relationship with his mother would weigh on Ted even at the age of 3 there were signs that he was not a well-adjusted child his teenage aunt was taking a nap and she woke up to see that he had taken all the 9 side of the kitchen drawer and arranged them around her body with the blades pointing toward her his mother concerned with this behavior and trying to escape the control of her father moved with Ted to live near her uncle Jack Powell and his family in Tacoma Washington in later years Ted said that it was devastating for him to leave Sam the man he thought of as his father in Tacoma Eleanor went by her middle name Louise and worked as a secretary at the Council of Churches one evening she met a hospital cook named John Culpepper Bundy Louise married him a year later and her son finally had the name he would carry through life Theodore Robert Bundy but Ted was never close to John he had a lot of conflict with his stepfather looked down upon his stepfather because his stepfather didn't have a high enough station in life despite his new name Ted still considered himself a cowl and was drawn to his great uncle Jack a cultured music professor at the University of Puget Sound in Washington Ted wanted to be just like him it was very important for him to be someone special to be recognized in some way over the next 10 years John and Louise added two brothers and two sisters to the Bundy family but Ted had little to do with them or their father he had a Boy Scout Troop but Ted would never go camping he just seemed to remove himself from any connection to his stepfather and if there was no connection at home there was even less at school his junior and high school friends described Ted as very shy he suffered from stuttering and he did not date at all he really didn't date unless it was a city Hawkins dance where the girls ask him but there was a secret side to ted bundy that was already emerging he considered himself above the law by the time he was 15 he had become an expert shoplifter and was a suspect in two burglaries grandiose narcissism the ability to outwit the police the ability to flaunt Authority the the ability to shoplift all of these things helped confer on him this sort of snar so cystic sense of specialness and entitlement his relationship with women also changed for the worse he became a peeping tom sneaking through the night to peer into the windows of young girls more significantly there have always been suspicions that at the age of 15 Ted Bundy became a killer had carried the morning newspaper when he was 15 along his route there was a young girl named anne-marie birth and where he was 8 Ted knew anne-marie she took piano lessons from his great uncle Jack on August 31st 1961 Ann Marie's parents found her missing from her bedroom the window was open a little bit and it was in the days when you had a TV cable on the roof had to get under the window so they couldn't lock that the front door was ajar she was gone a search that at one time involved 800 soldiers lawmen and volunteers found nothing at the time no one suspected that Ted may have been responsible for Ann Marie's death in my mind she was Ted's first victim and there would be many more in the mid 1960s Ted Bundy was a student at Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma Washington even though he was smart good-looking and friendly he was awkward with his fellow students especially the girls there seemed to be a real defect in this whole notion of how do you build a close intimate relationship and some confusion about that the arena in which he seemed to feel secure was the school the classroom where he could use his verbal skills and that's where he tried to manage teachers impressions he graduated from high school in 1965 with a B average the next year he entered the University of Puget Sound but on the huge campus he felt anonymous and lost inside Teddy was very empty and very inadequate but he pre could put on the facade of a very sophisticated educated young man in 1967 as part of the facade Ted transferred to the University of Washington's Asian Studies Program where he studied Chinese he also began fabricating a new personality if the old Ted was shy and withdrawn the new Ted would be witty cool and self-assured his deception was about to pay off at the University Ted met Stephanie Brooks he was particularly attracted to her beautiful shoulder-length hair which she wore parted in the middle she was wealthy sophisticated and worldly everything Ted wished he was said she's perfect she's beautiful she's wealthy and I think to the degree he was capable he was in love with her they stayed together for a year for the first time Ted experienced an intimate sexual relationship with a woman he was in love with her but to Stephanie they were merely college sweethearts she saw no future in the relationship she thought tent was immature Ted had become obsessed with her but Stephanie told Ted their romance was over she told him that he wasn't going anywhere that he had no ambition he wasn't organized he couldn't make plans Ted was devastated with his world unraveling he dropped out of school and decided to visit his relatives back in Philadelphia his visit had a purpose he had to answer the question that had always bothered him who was he after checking records in Philadelphia he traveled to Burlington Vermont there in City Hall he learned something he had always suspected he discovered that his mother was actually the woman who had been passing as his sister his whole life and that has got to rock the world of anybody to find that their roots are not what they thought there was a great deal of turmoil around his own self-identity and who he was by all accounts when he found out that he was an illegitimate child it was devastating this man was badly betrayed by a woman his mother and learned of that betrayal at the very period when he is still reeling from the rejection by his girlfriend his first love many who have studied Ted Bundy feel it was now that he decided to take revenge on the women he felt had destroyed his life with an icy resolve he returned to the University of Washington took a room nearby and began studying psychology he excelled in all his classes and seemed rejuvenated with a new purpose and whatever demons raged inside of him Ted Bundy kept them well-hidden many people like him have an ability to create compartments in their lives and this entity this demon this depraved monster lived in one of those compartments as far as anyone knew Ted's life seemed to be changing for the better in 1969 he met Elizabeth Kendall a young divorcee they began a friendship and then a romance very smart shy young woman she came up here from Utah they met in a tavern she loved it she loved him unabashedly his relationship with Elizabeth seemed to work wonders for him but underneath he was seething and plotting revenge if you really have a very negative core in yourself there's a kind of envy a need to destroy the beauty in others and the first one on his list was Stephanie Brooks he was secretly still talking to Stephanie hoping to make her fall in love with him again in order to hurt her just as she had scarred him to enhance his image he became active in local politics working on the governor's re-election campaign I thought he was very smart good at politics he was good at what he did he he was friendly in 1971 at the age of 25 Bundy was working in his spare time at the Seattle Christ manning the suicide hotline phones beside him worked soon to be author and rule he was kind he was very good on the phone and ironically we saved lives together now at that point if anybody had told me there was anything underneath this perfect surface I would have said you're crazy because we were locked up all alone together in a four-story Victorian mansion that looked like nothing so much is the house in psycho but I felt safe locked inside with Ted Bundy by 1972 Ted's first real girlfriend Stephanie still inhabited his thoughts and his plans on a business trip to San Francisco he met with her and the new Ted Bundy swept her off her feet and she fell madly in love with him and agreed to marry him as soon as she agreed to marry him he dumped her two days later on January 4th 1974 Ted Bundy began a five-year rampage of killing that would horrify the nation most of his 35 victims had one thing in common his ideal victim was a small framed female long hair part of the middle style of person usually pretty good-looking they all resembled Stephanie Brooks on January 4th 1974 just days after severing his relationship with Stephanie Brooks Ted Bundy began his reign of terror over the next six months eight women disappeared from college campuses in Washington Oregon and Utah I think he was looking for victims 24 hours a day there were people that he specifically was scoping out acting like a predator towards and then there were those that were just happened to be the right place at the right time for him his first two victims were students at the University of Washington people like to believe that it was someone from outside there must be some depraved killer out there in the community who is coming to the campus little did we know that the killer wasn't one of us even his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall had no idea who Ted really was from February through June first Karol Valenzuela Nancy Wilcox Donna Manson Susan Rancourt Brenda ball and Roberta Parks all vanished nobody had connected any of these cases together different police jurisdictions different states this was a terrible mystery I mean who how could these girls suddenly just disappear one little girl was walking like 30 feet from the back of her sorority to another sorority and boom she's gone how could this happen her name was George Ann Hawkins years later after his capture Bundy divulged the perverse methods he used to stalk and capture so many of his victims he preyed upon their kindness by pretending to be injured the girls he picked were all helping kinds of people here's this guy on crutches often limping along dropping his books and he would ask you could you help me get these these to my car that was the ruse he used on George and Hawkins as she bent over to put his books into his car Bundy grabbed a tire iron he had hidden he hit her over the head and pushed her into the car he would secure their heads in some fashion heater with handcuffs strips of sheet or leather his seat was missing so they can lay down in there and no one would ever see him Bundy usually drove his victims into the deep woods surrounding Seattle if they survived his attack with the crowbar he would sexually assault them from his point of view the thing that would make for good sex is an attractive woman whom he's going to handcuff terrorize and make her believe that she's going to die later on death row he was asked what it was like to murder someone and he answered murder is not about lust and it's not about violence it's about possession when you feel the last breath of life coming out of the woman you look into her eyes at that point it's being God after he was through he would discard them deep in the forest but he would return later he was going back over and over and over again to crime scenes not to just destroy evidence but to do things with those bodies we suspected he took a whole body hold with it because we had one victim that was totally made up with stuff that she'd ever wore Bundy's use of makeup is simply to make a victim more attractive but apparently he didn't require it he went back to decomposed corpses and still had sex with them to the psychiatric experts who studied him Bundy was unique straddling two different categories of serial killers he is both a sexually sadistic serial killer is also a necrophilic serial killer the common characteristics are perversion lack of conscience and a willingness to sacrifice other's lives for one's own sexual pleasure there's not a lot more to it than that after at least eight murders Ted Bundy was becoming an expert at killing in July of 1974 his addiction led him to take two women in one day a beautiful Sunday afternoon it was 90 degrees in Seattle we don't get that many 93 days everybody was at Lake Sammamish State Park one of those was Janice OTT she was lying on the beach when Ted approached her he had his arm in a sling he asked if she could help them tie his boat to his car when she got up to go with him she stuck out her hand like she was gonna shake hands and she said hi I'm Jan and he said oh I'm Ted Janice walked away with Ted and was never seen alive again an hour later Ted was back at the park there are at least four to five other women who were approached between say one o'clock in the afternoon and 4:30 but something about Bundy must have put them off Denise Naslund wasn't as lucky at about 5:00 p.m. she walked to the restroom at the lake she was there with her boyfriend her gob and she left with a dog to go to the bathroom the dog came back but she didn't after the disappearance of OTT and Naslund witnesses who had met with the mysterious Ted at Lake Sammamish that afternoon came forward a composite sketch of the man was circulated the police received 3,500 tips and compiled a list of potential suspects named Ted Bundy's name was among them the name Ted was brought up I never made the connect at all you only met the monster through his acts between 1973 and 1974 the monster had been working for the King County law and justice planning office where he was preparing a study on rapists and their victims he was also secretly studying the procedures the police were using to try and catch him by October 1974 five more bodies had been found but most of them had decomposed or were just scattered bones Bundy had left no clues and he was long gone two months earlier he had been accepted to the Utah University School of Law but he could not stop himself from killing the Ted Bundy that we knew was not a murder but maybe an hour later he was that's the Alpha part though his outward mask still projected charm and sincerity the killer underneath it was about to be revealed Bundy would soon be identified when one of his victims escaped by early November 1974 Ted Bundy had murdered at least 11 women in Washington in Oregon and two more in Utah where he was now living at the same time he was studying law at Utah University probably could have easily become a lawyer if he hadn't been consumed with murder 24 hours a day thing is with serial killers they are addicted to murder it's like any other addiction people may try it first for a high but you need more and more of the substance and the substance is murdered but Bundy was about to make his first mistake on November 8 posing as an off-duty policeman he tried to abduct 19-year old Carol Dhiraj from a shopping center he told her someone had broken into her car and offered to help but inside his car he tried to handcuff her Carol fought back and with the handcuffs still on her wrists was able to jump out of the car and escape here we have a living victim that's able to describe her abductor describe the car and also provide evidence with the handcuff that was still on her wrists but the police still had no idea who her attacker could be and Bundy was a master of disguise he just looked different one time he'd have a beard one time he'd have long stringy hair one time he'd have a short haircut and I think it varied with you know what he was doing at the time as 1975 began Bundy widened his neck to include Utah Idaho and Colorado he killed eight women between January and August but there was no way to connect the murders since July of 1974 the Washington police had whittled down their number of suspects named Ted to two hundred Bundy remained on their roster but still no one suspected the law student at Utah University the disappearances come closer together the murders come closer together the the orchestration is more finely tuned but Bundy's luck was about to change early on the morning of August 15 Bundy's car was stopped by a police officer in Utah because he had been driving erratically his car was searched in the midst of that investigation the trooper found this bag Annie in the bag was crowbar handcuffs ski mask so he carried his own chamber of horrors around with him Bundy was immediately arrested on suspicion of burglary they also found gas receipts and maps that later linked Bundy to the sights of the abductions in Colorado and more importantly in a police lineup Carol Dhiraj identified Bundy as the man who had attacked her we were shocked we couldn't believe it we tried to raise money for a defense fund for him and tried to protect him we couldn't believe it they had to have the wrong guy On February 23rd 1976 Bundy went on trial for her attempted kidnapping as the trial began Bundy sat in the courtroom totally convinced that he would be found innocent but on the stand carol d'orange told her ordeal at his hands and pointed Bundy out as her assailant he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison while he was incarcerated investigators linked him to the murder of Karen Campbell in Colorado but nothing fazed Ted Bundy even being featured as the lead story on the evening news we were physically harmed anyone ever physically harmed anyone no no you know again not in the context I think the truth you're speaking up head was was very self-assured to the point of cockiness even even when the murder charges had been filed in April of 1977 he was transferred to Colorado to await trial there Bundy fired his lawyers and was granted permission to defend himself in the upcoming case Lennie had supreme confidence and his intellect and his ability to beat the system to work the system even if it meant avoiding trial completely two months later after casing out the courts Law Library he jumped out of a two-story window and escaped though captured six days later he wouldn't stay locked up for long I've matured in the past year believe me I've grown in the past year and I've learned a lot of things about myself for the past year my only misgivings is that I might never never be in a position to apply it you know on the streets or I'd like to apply it but soon he would apply it on New Year's Eve 1977 Ted Bundy shimmied through an air duct of the Colorado Jail and walked to freedom he went through the top of his cell down through the jailers apartment out into a blizzard free once again Ted Bundy would continue to kill Ted Bundy had succeeded in a spectacular prison escape and had made his way to Florida he was now on the FBI's most wanted list something he must have relished loved it loved it I always said that infamy became Ted he changed his name grew a beard and spent his time walking the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee things about January 8th when he rolled into town determined as he sat in his confession never to so much as J work but he wouldn't keep that resolution sometime after midnight on January 15 1978 just two weeks after his escape Bundy entered the back door of the university's Chi Omega sorority house as his victims slept Ted Bundy crept from room to room he bludgeoned raped and killed Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman he assaulted and almost killed roommates Karen Chandler and Cathy kleiner I think he went in that house to kill her every single woman it but Bundy wasn't finished less than a mile away he broke into the apartment of Sheryl Thomas though he savagely beat her and left her to die she survived she was the fifth woman Bundy had attacked that night it's not something that's causing him guilt because he's free of that he feels justified and entitled after what women did to him why shouldn't he do this to women three weeks later he would kill again his victim was 12-year old Kimberly leach an attractive and popular junior high school student Kimberly was kidnapped brutally assaulted and killed on February 15 1978 a patrolman pulled over a VW Bug that had been reported stolen Ted tried to flee on a foot there was a struggle there was actually around fired again the the officer was able to bring Ted into custody Bundy was arrested and identified over the following months investigators in Florida gathered evidence that tied Bundy to kimberly leaches murder and the murders and assaults at the sorority house though other states sought to extradite Bundy his first trial would begin in Florida on July 7th 1979 you can represent yourself you're going to get another attorney I'm standing with the man I know best right now that's me Bundy acted as his own defense attorney in the Chi Omega murders he took depositions of witnesses he filed his own motions and I responded to those strictly on a professional basis but at one point as he questioned an officer about one of the murder scenes the jurors had a terrifying view of the real Ted Bundy he walked toward the jury and you could see them kind of leaned back in the chairs as he approached them and he asks a few perfunctory questions of the officer and then asked him to please state with great detail what you saw when you pull back those sheets and there was no human being in that building or watching the TV at that time that could have thought anything other than this man wanted to relive that event two weeks later Bundy was found guilty and sentenced to death for the murders of Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman in January 1980 Bundy went on trial for the murder of Kimberly leach again he was found guilty and sentenced to death but his execution would not take place for some time over the next nine years Bundy would appeal his convictions and cheat death by a series of last-minute stays sometimes only minutes before his sentence was to be carried out finally after countless Appeals Bundy's date of execution was scheduled for January of 1989 to postpone his death he told authorities that he would provide information on other unsolved cases linked to him he gives them just enough information to get their interest to show them that he does in fact know what he's talking about and then Bundy systematically tells these investigators you need to get with your authorities and have them Florida authorities because I need more time to tell you this this is all I can tell you today and I need more time if you can just get there the Florida authorities to agree to more time I can provide you with all of the details it was a desperate ploy it was a last-ditch effort but even there I think Bundy up until the morning of his execution Bundy really thought that he could postpone the inevitable but he couldn't On January 24 1989 at the age of 41 Ted Bundy the articulate handsome boy next door a man who had the capability of being virtually anything he wanted but who instead chose to become a monster obsessed with murder was executed in the electric chair the real question isn't how to remember Ted Bundy the question is how to remember all those girls you know right at the prime of their lives you know these all these kids were 19 20 years old they had the world by the tail they had the future and how many families were left in this total tragedy and disarray and unfortunately we remember Ted Bundy and and I'd much rather remember those girls you

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  1. What idiots they let him escape two fkn times. The parents of Those girls in Florida should have sued the state

  2. He liked to rape them as they died. He liked to rape them until they ''went bad''. He liked to jerk off on them after they ''went bad''. He took tons of pictures of them before and after the act but supposedly destroyed these photos periodically. A famous selfie taken by Ted with a remote Poloroid, shows him jumping for joy at the base of Taylor mountain, possibly after he had relocated the skulls of six girls up there. If those photos are still out there, perhaps buried, they would be worse than anything imaginable.

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  8. I watch these to keep my instincts sharp. I have very good instincts, and I trust them completely. I still like to make sure they're still working perfectly by watching these videos. Please teach your children to trust they're instincts so that they'll be safer in this life.


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