Talib Kweli On The Differences Between an MC, Lyricist & Poet

hey yo it's Tyler quali you checking out flat TV where's wrong what's the difference between a lyricist and MC and a poet and what would you leave yourself in that category um you know what I try not to label myself you know I'm all of those things um you know I'm the sum of all those parts you know Oh an MC doesn't have to be a lyricist you know but but eliris this has to be an MC so I guess I'm I'm a lyricist but they're both Paul poets you know all of it comes from poetry so it all has poetry at the root so it's all the same thing to me

22 thoughts on “Talib Kweli On The Differences Between an MC, Lyricist & Poet

  1. Poets: Talib, Mos, Joe Budden, Common, Skyzoo, & Nas. Lyricists: Papoose, AP, Cwrite, Crooked I & Big Pun. MC: Jay-Z, Biggie, Royce…etc

  2. I think a lyricist (which is a term that associate's more with writing) doesn't have to be an MC but the other way around, the MC has to be a Lyricist, to be the master of the ceremony you have to be the whole package.

  3. What does Lil B do? He ain't no goddamn MC, he certainly ain't no lyricist and I could never imagine him writing a poem.

  4. 2pac is the greatest of ALL TIMES! just like RYAN4321 is when it comes to these youtube videos… betta ask somebody

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