TABS – Writings on the Wall – Fingerstyle Cover

11 thoughts on “TABS – Writings on the Wall – Fingerstyle Cover

  1. Awesome cover!👍 And If you don't mind please take a sec and look at My Covers!😁🙏🎶 I'll subscribe back!!

  2. Thank you for the tabs on UG. I played it so differently by reading just the tabs but your style is very beautiful and I want to try your way after watching this video 🙂

  3. i really like this, it's beautiful, this now belongs to the list of songs i'm learning no matter how hard

  4. i was searching for a way to understand the tabs if this song,then you came up with this helpful video,it would be awosome if you can teach us these finger style technique .
    very nice and plz do MOAR of this 🙂

  5. WOW ! THIS VIDEO AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3 REALLY we love this! so unique! I just subscribed so maybe you could do the same! 🙂 NICE VIDEO COVER

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