Tableau – Do it Yourself Tutorial – Publishing to Tableau Online – DIY -24-of-50

welcome to this video of tableau do-it-yourself tutorial publishing to tablet online so in the last video we have seen how to publish using tableau public public public is a very scaled-down version of the tableau server it's free and it's not protected that means your data which is uploaded on to tableau public is not secured however you have tableau online tableau online is a platform which is cloud based and it is similar to having a tableau server on your own premised so on-premise means that you purchased a blos server purchase your licenses then install tableau on your own Hardware and use it for internal organizations so organizations many organizations which I have personally dealt with they do not prefer to invest on the infrastructure cost what they prefer is to use tableau online tableau online is a method or a platform which is as mentioned earlier cloud based and it provides you a great mechanism to avoid infrastructure cost all right so we will see how to use tableau online just to quick a to a quick recall on tableau product suite here you have tableau public which we discussed the last time this is tabla online it's a cloud version of the tableau server and it eliminates the cost of infrastructure and it's licensed based on per user we have discussed license in our in our video tableau product suit suite so coming back to tableau online it will help refresh your extract by scheduling it you can create your users you can share workbooks it is within your organization and it's it's really really a method in the 21st century to move towards a cloud platform so let's see the value of tableau online please go to online tableau comm and create a free account by entering your credentials it need not to be the same credentials as public table calm but if you enter it same no worries please note that it's only valid for 14 days for tableau public it's valid forever free but for online it just valid for 14 days because it's the full-fledged server so going here it will ask you to it will take you to this page and you can sign up clicking on sign up would give you an access to enter your information and create an account I already have an account so I'm going to log in alright so I sign in and you can see that I have a lot of things it's a pop-up screen I have lot of things here users group schedule task status and settings you're going to talk about it first you're going to do is create a new project enter a project name you can say BDCs DIY you can enter any name so this is this is bot TW consultancy services do-it-yourself tutorial you can put any name does not matter and say create as soon as you say create you can see the BDCs DIY existing here so you can publish workbook on to the online server and now create a new project and name it as BDCs DIY we have already done that so to publish open the TW file which we used for our exercises and then go to server menu publish workbook and enter online tableau comm let's do that so I am here tableau BDCs DIY go to server publish workbook and it's going to ask you I'm going to say online dot dot tableau calm and say connect it's going to ask you the user ID password enter the same as you used to sign in on the online alright say click on sign in as soon as you sign in you can see that at the bottom here the name would be available once I close this window in the project menu menu you would see PD CS DIY remember you created BDCs DIY here so you can enter select project BDCs DIY and you can say my tableau BDCs DIY and you can publish we can pick and choose which sheet and dashboard and stories you want to publish you can also choose who should have access you can add users to you the user should be created their online I'll show you you can add what a users can do cannot do for now publish it everything right so I'm going to publish so remember you should have a tableau extract in order for publishing and there you go it's published 23 views now here it's nothing if you click on it it shows it so my tableau BDCs DIY you have 23 views and one workbook click on it and there you go video number 1 2 3 all the videos that have come up including the stories and the dashboards you can edit the workbook you click on edit it gives you an option to edit so edit video number or dashboard number 20 you can you can also edit for example this video DIY hash for I want to edit this so once you have open it there's an edit button here and you would see that an interface which is very similar to your tableau desktop has open up you can see DIY way to see it looks like as if your tableau desktop has been published or available online and you have your show me here you can you can do anything you know it now because you have gone through so many videos you can drag and drop anything here boom there you go so in the next video we are going to talk about how to change online view and worksheet and save it thank you so sorry up here we will we are going to do a hands-on exercise so quickly let's do the following hacks exercise you can publish a TW file which you have created till now publish everything and put it on tableau online please remember it's only for 14 days and that is why you would be wanting to complete it within 14 days alright thank you

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  1. Is there anyway to publish a live data source from Tableau Online ITSELF (without Tableau Desktop?) It seems like I only need Tableau Desktop to publish data sources… everything else can be done with Tableau Online

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