Ta-Nehisi Coates On His Debut Novel ‘The Water Dancer’ | All In | MSNBC

14 thoughts on “Ta-Nehisi Coates On His Debut Novel ‘The Water Dancer’ | All In | MSNBC

  1. We go from MSNBCannibal gangstalking of the elected President of the USA to some obscure album by somebody I never heard of

  2. Extremely nerdy but I love it when these two gets together. I swear I get an IQ boost by the time I'm done listening to them

  3. I will read this book along with so many other important reads that have come out but the topic of reparations has come up in our contemporary media even as trump has become a wrecking ball in our world. The thing is, how do you do something like reparations? This world is not everyone's. There are millions of people in this country that think trump is just what the doctor ordered for America. That means a lot of racist thought and racist hate resides in too many of us.  
    So Coates brought up the topic of reparations a while back in an Atlantic article which I just read.   In It, Coates talks about Congressman John Conyers Jr and Conyers’s bill which he introduces every session of Congress for the past 25 years.  It's now called HR 40, the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.  TO STUDY REPARATIONS!   And we (Congress) won't even study the topic.

    This book is going to be about 18th or 19th century slavery, the experience of it. It will be about what it means to be a slave to the whites in this country. He knows that story well. If racism is a form of xenophobia, which I think it is, and xenophobia is "fear of the other" which I believe resides in our genetic code…how are we going to fix this racist nature of ours? I want that to be a primary task of our nation. We are a flawed nation and we don't do the work to correct the flaws.

  4. A little disappointing. He's talented and articulate, but then I heard his "axed you that question" on Colbert's The Late Show, and "a activist or a agitator" on The View, and thought: credible journalism demands good grammar. I hope his editors correct for this shortcoming.

  5. I think this was such a witty interview.
    His book is a must read


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