T.I.’s Favorite Verse: Bun B’s Verse on “Murder” | VERSES

(keyboard clacking) – Hey, say, what’s happenin’ man? This is Tip T.I. Harris
and today on Verses, I selected the song Murder by UGK. Specifically, Bun B’s verse. (recording scratching)
♪ Murder ♪ ♪ Mur, murder ♪ ♪ Talkin’ bout a murder ♪ ♪ Mur, murder ♪ ♪ Mur, mur, murder ♪ First things we gotta understand is so much shit going on man. Every line, I could stop you and I could explain it to you. So you gon have to kinda like, you gon have to keep up. Catch up and keep up. The green must be green
to log and be seen. And if you don’t understand that, you ain’t picking up
what I’m putting down, that just means you’s a square, which it’s okay. As long as you know that
it means you a square. So, let’s start, let’s
start from the beginning. which means he’s probably
going to try to find a way to manipulate a circumstance for a guy who wants to
spends money on a woman and get that money for himself and probably give a very small percentage, if any, to the woman. Now, I know that was a lot. That’s a lot to digest. Basically, what he gon say
is he’s drinking malt liquor, playa hater come around, he’s puttin’ his finger on his trigger. He’s gonna shoot ‘im. He’s gonna shoot ‘im. He’s going to do some damage
to the intestinal area. The digestive system
probably be fucked up. A colostomy back is surely
the inevitable outcome. Very unfortunate for the other person on the business end of this, I’m telling you. This is where he’s established he is not the one to fuck with. You understand? (chuckling) That was a metaphor there. He wanted to describe the gushing blood that comes from a gunshot wound to the free flowing sound
of a stream or a river. (laughing) Now this is some self-gratuitous, braggadocio
we gettin’ into here, okay? This is ego, you know? Ego at its finest. It’s the masculine spirit. Okay, so I guess, what he’s saying is, for what it’s worth, some of us were born to do dirt. Now that is a hell of a perspective. The perspective of a young man, but a perspective no less. Then he goes into how he
pleasures his female companions. He says fuck her first night take off her skirt, make the pussy hurt. Now although this sounds, you know, a bit misogynistic, you must take into account, this is during the era, well you know I think that women kind of appreciated this sort
of thing in this environment, I believe at least. I think that’s what the
rhymes are suggesting. Now this is very, very eloquent. Fifty elbows. Now if you don’t know what a elbow is, LB is an abbreviation for pound. So now in the underworld, where we distribute illegal pharmaceuticals. We abbreviate the word, sometimes speaking in foreign coded language. So we say elbows. If you wasn’t in the game, you wouldn’t know that. And for those of you who
still using that terminology, it’s time to evolve and
advance the shit a little bit. They catchin’ on, you dig? Now. We getting back into why he
ain’t the nigga to fuck with. So, basically what he sayin’ is, brother better have my mail ho. Now what mail is, that’s currency, dividends,
revenue, bankrolls. He better have his mail ho. That’s a disrepectful term
you don’t wanna be called. All bets are off after this. You call me a ho and then you got, these are fighting words. No! I think that I’m gonna
get away with this murder. Now what he means is nobody can impede on his opportunity to
succeed as a drug dealer because his inventory and his product has all of the cluckers. They called drug fiends
back in the day cluckers. All the cluckers love us due to his product I’m sure. He’s now moved up to quarter keys. Now quarter keys, that is
one-fourth of an entire kilo. Nine ounces to be exact. And if you remember
earlier on in the song, he had elbows, 50 pounds. That was marijuana. So he’s obviously evolved his hustle into a different bracket. Now this man said he can touch you way cross the Atlantic or the Pacific. Now that’s, that’s, that’s reach. That’s power. You know what I’m sayin’? So all wannabes, it’s time to back up, freeze on all the plays. Anything other than me, don’t nobody move but
shooting, you understand? If you don’t understand what I’m saying, that mean you a square. It’s not nothing wrong with that. Just understand, that mean you a square. Breakin’ you off from
all up through there. All up through there. That’s the ratio, that’s the range. That’s the diameter in which
he was breaking you off, from your waist all the way up
to right up under your nose. Go ask that boy Skip. Skip is obviously a reference point. He obviously can attest to
some to these. (laughing) Skip can obviously attest to these being factual statements being said right here in this verse. Obviously the gun that Skip slipped the Bun with one clip is done ripped and now his Barrelli is flying through somebody’s Pelle Pelle. Now if you are not aware
of what 90s fashion, Pelle Pelle, Marc Buchanan was one
of the highest quality leather garments that you could find and you could wear as a drug dealer going on around to the skating rinks and the strip clubs and so on. So he obviously shot somebody
through they Pelle Pelle. (scoffs) Went in his belly and some slimy red jelly is dripping out of his belly. Mm, mm, mm. That sounds like a bad
day at the emergency room. You understand me? All referring back to the point, this is not the muthafucker
you wanna fuck with. Now in case we want to know how it ended, he served him up like a deli. And that was another
metaphor we have here. Imma serve you. Now serve mean I’m gon give you the business end of an ass whipping or shooting, okay? Imma serve you like a deli would. That’s a metaphor. Then, jump on my cellular telly, and he’s gonna tell somebody
on the other end of the cell, on the telephone, ho sell it like it’s goin’ out of style. Then he gon put ’em on hold. Hold on. You can’t see me Marcus, so have a muthafuckin’ Sweet and a smile. Hmm, back to my business,
you dig what I’m saying? Now this is a cold
muthafucker to listen to at 16 years old, you understand what I’m sayin’? Now, of course, this doesn’t, I guess, do the same thing for the palette as Shakespeare, however, what would we expect from
a song called Murder? (record scratches) ♪ Murder ♪ ♪ Mur, murder ♪ ♪ Mur, mur, murder ♪

100 thoughts on “T.I.’s Favorite Verse: Bun B’s Verse on “Murder” | VERSES

  1. Bun on that Luda stick’em up joint is hard also. Long Live the Pimp!
    Since this vid feat. T.I, got to mention Front Back & the original too.
    Can’t really go wrong with any UGK associated tracks.

  2. Ever since his KING album T.I. always got on my nerves..but im TOTALLY with'em on THIS. This is also my favorite BUN verse. S/O to brotha DK for put'n me on this jOint.

  3. He managed to talk so much, he talked me out of wanting to hear the end. Dope. He's talking to those that don't know.

  4. It's like I'm back at school all over again, and my teacher is breaking down the novel we just finished reading…

  5. Y'all need 2 make a separate web series like this where TI just breaks down lyrics to all the types of songs it's like Hood education it's beautiful and supremely entertaining

  6. This was the verse that made me pay attention to UGK for real. So glad that Professor Tip was able to break it down for y'all in such an eloquent manner.

  7. I was 17 – played THIS SONG 150,000x – all 4 windows down, max volume all over LA… and handpicked it as the "cruisin song" all-day for college dorms' big move-in-day… tweeters screamin, woofers wompin' around a certain SoCal campus lol… 🤷🏽‍♂️ RIParadise Pimp C!

  8. One thing I've always liked and respected about TI and Lil Wayne is no matter how big they got, they were never afraid to let out be known that they're fans of the music before them. Whereas alot of early 2000's guys used to act like shit before them didn't matter.

  9. I know about the boys letting them models putting dildos in them…..🤔 I wonder why he like Bun B part pacifically😆😆😆😆RIP PIMP C

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