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  1. Islam is the most primitive religion that has ever existed. Christians had crusades (not to mention that that was going on 500 years ago, not in a modern era..), but this is nothing in comparison with cutting the heads and hands off, stoning, slavery, FGM, burkas, etc. Muslims who believe in that kind of stuff are just crazy and backward.

  2. adonis is good and senator talal jordan, king of jordan must step down, the best of his sons or a cousin to be king, with limited powers, talal must rule as premier of jordan and west jordan; galilee nablus palestine area, talal must rule for 35 years, taking advice from this poet adonis

  3. Jesus said, "Why callest thou me good? there is none good, save, God." Even Jesus, the sinless prophet, possessed a self-reproaching spirit, the same as Moses and Mohamet. Arabs can criticize or critique Christian beliefs or theology all they want; but the errors of a believer are those errors which catalyze spiritual growth, zeal, love of God, and community in a church. Excessive reverence for those messengers God sends tends to undercut or subvert understanding of the relationship between God and those key figures. If a person doesn't grasp or recognize the spiritual struggles involved in prophethood, then reverence for these great men preempts his own devotional service to the Divine Being. That is not good.

  4. No country or society can develop intellectually until there is freedom of thought, open criticism and a distinct and total separation of religion and politics. The Shariah is an antiquated philosophy that should have no place in any open, modern, free, progressive society. There should be no argument with this type of free society, but sadly excessive religious influence handicaps any form of sensible debate and progress in many countries and regions. As people are communicating and sharing ideas via the internet from all over the world we will slowly see open and free thought gradually get the upper hand.
    No question…..albeit it will take a long time…….

  5. This is the hardest problem to resolve. It is really really challenging. Humans cannot perceive the realities in which some of us live – only by learning steps 5,7,9,13 can you eventually get to step 50. If you are so convinced that what is taught in step 7 and 9 is false because your religion tells you otherwise, it's not a matter that you are dumb or primitive of whatever, you literally cannot see the same things we see. It's a super challenging problem. The only thing that works for this as far as I'm aware is the occult or esoteric method started back in the mystery schools. They think they're joining to get some holy knowledge. They go through all these trials and finally if they make it having been exposed to all these questions and things that confirmed god and what they believed they are presented with evidence and/or can see how they were just led down their own psychology into believing something that is false and their axioms of meaning collapse instantly. They're usually left very depressed but that dehypnotizes the person.

  6. Islam is the most tragic religion for human kind… ceturies of slavery…. God thank You that I wasn't born in muslim family…

  7. The Arab world and Muslims in general have no ability to self examine, or to be held accountable for anything. It is always the West, CIA, Israel, Zionism, colonialism, etc. They live in a fantasy that they are a gift to all humanity, while in fact they have been a pariah .

  8. That Arab nationalism didn't pose any religious questions is untrue. Just ask Lebanese Christians who bought Nasser's 'Pan Arabism'. They opened their doors to Muslims and saw their country destroyed.

  9. Top fella! A bit of an oxymoron though – Muslim & a poet. Mohammed said a man would prefer poison in his stomach rather than listen to some poetry.

  10. Did he say that Arabs are responsible
    For the failures if Arabs…….wow
    Pure true …… is time we call things by its name….
    Europa is good thanks to european
    Africa and Middle east is a disaster because if African and Middle eastern….

  11. Freedom is not a virtue per se; it is a concept which some people like and others do not. It is chauvinistic and historically inaccurate to assume that freedom is valued in all cultures as much as it is in Europe. In many other societies, freedom is not that important, and the people are fine until western people begin to fill their heads ideas of freedom which are incompatible with non-European society, and which inevitbly lead to disaster.

  12. According to Sharia, any Muslim who opposes another Muslim for adhering to Sharia especially in favor of an infidel is grounds for being stoned to death…
    I do not mean smoking marijuana until they die… 

  13. The problem is that the extremists among Muslims are as intent on enslaving (or tightening the bonds of slavery) secular thinking Muslims as they are on enslaving anyone outside of Islam. That is the gist of the trouble in Syria, the recent problems in Mali and other places. They are willing to die and kill if you do not give up secularism and agree to be subservient to the Caliphate they wish to create. How do you suggest we support you and oppose them? How will you oppose them?

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