47 thoughts on “SYLVESTER STALLONE biography

  1. Stallone got great charisma as Rambo…remember when i first saw his Rambo II in Thailand…he was my idol hero!!!

  2. What a great story. Here is a kid that turned his own life around by his own choice, then grew into this ultra-talented person. Now he is 72 yrs old and is still at it. How many more films will he do? The man is an American treasure.

  3. If you're reading the comments section before beginning the video, don't bother watching unless you want to be frustrated. The audio does not match the video. As an example, just go to 4:22 of the video (the point that I stopped watching) for a preview of the viewing pleasure provided by this upload.

  4. My favourite Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone. He is an intuition actor, he is not only actor, but also a playwright. I want him to prolong his life.

  5. Rocky is my favorite movie. I remember when I was a little boy and y dad taking me the movie. There is a little Rocky in all of us.

  6. Sylvester stallone the best legendary actor of all time no one can do rocky and rambo role better than him , he is the best

  7. Yo,Rocky V did bring me here…."What bump?"Haha His chain out of his ear comment is even funnier.Ahh childhood getting screamed at for the piercing, loved it! RIP Sage Stallone!

  8. awesome doco from the legend actor huge fan sylvester stallone. seen most of his movies. and i can tell you the good stallone movies. to me he always was and always will be a great down to earth actor. and rocky will always be his best movie. most underrated movie of his nighthawks by miles.

  9. i got threatened by youtube to have my channel deleted and got a warning because i fixed the audio on this video and re uploaded it

  10. I feel that perhaps the apparently 'normal' Sage was just as "impaired for life" (Stallone's words) as Sergio¬†to whom the autistic label has been applied. Sage is no longer here but Sergio can, I believe,¬†return to centre that pendulum within Stallone that may yet be swinging across too broad an arc. Within the so-called 'challenged' among us are great teachers from whom we may¬†learn Life's most valuable lessons. I don't understand how Stallone can perceive his son's autism as a weakness¬†that also weakens the fabric of his family (and/or his ego?). Within Sergio lies a golden¬†opportunity, if Stallone can see it, to¬†REALIGN with his own Light,¬†with God, with his authentic Self. Sergio is still here…he harbors within himself a gift.

  11. Maan…. I so much wanted to watch this but the audio & movie doesn't sync,have to watch something else now.

  12. I'm glad Sylvester Stallone's father erased "Tyrone" on the birth certificate and gave his son "Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone" for his name.  The name "Tyrone" just doesn't have any pizzazz.  Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone was the name of Sly's Sicilian grandfather, and that name kicks ass big time!!


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