Sweet – Ballroom Blitz Lyrics

43 thoughts on “Sweet – Ballroom Blitz Lyrics

  1. OH, i see a man in the back as a matter of fact his eyes are red as the sun,and the girl in the corner let no one ignore her she thinks she is the apassionate one

    And the man in the back is ready to crack as he raises his hands to the sky,and the girl in the corner is everyone mourner she could kill with a wink of her eye, OH YEAH

  2. Guys it’s ok to find good music from other places then just knowing the song……. you found it from somewhere too mate, I got it from my mom ya know

  3. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeahy yeah

    And the man in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz!

  4. The guy who sings with the high voice at 0:46 & 1:53 reminds me of a spongebob episode where A wizard-dolphin had a voice like that😂😂😂😂

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