– I finally got my hands on a 15-inch new Surface Book 2, which I’m excited about. Now, I’ve always kind of been
a fan of the Surface lineup, the Surface Book, and, frankly, just what Microsoft is doing with their hardware lately. But I’ve never pulled the
trigger on any of them for the simple fact that
none of them have had a graphics card that is powerful enough to allow me to edit my footage. But now, thanks to the
15-inch model having an NVIDIA GTX 1060 in it, I can finally give it a try. So, in this video, I’m gonna
do a complete walkthrough. If you’re not familiar with
my complete walkthroughs, they’re basically me showing
you every single feature that the device can do and
things that it can’t do so that you, if you
were looking to buy one, are fully informed before you go do so. So, first up, let’s
start with the hardware. It’s made out of this magnesium that is lightweight and resembles metal even if when you tap it, it
kind of feels like plastic. (taps loudly) Regardless, it’s minimalistic and looks pretty good, in my opinion. But what makes it so unique on the market is the fact that it has a
screen that houses the CPU and a base that houses the
GPU and an extra battery that can be disconnected
by pushing a button, turning the screen into a large tablet. Now, it can even be reconnected
backwards to the base for some other form factors. I’ve particularly found
that using the pen, which is sold separately
for $100, by the way, when it’s connected in this
reverse format and is laid flat, allows me to use things like
Lightroom to edit photos but still utilize the GPU in the base for the added performance. The screen itself is a 15-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio touch screen with a 3240 by 2160
resolution on this model, but there’s also a
13.5-inch version that has a 3200 by 2000 resolution. Now, if you go for the 15-inch model, you get a set processor, RAM, and GPU, namely, the Intel 8th
Gen i7-8650U quad-core, 16 gigs of 1866 megahertz DDR3 RAM, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. The 13.5-inch model, on the other hand, has a choice between the
7th Gen Intel i5-7300U or the same 8th Gen
i7-8650U for the processor, eight or 16 gigs of RAM, Intel HD 620 GPU on the i5 model, or the NVIDIA GTX 1050
GPU on the i7 model. And both have storage options of either 256, 512 gigs, or one terabyte. Now, as far as ports go, we have two USB 3.1 Gen one ports and an SD card slot on one side and the magnetic proprietary power port and a USB 3.1 Gen one Type-C port, with USB power delivery, on the other. We also have a 3.5
millimeter headphone jack in the very odd placement that is the top right of the screen. Now, for cameras, we
have a five megapixel, 1080p video front-facing camera and an eight megapixel,
1080p rear-facing camera. Under that screen, we have Dolby stereo
speakers hidden in the grill as well as dual microphones. Software-wise, it’s running Windows 10. So, it’s gonna be your
normal affair there. But what I really wanted to know is how it stacks up
against my current laptop, which is the last previous
model of the Razer Blade, which has a 7th Gen i7
processor, 16 gigs of RAM, and the same NVIDIA GTX 1060. Now, as I mentioned, I
edit a lot on my laptop, so the GTX 1060, that graphics card, was really important to me ’cause I use Premiere,
and it has CUDA Cores, and all that fun stuff. So, the first test I’d like to do is take the exact same footage of this 4.6K and 4K cameras that I have and make the same video on both of these and then render them both at the same time and see how that goes. That was a little surprising,
actually, because on paper, the Surface Book has a better processor and the same everything else, so it should, theoretically,
do better, right? But it’s actually about 25%
slower than my Razer Blade, which is not a terrible
amount, but weird, right? When I asked Microsoft’s reps about this, they gave me the explanation that the processors on the Surface Book 2 are at a lower voltage, so that
had something to do with it. Either way, that’s kind
of just what happened. And, by the way, this
was me actually turning on best performance settings
on the Surface Book. If I left it on recommended,
which it normally is on, it actually would have taken a lot longer to do this as well. Now, finally, the big problem that I have with the Razer Blade is that the battery dies so fast. So, I either bring a different laptop if I’m gonna go to a cafe
and write for a long time or go somewhere and write for a long time, compared to if I know
I’m gonna be editing, I can’t use that same computer with the good battery life to edit, and I can’t use the editing
computer for good battery life. So, the Surface Book, to me, was a nice balance between those two. So, let’s see if that’s actually true and do a battery test
between those two computers and have them both run
the same YouTube video with the screen brightness
set all the way up and see which one dies first. (light jazz music) And dead. Yeah. Now, I normally leave my opinion out of these types of videos, but I just wanna say that with
this much more battery life, honestly, in my opinion, I would gladly take the
25% slower render times. Finally, the price starts at $1,499 for the i5 13.5-inch model and goes up to $3,299 for the one terabyte 15-inch i7 model, which is
the one that I have here. Putting it on par, at least, with gaming laptops with similar specs, like the Blade, for example. There you go guys, hope you enjoyed this complete walkthrough with a little bit of opinion
sprinkled on at the end. Sorry. But yeah, let me know what you
think in the comments below of this type of video, of the laptop, of anything you feel like. Just let me know. Like to hear from you guys. If you did like this video, though, please thumbs up or share,
it’s greatly appreciated. If you liked it a lot, please subscribe. That’s also greatly appreciated. As always, though, regardless,
thanks for watching. (techno music)

55 thoughts on “Surface Book 2 (COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH)

  1. For you the Surface Book maybe the best choice, however your use is extreme niche. Most of us when we are under heavy load run our laptop on power so we get full throttle and we also have it on our desk maybe connected to an eGPU. For me I would easily go with the eGPU option as I can upgrade when I want without having to buy a new laptop and the eGPU is taking the wear and tear rather than the laptop. Price wise a good XPS 15 and a top eGPU would be cheaper than the equivalent 15 inch SB. Though for me, again like 95% of users the pen is not something I care about. I suppose that is the reason the SB sells in relatively low volumes, it is too expensive for the average user.

  2. some quick criticisms I want to throw out there in case 'TheUnlockr' sees em;

    the naming of this video: this seems more like a review rather than a walkthrough; you check out its battery, its editing performance and such… I'd say complete review fits more as a title rather than complete walkthrough, but that's my point of view for a walkthrough at least.

    testing methods: I personally have no problem with the way the battery life tests are carried out, though I'd like to see more stress tests as well as the video test; on the same note, I'd like for you to add actual times/benchmarks when testing battery life on a graph or else, it'd be more professional and more clear for everyone. Also, adobe RGB tests for the screen would be nice, as any professional video/picture editor would prefer , as well as any comment on how "lively" (and such) the screen looks.

  3. Damm I am inn here before 1k views and. I am new in this channel subscribed and notification is onn
    Question which has better screen colour accuracy I mean in video rendering the video looked like surface had blue and real white kind
    And blade warm and dark reasons.

  4. Nice! I jumped the gun when reviewers said the Surface had 'arrived' with the Pro 3. The pen is key for me, so while there are more powerful (gaming) laptops, including the expected Aero-15 (which looks beautiful), I can't think of a better option (with pen) off the top of my head. I like MobileTechReview as she's an aspiring artist and tends to review that type of machine.

  5. DAMN! Way better value than the $3k + macbook pro i bought. I've swapped it for my gf's 6 y.o. HP because it has more power lol

  6. I own a 13 inch model because here in Switzerland the 15‘ wouldn‘t come until march
    I use it both for college and as my daily home computer and i have to say that I‘m not really impressed by the performance.
    The 13‘ only has a GTX 1050 with 2GB VRAM.
    The 15‘ would be way better to play games like fortnite etc.
    I personally use it with a 28‘ 4K Screen comnected via USB- C(easily save 200 bucks from the dock).
    I‘m glad that i saved some money and that I‘m going to build
    A desktop/gaming pc.
    Well I gotte wait anoter half a year for that because you cant get any good graphics cards for an normal price(not 200$ above list price)
    What a crazy situation we got right now…

  7. Great review and very valuable tips. Students can opt for Microsoft’s discounts and get a machine like this at a much cheaper price.

  8. Would you recommend the I5 version for students? I'm sure the integrated graphics is more than good enough right? Not gonna be doing video editing or gaming really.

  9. the surface book 2 is not better "on paper" compared to the 2017 razer blade. it uses the max-q version of the 1060 (about 10-15% slower than a non max-q) and a U-series processor, which opperates at a lower power level (15w vs 35w) which means shorter boost times, lower clocks and less performance. you can alleviate this performance difference by undervolting the processor in the surface book, and manually increasing the boost times in the intel extreme tuner application. you can also use msi afterburner to do the same thing with the gpu, using the curve editor (pressing ctrl+f while in the application).

  10. When you were showing the up-close AUX action, I noticed that the headphones you used were the AKG headphones you probably got with the S8. Lol useless observation. Great video. I’ve saved up for the 15” but the 13 is much more portable. But I will be editing photos in PS and video so the extra screen size is better but more of a burden if I use it at a cafe on a small table. I can’t choose!

  11. A few inaccuracies and fallacies in your walkthrough. The first and biggest one is that the Surface Book 2 15" and Razer Blade have the same processor. THEY DO NOT. The Razer Blade 14" has a HQ series processor which is significantly more powerful processor than the U series which is found in the Surface Book 2. The second is that the speakers and mic of the Surface Book 2 are located in the vents in the base. They are actually on the top tablet part.

    Would appreciate more accuracy and objectivity in your videos please. This is just not good enough.

  12. How long did your battery last with the SB? I'm in the exact same situation, I have a Razer Blade and the battery is just so bad even for pure productivity that I've been really considering the Surface Book.

  13. this was the most helpful video thanks so much for taking the time to make. i couldnt diside between the razer or surface

  14. A pretty expensive for the kind of laptops I like, but a lot of great features together, also good looking.
    As always, nice walkthrough, video liked my friend.

  15. i was told that the surface book 2 15” that only has a 102watt power supply isn’t enough to charge the battery if using the cpu at max performance along with the gets 1060 gpu at max performance. that’s the one drawback that i see. i’m wanting it for doing webdesign, coding and also 3d stuff as well as photoshop and lightroom and premier. but i’m having a hard time deciding on it or the lenovo yoga 15” with a thx 1050 for half the price or the wacom mobile studio pro 16 that only has the i7 6th gen cpu, quadro m1000m gpu and a 512 gm ssd. 3d programs will be cinema 4d and maya and zbrush. others programs are visual studio, adobe cc etc. what do you guys think is the best to get? i mean obviously 8 won’t be doing huge scenes. maybe logos, small scenes, shorts, characters and stuff like that. not the next transformers lol.

    i do have a desktop that has 64gb of ram, i7 6900k cpu and two thx 1080s in sli. so also keep in mind i do have a a beast at home that is more powerful. i’m just looking for something mobile that i can take with me and work on. i also have an old asus g751jl laptop with an old i7 4700 series cpu and 32gb ram and thx 965m also that is still easy to use for development of websites and coding etc it’s just a gaming laptop so it’s bigger and weights more.

  16. The razer blade has a HQ processor than the U processor on the surface book. You shouldn't be giving a product review if you don't even know the thing inside out…

  17. The thing that kills the performance is stupid "connected standby" usually a laptop has performance mode where it let's the graphics clock higher and cpu turbo longer. Microsoft wants to turn a windows computer into an android tablet and leave wifi (therefore cpu) on at all times, and that removes your control of processing power, you can fix it in the registry but may incur problems with notifications as then you won't get them while standby. It's worth the extra performance and battery saving though.

  18. It Looks Pretty Good? WTF? Could it possibly look more plain/bland/didn't even try/easily overlooked/designed by a robot/not worth the price tag/Apple Laughing/Cheap. The design is crap!

  19. The research you did to support your claims was a great touch. Contacting MS and the such, showing you were using performance mode. Like.

  20. Nice
    But please give Info of the Battery Test how long did the Razer last & how long did SB 2 last you in hours

  21. There is some wrong information you gibe about this laptop AND you skip other important parts!
    How much hours ran both devices and at what settings exactly?

  22. It is seen that if you connect your charger the surface book gives its best performance. Its runs at a good clock speed.

  23. "when you tap it, it kind of feels like plastic" :)) first time ever I hear that.
    It never felt like plastic to me or anybody else I know that owns one.
    Plus a bunch of other inaccuracies that others have already pointed out in comments below (or above, not sure on what position my comment will be shown).

  24. If I don't edit photos or films, do you believe the model with i5 processor will fit my needs in business applications?!

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