Suraiya – Biography in Hindi | सुरैया की जीवनी | बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री | जीवन की कहानी | Life Story

The greatest heroine of her era.
Malika-e-Tarannum. Name, Suraiya Jamaal Sheikh. You have heard her name. Now let's watch Suraiya's life story. Auntie. Auntie.
Auntie, he has arrived. She was born on 15th June,
1929 in Gujranwala, Punjab. This place is now in Pakistan. She was the only child of her parents. Roshanara!
– Yes, mother. Pray for me too if you are visiting. Though she had not taken
any formal training in singing. Speak softly.
I am thinking out a song. But she was the best singer. "What is love? Love." "May someone ask to me?" And also became the best actress. Why not? People become
bitter after reaching the city. Suraiya's father used
to run a small furniture shop. Later they came to
Lahore from Gujranwala. And on the insistence
of her granny and uncle.. ..Suraiya was brought to Mumbai. In Mumbai she studied in
JB Petit High School for Girls in Fort. And she learned the
Parsi language at home. You can compose better
songs if you drink milk. Suraiya started working
in films in her childhood. As a child artist she was seen
in film 'Usne Kya Socha' in 1937. And after that she was also seen
in 'Taj Mahal' released in 1941. SD Burman composed
the music for Taj Mahal. And all this became possible
because of Suraiya's uncle. His name was Zahoor
and he was already working.. films playing villainous roles. Film 'Taj Mahal's
maker Nanubhai Vakil.. ..liked 12 year old Suraiya so much.. ..that she played the
role of young Mumtaz Mahal. Two of her friends joined
her to help her as a singer. These friends earned great fame
in the film industry in the future. One is great music
composer Madan Mohan.. ..and the next is great
film maker and actor Raj Kapoor. "The atmosphere is good and nice." "Companion is pretty,
everything is nice." Raj Kapoor and Madan Mohan
were Suraiya's childhood friends. And after hearing Suraiya's
voice both children.. ..insisted that she should
also sing at All India Radio. "My life and my heart
calls out hey darling." When great music
composer Naushad heard.. ..Suraiya's voice in All India Radio.. ..then he at once made her sing
for his friend Kardar's film 'Sharda'. And this happened in the year 1942. She was very short and
she had to stand on a stool.. reach the mike to sing. And that song was filmed
on a much elder actress Mehtab. "I always look at him and smile." "Today someone is going to come." "Someone is going come. Who?" From here her journey
as a singer started.. ..and then she sang for films
like 'Station Master', 'Kanoon', etc. "Today someone is going to come." There was still time before
Suraiya met new actor Dev Anand. Suraiya has become
a big star before that. You have changed a lot, Rani. In 1942 in film 'Tamanna'.. ..Suraiya sang her
first duet with Manna Dey. The song was 'Jaago Aayi Usha'. It is also necessary to notice that.. ..Mehtab was the only
heroine whom Suraiya sang for. For films 'Sharda',
'Kanoon' and 'Sanjog'. In 1943 she started
taking adult roles. She was seen in film 'Ishara'. Her work was also praised a lot
in film 'Anmol Ghadi'. Yes. And after that she never looked back. No heroines of that
era were anywhere near her. The attitude of my
eyes surpasses both worlds. Who are you to hide from me? It is also seen that Dev Anand,
Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar.. ..used to stay a
little behind Suraiya. Suraiya was the first heroine.. ..who used to charge
one lakh rupees for a film. And these three great
actors of the film industry.. ..had not yet attained that position. The grapes are sour. Suraiya's journey continued
and then she met Dev Anand.. ..who was slowly carving his career. Their love became successful. You have changed a lot, Rani. I haven't changed. Your way of looking
might have changed. They worked in six films together. 'Vidya' in 1948, 'Jeet' in 1949
and also 'Shair' in 1949. And 'Afsar' in 1950. Another film 'Nilli'
was released in 1950. And 'Do Sitaare' in 1951. You have returned after 4 years. These films were not so successful.. ..but their love was succeeding. People turn bitter
after going to the city. Everyone who goes changes. He doesn't remember
his home or family. It came to such a phase
when both Dev Anand.. ..and Suraiya's hearts were broken. It is wrong to break someone's heart. Do you know what
it is to break a heart? Actually Suraiya's
granny never wanted.. ..her relation with Dev
Anand to nurture further. Despite many requests
these two couldn't marry. "The world of my heart is ruined." "And the people who
had to leave have left." Dev and Suraiya's last
meeting was very painful. They met,
hugged each other and cried a lot. And then they promised not
to meet each other and returned. After that Dev married
actress Kalpana Kartik.. ..whose real name was Mona Sinha. And Suraiya remained
unmarried for life. Nargis, Madhubala,
Meena Kumari were great actresses. But the heights achieved
by Suraiya at that era.. ..was not achieved by anyone else. "The naughtiness in the
eyes was never like this." There is another incident worth
mentioning connected to her life. Her hero in 'Waris' released in
1954 was great singer Talat Mehmood. "Your eyes are as
intoxicating as alcohol." "Your black hair is like
the intoxicating night." And film 'Mashuqa' released
in 1953 was great singer Mukesh. "This is the world." "Who knows how to
enter one's heart here?" She surely worked with
Raj Kapoor in a film. The name of the film
was 'Dastan' released in 1950. Yes. But she didn't work with Dilip Kumar. The name of the film was 'Jaanwar'. Why have you hidden your face? It's a crime to feel
shy in this function. And some things occurred
during the shooting of this film… Your honor is honor and
other people's honor is a toy. Suraiya decided to leave that film. And that is what happened. No. Suraiya did great work
in her 22 years long career. After 1963 Suraiya stopped working. Beware! Don't come near me. I shouldn't even be
touched by your shadows. And in 2004 a day came
when Suraiya passed away. She used to stay in
Krishna Mahal Apartment.. Marine Drive, Mumbai. She was 74 years old
when she died of cancer. On 3rd may,
2013 a postage stamp was issued.. ..which had Suraiya's face. Suraiya's name will
always be taken proudly.. the history of Indian cinema. To know the unique
stories of great talents.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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  1. I belong to that era when sureiya was on top of cinema she did acting and singing with the same ease

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  3. Not a good actress, not very pretty but what a voice – maybe not a great singer but a very distinctive & unusual voice

  4. in those days society was not so liberal as now so religion was a taboo.alas suraiya ji died being deprived of true love of Dev sahib.both r in eternal peace .

  5. As far as I know, she didn't die of cancer, but she had ischemia and pancreatic tumour, not malignant, which decreased her blood sugar . She was in hospital only for 5 days and after a week for 3 days before she expired.

  6. I would like to hear Suraiya-s biography, but unfortunately, the media does not talk in Hindi or English and I do not understand Urdu.

  7. Awesome biography of great actress n melodies singer, I m a very big fan of Suraiya, miss her a lot, no one is like great suraiya, really miss U a lot suraiyaji

  8. I read somewhere that Dilip made passes at Suraya and she withdrew from Janwar after paying the producer for his so called losses. Producer was in co houtes with Dilip

  9. I have one suggestion please show the videos or photos of them like i never saw in all biographies showing recent photos of them.

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