SuperM (슈퍼엠) – ‘2 FAST’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

으 [음악] 오 예 [박수] [음악] 판 순간들도 지키십시오 너무 횟수 we 번씩 침침한 we wrote 에바 먼저 길을 위 르 쥬 바퀴 춤 정도 wo wo wo wo wo [음악] 1 주방용 팀 머리칼이 널어 어느 뭐라 전이 내리게 we are 3개팀 하셔서 we [음악] we we we we we we we we owe a two hot 5 woo woo woo woo woo woo [음악] [음악] wee [음악] 으 으

100 thoughts on “SuperM (슈퍼엠) – ‘2 FAST’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. So this song is a bop, but really? 4 members in a 3 minute song and Lucas STILL got like one line?? SM are you kidding me?

  2. Please either I'm uneducated or just didnt notice but ISNT MARK A RAPPER . HELP IDK


  4. Mmhm quite good song and sounds "rounder" then many of the others from their album but some parts still don't fit very welk together

  5. as we all know, mark auditioned as a vocalist thats y im not surprised that SM gave him a singing line. But I just really love how he has a strong voice when rapping and soft voice when singing. aghh

  6. Lucas is being mistreated…
    Jopping- no real lines
    I can't stand the rain- less then a second
    only in 1 of the 3 subunit songs
    his only line this era is in 2 fast…

  7. Not gonna lie, the song is a bop.

    I live for Mark singing, Taemin's soft style of rap, Baekhyun's silky vocals, everything.

    But only a line for Lucas and 2fast? SM gotta step up their game if they want S(u)perM to keep their NCTzennies ALL for it.

  8. Actually this song is my favourite in this albummmm!!! honestly sounds like SHINee song tho hehe anyway love baekyun and mark!!!!!

  9. Why put Lucas in this group if they’re just going to make him sit prettying the back the whole time and rap/song for basically 15 seconds in one song. And this goes for my love ten too. I was so excited to see both my nct and Exo biases (ten, Lucas, baek, jongin) in one group being the best kings of vocals but I only got half of what I expected. SM, step your game.

  10. Since no one appreciate Taemin's vocal i'll say his voice is distinct, beautiful, sexy, very unique and fit any genre. His vocal is shining, it's time non fans realise he's not popular only because of his dance if his solo works aren't enough to prove that

  11. Honestly when the bridge stared I though Baek was about to start singing baby don't cry lmaoo. I like the first 2/3 of the song and the ending, but not any of that random bridge section.

  12. I'm sorry to break it but i'm sure the last 2 fast was mark.

    @smclownglobal u bijj whoever decided the line distribution didn't give lucas justice >:[

  13. IK EVERYONE'S TALKING ABT IT BUT LUCAS' "2 fast" IS SO IMPREGNATING IM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING (someone pls make a 10 hour loop of it)
    Also the vocal line's voices go so well w/ the feel of the song and Mark singing just raised my grades.

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