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hey guys and welcome back to another episode of lost bits right here in Tetra big gaming the series rwby explore the unused scrapped and unseen content in video games I have been wanting to make the super smash bros melee lost bits video for years and now the time has finally come this GameCube sequel to the Nintendo 64 original is still what many consider to be the best Super Smash Bros game of them all and legions of fans still continue to play competitively and for fun to this day this game has a lot to cover from debugging features to unused audio so let's not waste any more time go grab your wombo combo it's time to find some lost bits alright to start things off let's have a look at some of the game's unused animations first is a normally unused second jab attack for Ganondorf that seems identical to the Wan Captain Falcon has I mean it makes sense considering Ganondorf is a clone character of the captain anyways in the 1.0 release of the game this second jab can actually be seen due to a glitch but only if Ganondorf is equipped with fun ears however oddly enough by visualizing the game's hitboxes we can see that this second jab wasn't coded to do any damage next up are several animations titled in the game as either selected or selected wait and although many of them are pretty much the same as some of the victory poses based on the name of the files and the resemblance to most of the character selection animations from the Nintendo 64 prequel many believe that at some point melee 2 was planned to have animated character models on a selection screen instead of just 2d artwork some of the animations are also clearly incomplete here is a side-by-side comparison of these animations with those from the character selection screen from the original Super Smash Brothers in a similar vein there are also 25 unused character intros which fans believe would have been used in the games all-star mode before fighting each character these are all the same portraits as the ones used in the games classic mode but since Sheik Ganondorf and Roy are never encountered in the classic mode for those characters this is the only way to see these portraits next up we have some more unused graphics the first of which is one for an unused timed mine item this texture is the same one used in Goldeneye double-oh-seven for the timed mine in that game as the name suggests this would probably work similar to the motion sensor bomb but instead of being detonated by someone walking over it it would simply just be on a timer there's also an unused audio file to accompany this item titled clock bomb counts which is just a looped ticking sound it remains unclear why this item was removed but since the motion sensor bomb design was used from Goldeneye double-oh-seven licensing probably wasn't a factor there are also two unused white hand icons one left hand and one right hand now these were very likely just emblem graphics for both Master Hand and crazy hand instead in the final release both hands just used the Super Smash Bros series logo along with the fighting wireframes and Giga Bowser a weird unused m4 carbine looking graphic can be found amongst the textures for the plum trophy kind of a strange texture to have alongside a golfer two placeholder textures can be found along those with a pokemon stadium stage the first one just translates to tests while the second one translates to dummy it is believed that both of these were just test images for the big screen in the background the game also has unused leftover graphics from the coming soon screen seen in the November 2001 Japanese multi game demo disc now although the textures of the reflections in the game technically aren't unused we never get to normally see what they look like in full the Metal Mario trophy uses a grayscale image of the Yoshi's Island stage the Metroid trophy uses an image from the Super Metroid title screen and the Ocarina of Time trophy uses an image of the sky for here more the eye you mean Tachibana trophy uses the picture of some cat and then several trophies use the texture of a screen shot of osaka castle from earthbound 64 which itself was ultimately cancelled probably the weirdest reflection however is that of a creepy looking baby face that is used in the fire Kirby trophy melee also has an unused Pokemon that is found in the game's files and it can even be accessed apparently ditto was planned to make an appearance in this game unfortunately not much is programmed for ditto and it will basically just shout Mon Mon and then disappear with no real effect what I found is that oddly enough unlike pretty much any other pokemon in the game only one instance of ditto can be present on screen at a time and if another one is attempted to be summoned the game defaults to Goldeen which i guess is just as useful what's even more interesting is that ditto is still mentioned as a usable Pokemon and the official Nintendo Power strategy guide for the game this applies that ditto must have been scrapped pretty late into the game's development the guide also reveals dittos intended ability it says data will transform into the player who threw the pokeball then join up with him or her for a short time so basically you would just be able to spawn an AI controlled teammate that would help you out for a while similar I guess to the assist trophies and future installments and speaking of assist trophies apparently they were intended to make their debut in melee but eventually were scrapped next we have some unused score bonuses that would have been used in the classic or bonus melee modes these include barrel blast ko crash and burn deflector green shell shooter red shell shooter pool shark and ricochet wry flirt requirements for these range from hitting an enemy with a deflected shot to throwing one enemy into another melee also has a number of special messages that can be seen with the game's debug mode I'll quickly just show all the ones accessible in the North American version of the game the last ones mentioning a Mario and Yoshi trophy and Samus unmasked trophy are especially noteworthy one thing I don't usually cover in lost bits are version differences between different territories however this time melee has quite a few cool altered things that I thought are worth a mention so both the Mario and Yoshi and Samus unmasked trophies were only legitimately unlockable in the Japanese version of the game they were unlocked exclusively at Nintendo events in Japan where I'm guessing you'd have to bring your own memory card to one cool piece of trivia here is that this was the first time SAMHSA's face was seen in 3d the third trophy that is only legitimately obtainable in the Japanese release is that of tama gan who was the main character of the nes game devil world other noteworthy regional differences include the changes in the trophy collection room from the famicom to the nes the super famicom to the super nintendo and the complete removal of the Virtual Boy also the ice climber taupey trophy was changed from a seal to a Yeti what I think is the most interesting change is that the motion sensor bomb in the Japanese version is based on the proximity mine from Perfect Dark instead of the one from Goldeneye double-oh-seven perfect dark and Goldeneye were both developed by rare so it's kind of strange why each version decided to go with a completely different item so I already made a video covering some of the rumors of secret unlockable characters in this game but it turns out that there were quite a few fighters that were considered for the game in varying degrees or ultimately draw up or simply just chosen not to be added these include more fighters from NES games such as balloon fighter urban champion cuckoo land and Excitebike Ayumi Tachibana from famicom detective Club Lucas from mother3 who was planned to replace Ness snake for Metal Gear Solid at the request of Hideo Kojima himself Sonic the Hedgehog Wario Banjo and Kazooie and even James Bond as you know some of these fighters did make their way into future installments but the reasons for not including them at this time included time constraints licensing issues realistic guns and obscurity okay so it's been mentioned a few times in this video but now it's time to explore the games to debug menus the main debug menu and the debug sound test menu first let's have a look at the debug sound test here as you'd expect we can listen to the game's audio files some of which you can't hear anywhere else and while we're on the topic of unheard audio files I'll quickly play all the note where the audio clips that go unused let's dust all-star fighting white dreams Giga Bowser how to play Master hem [Applause] it should be noted that some of these files like Captain Falcon calling the Blue Falcon suggest that the idea of final smashes was considered in this game as well alrighty now on to the good stuff very similar to the debug menu that I covered in the prequel on the Nintendo 64 this one offers a ton of stuff to see first off this debug mode lets us take control of the fighters that we normally don't have the means to such as the male wireframe who was a weak clone of Captain Falcon the female wireframe which is a weak clone of Zelda Giga Bowser crazy hand and Master Hand now all the way you can play as Master Hand via glitch I'd say this method is much easier oh yeah you can also play as my favorite character the sandbag and I use play loosely because all you can really do without crash from the game is just move around shield and jump wild in the debug menu we can also manually set the size of each character from zero point one to five with one being their normal size ever dreamed of baby Giga Bowser fighting a giant sandbag no well me neither but this is still amazing other options we can mess around with are the knock-back values CPU behavior starting damage as well as coloring the coolest part of sub coloring is that you can load lighter and darker shadow versions of each character the debug menu also lets us access a few unused stages as well as stages that we can't normally have a fight on examples of this include the break the target stages for each character the home run contest arena as well as other stages from the adventure mode as mentioned melee also has a few unused stages that we can note first our 10-2 and I stop which are both identically loaded as simply the icicle mountain stage but without music based on the name I stopped and the fact that 10-2 comes right after ten – whoa an ice mount in which the player climbs icicle mountain it is likely that another ice climber stage was intended to be loaded here instead the games director Masahiro Sakurai had in fact confirmed that a second ice climber stage was planned for the game but that it was scrapped next is a stage titled a Kania which unfortunately crashes the game upon trying to load it the Fire Emblem song used in the temple stage is also titled the Kania suggesting that this stage would have been a Fire Emblem one probably based in the Arcania continent in that series Sakurai himself confirmed that a Fire Emblem stage called kingdom of Arcania was planned to appear in the game but it was cut it would have had catapults slinging boulders at the castle where the stage would take place while dragons and mages would also appear it seems that the idea of the castle under attack was later reused in the castle siege Fire Emblem level seen in Super Smash Bros Brawl next up is a stage just titled dummy and it normally just crashes the game upon loading it even if you force the game to load it the entire stage is just black with an invisible platform at the stages Center it's also impossible to die on this level since the boundaries are so far that the game crashes before you can even reach them TC is another unused stage this time a basic test area for the break the targets mode this stage features a long texture 'less platform as well as three targets seek is how she is referred to in the game so this was believed to have been the intended target level for Sheik obviously it is incomplete and the idea for Sheik to share a target level with Zelda must have been decided on pretty early in development before any additional progress was made to the stage the last and certainly most noteworthy unused stage is known just as test and just a bit of trivia I first heard about the stage in like 2016 and it was actually one of my inspirations for me even starting the last vid series I began making a melee video to be my first lost bits video back then but by sheer coincidence matpat and the game theorists uploaded a video discussing the stage just a few days later as such a week later I decided winwaker would be my first lost this video instead and that I put mainly on the back burner indefinitely anyways this is one of the largest if not the largest playable stages in Super Smash Bros this stage has a long series of untextured platforms walls and ramps although very interesting the layout of the stage isn't all too special and the stage isn't all too fun to actually play on test also doesn't have its own background music but it's dead uses the theme from the corneria stage instead a strange background that is used is hard to really make out from a post but when zoomed out it is clear that it is some sort of restaurant or cafe as matpat discovered the textures for the background where pictures taken inside cafe Verona a now closed cafe in Palo Alto California it has since been replaced by a Mexican restaurant named rep asada apparently these images taken there are commonly used in many 3d graphics notably such as Lara Croft sunglasses so as Matt Pat suggested this is basically the only locale and Super Smash Bros that you can I guess sort a visit in real life one of the other coolest things about melees debug mode is that you can set up six player matches this wasn't even a possibility in Smash until the installment for the Wii U as far as I know you can still only set up to four human controlled fighters but nonetheless even with two extra computer players it's still awesome that this is even possible the last noteworthy debug feature that I want to show you all today are some additional debug commands that can be used during a battle with the debug mode enabled you can shrink or grow your fighter at will make everything but the fighters black or white display the stages death boundaries character spawn locations item spawn locations and so much more ever wanted to take off peach or Zelda's dress for research well with debug mode you can do that too you can also toggle to see which parts of the stage you can grab on to or drop through additionally you are also able to see the characters only as hit boxes or have hit boxes overlaid on top of their models this can be a very useful tool in learning how to play as a new fighter in the game lastly in this mode you can spawn pretty much any item enemy or Pokemon this high factor of freedom can definitely result in some chaotic votes with so many things to play around with I could honestly spend several hours just farting around in debug mode there's lots more to it that I didn't cover here so if you want to learn more about it be sure to check out my sources in the description as usual for the last stop has kind of used throughout the video let's now zip the camera around and see if we can find anything that's normally unseen to start things off let's have a look at the menus we can have a look just behind the menus and get a closer look at the background text pretty much all of them just say smash or Smash Brothers but I thought it was really cool to see them up close one thing that's normally really hard to notice is that fittingly the scrolling letters behind the character selection screen spell out select when hovering over a stage in the stage selection screen a 3d render of the stage will spawn just behind the text for the stages name the only one that doesn't have a 3d render is for the random tile just kidding it does he just can't normally see it when hovering over the random tile by looking just right of what is normally seen we can see a strange looking spire thing no clue if at one point this was meant to be seen for the random tile or if it's the remnants of some unused stage or something now I never really noticed this before but when a fighter is off screen and a circle appears showing where he or she is a low poly model of that fighter is used by zooming in we can have a much closer look at some of these low poly models and see just how goofy some of them really are and lastly let's have a closer look at some of the stages first up is onyx or own it whatever you guys want to call it in addition to having a better look at the stages baseball diamond buildings in the background and meteor on top of the hill we can also find a hidden rice ball that is found inside of one of the planters in front of the drugstore it still remains unknown as to why this is hidden here similarly to what I found in Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash the giant TV in Pokemon Stadium actually displays whatever the camera is seeing so by moving it around the display will also move around as well as such we can make it look really trippy again we can also have a closer look at the city's skyscrapers in the background on Rainbow Cruise we can see that all of the platforms on the level are always rendered even when off screen we can also zoom in and have a closer look at the small village on the mountain I still really want to know what this village has to do with the Mario universe in Jungle japes we can also look inside Cranky's Hut and see that he has no legs maybe it was a ghost all this time after all Great Bay also has a few secrets if we look inside the laboratory we can see some normally unused floor and valve handle textures in earlier pre-release builds of melee we can see that the players could both enter the lab and stand on it at the end of the day however the lab was just moved into the background scenery fourside didn't have anything all too crazy as I didn't find anything inside the UFO or helicopter but it was still nice to just have a look around the city and its skyscrapers another really cool thing to see was that the venom starfox level runs on a long loop and had basically the entire stage always rendered with minimal culling why the developers chose to do it this way instead of using more culling like in corneria is unclear but either way I still find it really fascinating moving on to the single-player stages in the first Mushroom Kingdom level we can see just how goofy looking and tall the initial mountain on the left is we can also take a closer peek at the mario golf course as well as the 2d Peach's castle image in the Far background in the next zelda themed adventure stage we can see the entire layout of the level is rendered this can be a big help if you just want to get through the level quickly without having to deal with the maze nonsense similarly we can see that the entire race to the finish course is also completely rendered however this time using the camera doesn't really give us any advantage in the home run contest arena we can see that even after just starting the arena is loaded pretty far forward and for some reason backwards as well in which an ending to the marking lines is also visible I was also curious to see how far the home run arena would go for and it turns out that even though the markers do load further the stage does set a boundary at about 40 400 meters and going any further will get you knocked out in a similar fashion there is a lot of the all-star mode rest area that goes unused on either side and although you can't die here your fighter will be blocked by an invisible wall on both sides as well as you probably noticed when accessing this level in debug mode for some reason all of the trophies are displayed as Captain Falcon makes me feel like some scrub that just went out and bought 50 amiibos just of Captain Falcon next up is the trophy collection room the only really interesting thing that I found here is that of all the cool Nintendo objects in the background for some reason only the Nintendo 64 controller is a 2d image while everything else is a full 3d model my only guess is that the developers just didn't want to model and in 64 controller with all of its buttons and figured since no one would see it from this close a 2d image would suffice and the last set of notable things that I was able to see was on the end result screen after a fight turns out that several objects are loaded off screen the first of these are the wreaths that are given to the victors which are found just under the screen that we normally see additionally the models used in the results screen for each participating fighter can also be found just off screen clapping away this means that alternate cameras were set up in order to have their animations appear in the respective little windows and oddly enough on the far left of the screen is some sort of image that changes between things like a frozen frame of a fighter clapping to a single stock image inside a large grey box and with that concludes this long lost wits video on super smash bros melee and i hope you guys enjoyed it big shout outs to you if you made it this far to the ending this has got to be my longest lost of its video to date on that note let me know what you guys think do you guys like when a lost wits is this long or would you prefer me to split it up into several parts also be sure to let me know what other games you'd like to see a los Miss video on next if you're new here and enjoy this video be sure to subscribe and check out my other loss of its videos by cooking on the card right here and if you would like to stay even more up to date with me and the channel you can also follow me over on my other social media pages which will all be linked in the description below but as always guys thank you all so much for watching today and for all of your amazing support and I will see you in a bit

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  1. How could Lucas have been suggested? Melee was five years old by the time mother 3 came out???

    Also sandbag for smash ultimate dlc!!!!

  2. Tetrabitgaming I think I accidentally found an unused kirby animation of her falling the way I discovered it was that on palutena's temple if you used kirby up b on the bridge when she goes down if you Break the bridge when she goes down on up b she goes into that unused animation I think it might be her up throw animation when she brings the opponent down just wanted to say that I found it in smash ultimate

  3. This does not appear to the the popular multiplayer fighting game developed by Nintendo titled Super Smash Brothers Melee

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