SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY by Gary Shteyngart (book trailer)

it's a great privilege to publish gary Stein guards third novel he's really risen to the top of the literary ranks with this new book easily outshining his last two novels what's truly remarkable about Gary is that he's accomplished so much while hiding an unusual secret I can't read he wants me to write a blurb but I've already got it worked out in my mind um super sad thing is a dystopian novel about the near future and the scary thing is it's already happening he's our greatest satirist and um but he can also write it about real feelings like love what did you think of the ending of the novel I haven't gotten that far I mean I actually have read just the beginning well here's another home a while oh I hear famous former famous cojemos home ah so pretty now he has this big teaching position at Columbia Columbia they let him teach at Columbia oh my god there are poor kids he's a huge inspiration um he came from nowhere and he's you know still kind of nowhere but he knows how to work the literary world what was your favorite class of hit I guess a seminar on how to behave at a Paris review party well you know I do so much prefer early and McKeon to wait in the queue head head well I do so much Oh No McCann ham it has to come from deep in heart not from throat games franca please teach this man see this is real Hauser less is more actually having read a new book sad true whatever uh but you know I don't I don't think he actually wants me to read it I mean I don't think reading his release thing that there go there no yeah we got that one so it's never going to be easy because this is Socratic method this is you know inquiry what do you really want to do is uh you know cash on an in on the whole Hollywood vampire thing like but you know we're gonna do like this werewolf thing but they're not wolves they're they're bears like we're bears working with Gary has been a singular experience because of his voice and style no because he demands his advance be paid entirely and smoked meat pickled tomatoes and three recently graduated debutantes from Mount Holyoke I mean not not that I'm bitter because I love Gary we can do later too huh we try you try no our brain you know we just we try so hard to like separate our brain from her that you know yes but let's face it the only reason Gary gets published is he's so good-looking at some point in college he took some mushrooms some kind of hallucinogenic and I had a vision that he was actually an immigrant from Russia so he began writing from that point of view you know imagine what his parents would would be like started having an accent you know what you like you like a lady with a lap dog check out story who Chekhov guy from Star Trek great story Gary has managed to escape the anxiety of influenced by the sheer fat he has never read a word that must be very empowering I would think so I can you know I really admire that state of pure you know pure ignorance and if I to escape oh oh yeah Mary McInerney thanks gods you aren't here I am giving their problems oh don't worry this happens to me all the time does basser or Mount Holyoke mom go leoch hey girls meet the author with his roots deep in Russian literature Steingarten become an important and indispensable American writer super sad true sexy love story shows him in its smart soulful and hilarious best

43 thoughts on “SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY by Gary Shteyngart (book trailer)

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  3. "Chekov? The guy from Star Trek?" Yeah, maaan 😀
    Unluckily I tried reading this book and it was awful, sorry mate haha

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  5. That unwanted point when your step-brother (who's been a loser for a long time, it should be said) gets an incredible woman to fall for him in 2 weeks? Shit, that just occurred. I realize I ought to be pleased for him however I want it to be me. He stated he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide out in a cave as we speak…

  6. I've looked at some of the replies. I just think this is a reasonable video. My sibling simply would like to become outstanding with sexy girls. He figured out a fuck load from a web-site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The information in relation to attracting women through clubs from Master Attraction got him his first sex in over 4 yrs. I became bothered however seeing that I heard them all. Grrrr.

  7. The best part is when Jay McInerney rack-jacks the Mount Holyoke debutantes: 4:01 "Hey girls, meet the author!"

  8. I see James Franco and Jeffrey Eugenides! My favorite writer and my favorite actor in the same video. My life is complete.

  9. James Franco is forever my husband and everything….but damn! I wasn't expecting 2:24. He looks TERRIBLE!

  10. None of the characters in this clip would entice me to read the book. It's way over the top. Is it a children's book?

    It's a lame attempt at humour.

  11. This is a hilarious trailer. I'm reading the book right now and I really really like it. I follow politics closely, and the idea of the 'Bipartisan Party' cracks me up…and scares me because of its plausibility!

  12. Is the book any good? cause in THAT case, disregard my following comment
    this is hilarious.IF you re not very demanding! hilarious(ly staged ), with all these writer cronies, like ew writer jay McInerney ( who was good oNCE) and Ed White, who get a bit of back wind out of gettig in on the act
    is youtube a platform for a serious book review? No! Can a satirical book be judged in seriousness? It SHOULD

  13. it was so stupid and dumb that a loser like myself, could not even bookmark it as "favorite" when I do that to every other videos online here on youtube… that sucks!

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