Summer Reading: Mystery Novels

this video sponsored by thank you good night by Andy Abramowitz coming June 2nd from touchstone books think Nick Hornby meets almost famous the book follows Teddy the former lead singer of a one-hit wonder band from the 90s who is now in his forties working in a stuffy law firm and just kind of existing but then an opportunity presents itself and Teddy has a chance to get the band back together and try to recapture some of that past glory never mind that the band is only still famous in a tiny town in Switzerland this is a funny honest and fun debut so check out thank you good night for Andy Abramowitz coming June 2nd hi everyone i'm rincey and i am one of the contributing editors over at book riot today I'm going to be doing the second part of my summer reading series in this video I will be talking about mysteries and three lawyers although the books here that I'm talking about are mostly closer to the mystery sides and the third side I feel like mystery books are just like the perfect job for a book because they're always pretty plot driven they tend to suck you in at least the really good ones do and I feel like they're kind of just a reliable genre or maybe it's just the books that I've been reading have always been relatively reliable as being just a good summertime read the first recommendation is a very obvious one is Agatha Christine I'm someone who just always has an unread Agatha Christie in her collection because she's an author that no matter what mood I made if I feel like I'm just not connecting with any books or books just seem to be disappointing me a lot Agatha Christie is one of those authors that is just always reliable and if I be just sort of like a palate cleanser or anything I just pick up one of her books and read them and I always enjoy them the one I'm showing here is murder at the vicarage which is the first appearance of Miss Marple and Agatha Christie's books but the great thing about her books is that you can just pick up any of them and they all work as standalone novels next up I have another tried and true to author for me and that is Tana French Tana French is one of those authors that I discovered pretty late in her book career I mean relatively late I found out about her right after a broken harbor I believe came out so I ended up reading her books in publication order and I absolutely love them this is the likeness this is the second book that she has published and this one is my absolute favorite out of all the ones that she has put out so far her book similar to Agatha Christie don't need to be read in order they all work as stand-alones because you're following different detectives and different departments but yeah her books are just so gripping and I just never know where the plot is going where the mystery is going and it does so much that I just never expect then I saw today that I'm going to recommend is Dennis Lehane he is pretty well known for his books that have been made into movies like shutter island' Mystic River this is a new book he came out earlier this year I want to say in February called world gone by this is actually the third book in the Joe Coughlin series / : series I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce the detectives name it follows this beat cop in Boston in the 1920s and it continues into the 30s and 40s I believe these second book takes place in Florida and I believe this book takes place in Cuba so if you're someone who has checked out some of the bigger dennis lehane books and you're looking for something else to check out i recommend picking these up the first book in the series is the given day and the second book in the series is lit by night and then this is the third book in the series and speaking of dennis lehane the final recommendation that I have for you guys is anneka laughs I say speaking of because she is part of Dennis Lehane publishing house which I believe is a part of her / Collins this is her second book called the cutting season this is the only one that I've read this one takes place in Louisiana and this book year following a female cop who is investigating this death of a migrant worker who's found dead the plantation that she works on the first book of ed edeka lot came out with is called black water rising where you are following this black lawyer living in Houston named J Porter and he ends up I believe witnessing a murder that puts his life and his wife's life in extreme danger and then a sequel to that book just came out this year called Pleasantville you are following J Porter I think this wouldn't be like 15 years after the black water rising situation happened and he's working as a lawyer for some candidates I believe who are running for office when a girl goes missing and someone related to the candidates is arrested for the kidnapping or the missing girl the reason why I like em collects books is partially because she has black people as like the main characters of her books but she also explores that complex relationship that brings about it just provides an extra layer to the mystery that you don't normally necessarily get when you're reading just straight mystery novels so yeah those are my recommendations for you guys for some mystery novels to be reading this summer if you're someone who likes mystery novels let me know if you guys have any recommendations of great books to be reading this summer feel free to leave that down in the comment section so yeah that's all I have for now I'll see you guys next week

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  2. I 100% agree about Agatha Christie always being reliable. I picked up Murder on the Orient Express after a disappointing read last month, and it was the perfect palette cleanser. I've been saying that I want to read Tana French for ages now (and it's still true)!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Rincey. I've been on a big mystery kick lately so this video comes at the perfect time. I'm currently reading In the Woods by Tana French and loving it so far! I also need to try to some Christie. I'm planning to start with And Then There Were None since it is one of her most famous stories.

  4. I love Flavia de Luce mystery series. It's about an 11 year old girl who solves crimes and also happens to be a genius. Fun mystery series perfect for summer.

  5. I've recently enjoyed child 44 by Tom Rob Smith, a mystery / thriller set in soviet Russia which I can see being a good beach read

  6. Rincey, who published the Christie you held up?  Cozy mysteries are my guilty pleasure.  Have you tried Library Lover's Mysteries by Jenn McKinlay, The Bookman Series by John Dunning, Bibliophile Mysteries by Kate Carlisle, Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs, or Booktown Mysteries by Lorna Barrett?  I also really enjoy Decker/Lazarus Mysteries by Faye Kellerman, Inspector Shan Mysteries by Eliot Pattison, Father Blackie Ryan Mysteries by Andrew Greeley, and Nuala Anne McGrail Mysteries by Andrew Greeley.

  7. One of my favorite mystery series that makes a great summer/beach read is "The Cat Who" series by Lilian Jackson Braun.  Typically more lighthearted, there are definitely some darker ones as well. They're a series and do take place in chronological order, but it's not at all necessary to read them that way. You can just pick up any of them and dive right in.  They're typically more lighthearted, although there are definitely some darker ones as well. And who doesn't love it when cats solve murders?

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