Suitable Poetry Sketch – A Bit of Fry and Laurie – BBC

32 thoughts on “Suitable Poetry Sketch – A Bit of Fry and Laurie – BBC

  1. What brings me back to ABFAL is how obviously they are in love with language. Examples abound, but in this skit they actually read poetry, bringing in humour with it and around it. Anyone aiming for the widest audience would say "Hey now, you don't really need to do that. Make this skit just talking about poetry. We don't want to alienate anyone who doesn't follow along."

  2. I love seeing fry and Laurie, so young. But their talent is so obvious and their camaraderie is so finely tuned as a cohesive unit, it's no wonder people want to see more of them together even though they are just as brilliant in their many solo endeavors.

  3. Hello, I find this video hilarious but there's a few lines that I don't get (being French). Could you help me: what question Fry is asking at 0:23 ?

  4. "Well we're always on the lookout for enormous boons"  Awesome line, and probably one of the riskier lines they ever did. Perfectly delivered as usual Mr Fry.

  5. "A travelling poetry bag, yes. You can get one of these at most high-street travelling poetry bag shops"

    Are you implying that there are travelling poetry bag shops that DON'T sell travelling poetry bags?

  6. that's because hugh laurie is British, he's just been an american actor for very long he just speaks in the american accent quite frequently

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