Subliminal Messages For Writers | I Am A GREAT WRITER

I Am A Great Writer ~ Subliminal Messages For Writers 1 | Affirmations & Law Of Attraction

7 thoughts on “Subliminal Messages For Writers | I Am A GREAT WRITER

  1. 👋 I was thinking about making a video like this, but I’m just going to share yours on my channel to supplement my info! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I am a software engineer. I want to do freelance web content writing/blogging as well. Will this help. I don't want to write novels or that kind

  3. I love this! Would it be possible to upload this same recording, but using other ambient sounds, like fireplace crackling. I'm finding it hard listening to this during the day as it makes me drowsy. It's also a bit too scary before bedtime. 🙁

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