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Bitch, stop the fake flexing. If you can’t
live to those means right now, don’t try to live above them, for somebody else, you know.
Trust your own process. Bitch, I’m at the boutiques because I work for that shit. You’re
putting shit on layaway because you’re trying to impress people. You’re fraudulent. I want it to be a lifestyle to people; fuck an
anthem; it’s a lifestyle. You look like you fresh off the runway. Get up. Put your best
draws on. And get out there. I like to make music that moves people. The lyrics are pretty
much what I seen around me. So, when they played this beat, that’s literally what just
came to my head. So, that recording process was literally like 30 minutes to an hour.
I was really doing punch ins. I was like free styling. I’m from Sacramento, California; 9-1-6 in
the building, you know. It’s a lot of jealousy and envy where I come from. Still is, too
… in the industry too. So, it was more of a like: “You a stunna; you causing a lot of
attention.” That’s what I do. I’m a cause for a lot of envy. Yeah. I was speaking of my biological brothers,
and also I got a lot of brothers globally. A lot of n****s feel me. And I got a lot of
brothers that’s not going to play about me in every city. So when I was doing this song,
I was thinking about all of them. And my brothers ain’t going to play about me because they
like, “Nah, my li’l sis got it out the mud.” Don’t be a fucking wallflower. I wanted you
to twerk your ass, get you some motherfucking money. Do something. Just don’t stand there
and just be there, you know, to be there. A stunna girl is a woman of stunning beauty.
N****s have no problem with spending some cash on you. When you walk in a room, they
know it’s you, you got the spark. Y’all not gone fight me. This some internet
shit. The Instagram model, the Nikita Dragun. I
like people like that and it was like crazy that she was slapping my song. So, I was like:
“Girl, I was just on your page looking at you.” I like people like that; like the new
age drip. I like all the designers in whole. But I like that you put your own flavor to
it. I’m really more of an online shopper cause
I feel like the shit that’s online, it ain’t in stores yet. Like “bitch, you gotta preorder
this shit bitch that I got on” like. If I had a clothing line, it would for sure specialize
in two-pieces, like the one I got on. And it would be named like Girly Girl or Stunna
Girly, something of that nature. Very girly though. Do some outrageous shit. Do it in the car.
On an elevator. On a beach. if that’s your man, he should want to do it to you everywhere.
He should want to be like: “Bitch, I want you right here in this car. Shit, everywhere
he going to want to do it to you because he is excited about you. He wants to show you
off. You know? Fuck people’s opinions. That’s what it pretty
much was saying. As women, you’re held to a different standard, like you’re supposed
to be meek and quiet. Bitch, shake a little ass. Let’s see some pussy lips, fuck it. You
can be you in places. You want to dance? Let’s see some pussy lips, shake a little ass. That
don’t mean you got to be fucking everybody, but you know what I’m saying? Bitch should
work that ass. One thing a n***a, a label, nothing could
tell me was, I wasn’t that bitch. I was like, “I’m that bitch.” They might not be fucking
with me now. They going to be calling my phone. And that’s what everybody’s doing right now.
They reaching out, they trying to assist. But just know you that bitch, you that n***,
whatever. You a stunna, period. I used to be doing the hood prices. If you
was locked in with me before the money came, you still locked in. Ain’t shit changed. You
coming now, oh you’re gonna have to pay that price.

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  1. Tf listens to this bird and goes that was a great song. Like 1:16 is the noise my bike makes when it needs more oil. What happened to good music. Bitch.

  2. This is the most terrible thing I've ever heard in my life lol. People really get famous for making dumb shit like this?

  3. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah I done with the internet. Genius,I'm tired of these videos not being genius 😂😂💀

  4. “sHe S0uNdS lIkE v¡CkY fRoM fAiRlY oDd pArEnTs”
    “ShE sOuNdS l¡Ke bUbBlEs fR0m pOwEr pUfF gIrLs”
    “sHe s0uNdS lIkE a h0Od cAnDicE fRoM pHiNeAs aNd pHeRb”
    “g¡Rl bLuEfAcE????”

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