Study Music Insane Productivity | Music To Listen While Writing (AMAZING)

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44 thoughts on “Study Music Insane Productivity | Music To Listen While Writing (AMAZING)

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  2. I use this music a lot but would really like the full version. Cannot find it via the link supplied? Where is it please?

  3. Thank you to Alex Albright! Not only does the music really work for me, I found all the other material on his page very helpful as well. There is just something about this selection of music, however that is the closest thing to magic I've ever experienced. Of course, in the same breath I would say that there is no such thing as magic, because its the composition of the music that is an exact science, that makes it so special. But for me, both descriptions work. The thing is, I would love ANYONE to chime in if they know who the composer is. It sounds like the same artist throughout,-it has a quality that hangs together really well. But try it. I'm pretty sure if you're a new age/ambient/space music kinda person, you'll love it and it will be affective for you.

  4. Does anyone know how to get the full 50 minute uncut version of this music? The link above does not work. Or does anyone know who composed this music? It really works! I was truly amazed at its effectiveness. I wrote for hours and found creativity like never before. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get in touch with Mr. Albright to find answers to these questions. Its a shame. I truly love this music!! Please help if you have any ideas. Thanks so much!

  5. Actually finding it more distracting than helpful….hmmmm. Not that the music is bad but I'm not finding it helping me concentrate

  6. I am a professional blogger and running my own company since three years. Never in my life of writing had I known anything like this – music helping someone to write. Thanks for posting this !! It definitely made everything very easy and fun. However, I have a suggestion. Post/ publish something that is for 3 or 4 hours. That way I will be listening to one thing easily. Thanks 

  7. I've been writing a story and this music helped me a lot. Before listening to this music I was struggling to write but now I can write even more now and it helped me concentrate on my story. Now my family can't wait to read the rest.So I would rate this music 10/10


    Before listening to this I had done two badly done essays in the span of three hours (I was supposed to do each one in under 30 minutes) and I was greatly unmotivated to do the remaining two but after listening to this I got the productivity and did the remaining two, one was done in 25 minutes and the other in 28 minutes and they came out really great even though my wrist hurts like hell XD


  9. I’m only 9 and my teacher wants me to do a 5 paragraph essay send help AND ITS THE WEEKEND AND HE ONLY GAVE US 2 DAYS

  10. This is probably my favorite video of the "concentration music" genre in the whole platform. I keep coming back to it whenever I can't seem to focus properly. Thanks for uploading and for the countless deadlines I met!

  11. Realizes song has ended and went onto a automatic play on next video and wonders why my motivation took a dive…
    sets first track to repeat
    recommends to all uni students world wide climbing that up hill battle of referencing APA style, trying to understand what lecturer wants from us in the essay paper and remembering to use punctuation

  12. Thanks, Alex Albright ..
    It actually help me out writing a good poem about time'''…
    Thank you so much you really deserve this👍


    update: missed the deadline anyways but im crankin this essay out
    i may have also stopped for a second to pet a dog

  14. So everyone had big projects to work on and I'm just writing fanfiction. And I have a big project due tomorrow. I'll keep writing my fanfiction

  15. That moment when it's the last day till school and you are doing the summer homework last minute, and are trying to write as fast as possible

  16. 2 years later, this is still my favorite track to listen to while working, and I listen to it DAILY. Never got tired of it. It actually conditions me to slip into my productive state 😀 THANK YOU!
    EDIT: and just now I noticed there's a full 50' version of this?? And why is the download link broken? 🙁 I want it!!

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