Students, school leaders respond to book burning at Georgia Southern University

100 thoughts on “Students, school leaders respond to book burning at Georgia Southern University

  1. While the act of burning books is not productive in advancing the conversation, the defense of anti-white rhetoric and discourse rampant on university campuses needs to be exposed for what it is – RACISM! Vengeance is not justice.

  2. 2019 my friend. Burning someone’s work because they advocate for equality and diversity is sickening. You people are the center of hate. And it will be that same hate that will lead you to one day hate yourself. We are all human. I hope you never need a kidney and the only match is a person of color. I am sure your hate will miraculously dry up. Fool.

  3. How is it possible there are no actual videos of the supposedly contentious Q&A after the speech, or the speech itself?

    Based on the film, a better headline might be ONE nameless, faceles, person, supposedly burned the book at an "off campus apartment."

    Open your eyes folks. That's all that's on the video.

  4. Interesting how one-sided the 'journalists' are. Did anyone think to interview the folks who did this? And that young lady complaining about 'the racial climate that we have today' may consider what people who write books with titles like 'Make Your Home Among Strangers' and 'My Time Among The Whites' have done to create that climate.

  5. OMG people, it's a fictional piece, reflecting the obviously biased opinion of an individual who seems to be a few bricks short of a load. To burn her books makes as much sense as the book does. On the other hand, to force students to buy this opinionated opus makes even less sense. She is entitled to her opinion, but to force people to read it doesn't seem right. Besides, books make poor, expensive tinder. I too am a Latin minority, and think this book is a disservice to both races.

  6. Lmao 😂 this is a huge fist to the face at the Hispanic Republicans (the ones they think they are white) Good for them!

  7. That Latina author should be ashamed of her racist book. The majority of us do not have the same stupid views as hers. Keep on burning them.

  8. The author is this book IS WHITE she is a criolla Cuban, most Cubans in usa are fully spaniard, she's not a nonwhite just because she's latina wtf.

  9. I guess most whites don't even realize the privilege they have or had for years. So of course it's offensive to them,.

  10. Burning a book, or a flag for that matter, is a First Amendment right. Welcome to America Jennine Capó Crucet. I'm sure it must be tough for you growing up in Miami where there are there are literally more than a million Cuban-Americans. Boo Hoo.

  11. What? Whites students are sick of being incessantly guilted, blamed, and extorted to disempower themselves at their own demise only to be hated anyway??? Those assholes.

    Good for them for burning that propaganda garbage book.

  12. You people can wring your hands about this all you want, but you better quit pushing white people, because this new generation is already tired of hearing how racist and evil they all are, and if you don't can it, we're gonna start burning authors next, not books. You want us to be evil and racist so bad, we'll oblige you.

  13. this is how you end up with trucks full of fertilizer being left outside community centres
    keep pushing white people

  14. Always remember of the billion upon billions of humans that have existed 99.99999% of them would be labeled right wing extremists by today's views. Never feel alone in your heart, you have billions of ancestors looking down and smiling.



  17. Imagine entering someones home because the mayor of their town passes a law that says you're allowed to and then writing a book on why they're evil because they don't want and didn't ask for you to be in their house.
    Imagine being shocked when they don't give a shit about what the mayor says anymore

  18. There is no such thing as racial privilege only privilege based on good looks.
    Face it if you ugly you gotta work 3 times as hard as a good looking person to make it in this world.

  19. When I was at college I was at an event when they burned catcher in the rye and some others. So what. These kids can respond and burn a book if they want to. It is unfortunate that this author did not Understand her very own response to the students question…the same freedom that allowed her to address the issues she believes in is the same freedom that allowed the students to ask…and disagree with her…and her writing. They then expressed their view by burning her book…exercising ,the same freedom that allowed her to write it. Freedom is messy..,sorry to have to tell you this.

  20. I find it funny because I'm sure the racist white agenda isn't being objected against but rather quietly applaud. It goes both ways people. Whatever! This world is full shit filled people anyway.

  21. I'm tired of being called racist because I was born white. This womans book deserves to be burned because she's the racist one

  22. I love all the people referencing, "The Nazis burned books!"
    First off, the Nazis would have just killed this lady. She would have never been allowed to write a book.

    You want to know what else the Nazis did? Disarm their political opponents and destroyed historical monuments in order to revise their country's history to better fit their ideology.

    Does that sound familiar?

  23. Fuck that book and the bullshit it teaches. From a latino that has gotten nothing but love and acceptance from this country and its people. Maybe she feels like a stranger because of instead of embracing America, she would rather cling to the nation of her ancestors. Never forget where you come from but if you're in America be an American.

  24. You don't burn books. Ideas exist to be discussed, debated and being challenged. Burning is censorship and censorship is anthetical to American values of human rights, freeom of expression, etc. The appropriate response was to write your own book to refute the ideas in the book if you disagreed with them, or have public discussions. Also, burning books is such a knuckle-dragging thing to do.

  25. Good, reject that stupid Marxist bullshit. If they really are that bothered by white people? Then start another Marxist Revolution like they did in Russia during the 1920's and line them up and shoot them, If not? Then shut the hell up and get on with your lives and keep elevating yourselves and humanity. The Zoomers know everything.

  26. Makes me think of a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

    Nazi Colonel Vogel:
    What does the diary tell you that it doesn't tell us?

    Professor Henry Jones:
    It tells me that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them.

  27. Another crybaby piece of shit person of color decrying the white race!!! Let me write a book about how hard it is to be white in their donkey towns,,and see how tolerant they would be…the strong,proud,,fierce white kings are NO LONGER gonna stand for this rascist bullshit from persons of shit….I mean color. Maga

  28. I'm not surprised by the behavior of those types of people, infact they're encouraged to behave this way because of what they are..Secondly, many Cuban Americans are racist too, and emulate White American culture by acting " privileged" because they're Cuban, so what is she whining about again?….

  29. what kind of education are they paying for,? not being taught reality or how to understand it from different views, wasted money and wasted minds as usual!

  30. It's just like retarded white ppl to pay for something and then destroy it as if that's supposed to mean something. Chist, these ppl are fucking morons!

  31. “The books are to remind us what asses and fool we are. They're Caeser's praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the avenue, "Remember, Caeser, thou art mortal." Fahrenheit 451

  32. "“But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.” Fahrenheit 451

  33. Damn I'm surprised most white folks especially young white folks betray and could care less about their race because they're scared someone will be offended , but I'll go a step further I'd buy the book and wipe my ass with the pages in it .

  34. just a town showing its colors to the world and feeling defensive. gee wonder why. because they all know they are stupid and at best a street gang.

  35. It's sad how whites become so defensive. The first step in changing and being inclusive is realising your biases. These racist narrow-minded whites can't take advice or reflect upon the negative actions that have hurt Nonwhites. There's no hope for them.

  36. Going into this comment section I expected two responses: 1. This is another hoax! 2. What about leftists shutting down speakers??

    The actual responses are unfortunately way worse and more disheartening than I anticipated.

  37. Good for them. It’s time to take a stand against the hatred of whites. Interracial crime against whites is out of control.

  38. Awwww white people, or should I say very insecure white people feel victimized. Lol. Bet so many haven’t even read the book, which is probably asking too much lol. Oh please, pretty please victimized white people go ahead and attack away. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Gee I wonder why the news people didn't bother to interview the kids that were actually doing the book burning. Hmmmmm.

  40. I don't see the problem.. I burned a MAGA hat in my college campus here in Texas and I didn't get in trouble LMAO 💯💯👏👏

  41. LOL. Georgia Southern University. What kind of trash school is this? 65% acceptance rate with a 51% graduation rate? Looks like a school of inbred retards. And judging by the way they reacted to the book – it makes them even look more retarded.
    And for you dumb fucking White people. White Privilege doesn't mean you can't be poor or broke, moron. It means no matter what situation you are in life, you have an easier chance of getting out of it than minorities. IE: Poor White people and poor black people struggle the same in terms of money. But poor black people have to deal with police that will further impact their chances of getting out poverty. That's to the core difference. That is White Privilege. And to be honest – if you are poor and White, you fucked up. The game is rigged for you and you still lost. Trash as fuck.

  42. This woman is full of poop. First of all, she isn't a "woman of color" as she claims, and she's probably never experienced any hardships in her life. SHE Is most likely from a privileged background, and as for her race, I bet she the majority of her DNA is EUROPEAN. Unfortunately this little stunt is just making her look like a victim when she really isn't. She is a WHINER who thinks that every time a 'white' person disagrees with her then they must be racist. It benefits her to play the victim card and claim she is a minority. And sadly this stunt is going to make her more money. Don't give her the attention she wants! She and others are just trying to brainwash white kids into hating themselves!!!

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