Student Portfolios for Classroom Assessment

student hold polls a testament to your students hard work why should we use portfolios as an assessment it represents their ability to work hard toward long-term goals portfolios measure a student's growth over a longer period of time these portfolios keep each of your students assignments together and things become very easy to find as a teacher portfolios help to organize students work and after presenting my students portfolios I've had great responses from their parents what parents love most is that they can see their child accomplishments so what exactly is a portfolio well portfolios are collections of our students best work again it's their best work it's no more than a comprehensive overview of a student achievement now what are some ways which we can use portfolios and incorporate them into the classroom one way to use portfolios is to assess the students growth on a certain skill such as writing perhaps but you can assess other skills as well now besides assessing skills teaches me a set of students in different courses so what weeks of a portfolio what are the contents of a portfolio you can pump your students essays inside of a portfolio essays are a typical component how about adding some art assignments into the portfolio it can draw the photographs some teachers like to break down individual student work into graphs for the parents to see standardized test scores are probably the most common type of data to head some teachers like to have students complete daily writing assignments lastly you can add other assessments into the portfolio so just test each item should have a reflection from the student now let's talk about reading the portfolio what should you look forward in grading first look for organization of the portfolio next evaluate the completeness of assignments be sure your students have reflections in the portfolio judge the overall quality before we finish up let's just discuss a couple tips the first tip stained the course these portfolios require effort over time so don't give up on these portfolios there are a lot of documents and student work that goes into the portfolios so you have to stay organized as well be sure to plan your items take the time to plan for valuable work in assessments right now I just want to say thank you for your time and please subscribe to this channel

6 thoughts on “Student Portfolios for Classroom Assessment

  1. I never had to do this outside of a business class during my k-12 education, and I think giving students exposure to putting ome together is a great idea!

  2. This is a nice overview of what portfolios are, however, I recommend not using this type of music or just not making it as loud. IT was hard to hear the person talking to us.

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