Stray Kids Double Knot Lyrics (스트레이 키즈 Double Knot 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]

100 thoughts on “Stray Kids Double Knot Lyrics (스트레이 키즈 Double Knot 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]

  1. Han Jisung is trying to bias wreck me when he is already my bias😂💖
    This is stuck in my head already: “KKWAK KKWAK KKEUNJILGIGE”💙

  2. Stray Kid✔💯
    Double Knot✔💯
    Vocals ✔💯
    Raps ✔💯
    Perfect ✔💯
    Voice ✔💯
    Song ✔💯
    Beautiful ✔💯
    Visuals ✔💯

  3. gosh my eyes can't even keep up with how fast they rap…MINDBLOWN//WIG SNATCHED


    I.N- Your innocent voice and your smile killing us
    FELIX-stop drowning us on your very deep voice😭
    WOOJIN-your voice is sound of an angel
    CHANGBINNIE- that superior eyebrow and raspy voice so—
    SEUNGMIN-Softer human being😍
    MINHO-im still confused if you are a cute cat or a angel fallen from sky
    BANGCHAN-this guy always gives me a heart attack everytime he bites his lips 😒😭
    HYUNJIN-your birthday is my password of my phone 😀
    JISUNG-last but not the list that's my BIAS and wallpaper of my phone Saying kiss to unlock

    Some people dream of success
    others STAY awake to achieve it

    We'll STAY !

  5. Woonjin 💜
    Bang Chan 💜
    Lee know 💜
    Changbin 💜
    Hyunjin 💜
    Han 💜
    Felix 💜
    Seungmin 💜
    I.N 💜

    Thanks for the lyrics 😘

  6. you made two mistakes which are
    1:36 is still changbin
    2:37 jisung
    anyways, thank you so much for your hardwork to do this right after they released the mv ♥

  7. Ok, but who gave all of them the right to look so good in black and white?

    Jyp staff: What color do you guys want to use for this promo?

    SKZ: Color? Who's she?

  8. Waiting for it (you never disappoint STAY) thanks much ..❤
    Not so sure if I am correct 😅 just my opinion
    The part FREE!! GET-UP –
    1st time (3times All Jisung voice which is correct)
    2nd time (1st – GET UP part only (Channie), 2nd Jisung, 3rd GET-OUT part only (Channie)
    2:37 – Jisung Part(instead of Hyunjin-ie)
    2:46,2:52,3:05 Jisung Part ( Double Knot)

    Not so sure on this, 😂

  9. not gonna lie this slaps!! i used to like their music but when they released side effects i stopped listening to them cause that wasn't it

  10. Has ANYONE noticed how just ABOUT all of their songs Felix has only 1 part.. while the others have MORE than 1?? I don't think that's very fair.. I do like the group though..

  11. hOohOoO oK-
    I just got shOoK by how amazing the song and mv is, and now im even more shook by how fAsT you are-

  12. ⚠️ STAY! ⚠️
    Remember that all of us have to Stre3m the MV and the Comeback Stage video for giving our guys their second win (in general), and their first win with •Double Knot•
    And also we have to vote in Idol Champ's app at Show Champion's category

    We can do it!



    🎬 | MV:

    🎞️ | Comeback Stage:

    📱 | Idol Champ:

  13. Currently bumping to this cause it’s a F**KING BOP 🙌🙌!!! Stray Kids literally never disappoints. That photo of I.N though 😶😶. OOF 😬😬. HE LOOKS SO FRIKIN GOOD THOUGH LIKE WHAT THE HELL?! Literally that photo is one of my favorites of the teaser images ❤️💕❤️. I love my Stray Kids so much ❤️💕❤️

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