Stranger Kitchens – Episode 7: Pop-Up Cooks and Pop-Up Books

There it is. And we're back. We're making a cooking show where we go door-to-door and we ask people if we can
come in and cook them lunch, so if you're interested we're making a ratatouille
today. Right okay not today I'm afraid I'm a bit busy Sorry I don't live here Thanks but not right now I'll let him talk to you about this, he's the one who handles the food. much my territory we haven't had many
turf wars for a kitchen yet but we're willing if there is we'd go door-to-door
enough to make people lunch and if you're interested we've got ingredients
for a ratatouille so we would love to cook for you fantastic that's amazing
thank you very much how nice to meet you it is yeah good good nice good no sing show me oh yeah my favorite this range
of knives big heavy ones this one's portuguese swiss the slicing
salmon no thank you french pots you might want to use thank
you very much so what's up first some garlic so yeah garlic that I love a cheat what
a chef just buy it all all nice name right heads next thing and I'm thinking
pan pots and nice nice yellow one I hope I brought the curse curse but I'm sure I
did you ever make um yo make jelly with milk no mad I don't do it anymore
you can people blow milk all the time of course it's just not like pudding
chriskiss like you can get pudding rice cotton you ten tomatoes tend to answer
this we gotta open them we don't you do open them you don't put
the whole carrot Australian straight in then we're gonna go with the spices
Cheers yeah to the spices we've got Ra's al hanout Jean which is
just chess great puzzle and we've got that our exacto what does it smell like
it's what Lamia Israeli find out already know it's right there's something strange about this
mmm about the the spice yes I can vouch for her
Marie where you from I worry about some luncheon for two or three years for that
time then well I love London you know I kind of need you see mr. calories in
wait whiskey I'm also known straighter than
my work looks very English all right it's a very odd thing to I think the
restaurant owners has actually worked quite well with this it's also
wonderfully colorful yeah I think using the yellow as well as the Red Queen
peppers is a really good idea I would tend to make it a little bit wetter than
this and there was Hong Kong you know as a well-posed they're part of the old
British Empire the whole opium war is kind of life yeah I learned about it but
it's as shocking as period of Britain silicon I think British Empire wins war
with China for the right sell opium to Chinese people who we made addicted to
work you how do we do it pretty well to be honest ended up with Hong Kong for 99
years that's a wait there is that was really
the low point I roll in the Far East there's a lot of shame in the past
thanks for tuning in nice cherry now once a coffee
I love these my things for 19 years old Alice illustration she uses reference my
cat Millie died when I just started to disseminate so I put her not only in the
bakery you know what I mean to get in at the back yes I thought if she's not
gonna be with me I can could we have a really quick look at your studio should
I just before we go we're talking about angel teens this is the angels Wow I
have wow that is so detailed but I mark it out flat mmm look doesn't have to
quite square by a square but pretty much square by square
mmm it's so interesting to see the process yeah it's in reverse reverse
order as well it's like Benjamin Bowman konasana Road if Benjamin Button were
drawing what's gonna that it's a comprehensive plan yeah you know it's
not mentioned anywhere in the book but hidden in the pop-ups is a mouse
if you look through here I can find him through the hole always yeah yeah you do
not yes look at whoa that's incredible Wow is where did you put the mouse in
this one there is there's little instructions there you have to put your
face right into the front door functions is a little hole for your nose as well
should we join edge for story time tonight we're reading midnight titties
by you sitting comfortably then let's begin Teddy would be in Jessica's
special bear for as long as he could remember wherever Jessica when Teddy
went to and Jessica's favorite place was the Attic what Teddy didn't like was to
be left alone in the Attic but this evening when it was time for bed
Jessica's simply forgot teddy the end it's been story time with that thank you
so much for having us it's been such a this is this is really why we you know
it's why we did we just meet all sorts of different and interesting people of
you I'm very good at seeing in 3d and this was designed by Brian made between
guitarist bassist Brian May Wow so you you know Brian May yes I mean
you don't you get a huge number of people gets involved with things yeah
yeah yeah he doesn't just delegate him he actually does get involved with these
things oh yeah now let's go okay yeah this is
the first Derry scope that was made this shape information like you know those this is my favorite stereoscope I think
someone will in the about 1900 knew I was yes its miniature it's a tin box
uh-huh it's a little but it's not it's miniature yeah cool is that
yeah that's Wow that's working for me okay you can see this one especially is
just like all the little bits the yeah it's like it's like a pop-up book as
well in its own way a little bit about God it's it was designed for me it
really was a 1910 1912 anything yes spend this thing we always come out
knowing just something about a different yeah exact we can go we can get round
over though thanks so much for showing us this it's been enlightening thanks so
much great shit bye what an episode that what
we gonna cool it stereo graphs ratatouille 10 boxes and locks if what
you take from that episode is the ratatouille you haven't been watching
that yeah what we going to do for this outro and we can you can improv it Oh so at the end of that we've learned a
lot about stereo graphs tins bears and also ourselves so until next time stay
strange but also don't be a stranger

49 thoughts on “Stranger Kitchens – Episode 7: Pop-Up Cooks and Pop-Up Books

  1. Keep up with the excellent content. This concept is so fresh and natural. I know one day very soon the person opening the door will scream out of joy Stranger Kitchens is at their door.

  2. I love the knife talk in this video. Secretly, the host was just dying to show off his Portuguese and French knife collection.

  3. when I was like five I would read midnight teddies every single night — it is so wonderful that you got to meet these people

  4. I don't know if this concept has been done before, but there is some kind of subtle genius about this show. I feel as though a TV network would snatch this up if the right person stumbled upon it. It's raw, pure, and makes me feel less hatred towards the human race. I hope you guys become famous and make it on the telly.

  5. I’m also learning that every kitchen that y’all go to has amazing natural light. Mad jealous, makes the episode all the better!

  6. this is so lovely! would recommend investing in a microphone for the next episodes because especially in the kitchen areas, it's hard to understand what's being said

  7. Another great episode of Stranger Kitchens. Again I can't wait for the next one. I really hope this show gets bigger and bigger. Great job and great concept. You guys are great! Thank you.

  8. This channel is so aesthetically pleasing. You guys deserved more subs. How I wish you could upload videos 3 times a week.

  9. Im excited for you to refine these episodes into something with a clearer story, its already obvious that you put more time into this one than the last. So much potential here guys, keep it up 🙂

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