Stranger Danger Education

hi I'm deputy sheriff Mary Rodriguez do you know what to do when approached by strangers I want to talk to you about the threats of strangers but first of all do you know who strangers are the stranger is a person you do not know most strangers are nice but bad strangers and good strangers to look and act the same so avoid all strangers a stranger is a person whom you have never met before a person you may have seen before but whom you don't know anything about for example someone you've seen walking in your neighborhood a person whom your parents don't know well strangers can be men or women young or old strangers come in different colors sizes and shapes some are thin some are fat some are short and some are tall some strangers are pretty and some strangers are not so pretty some strangers were t-shirts and shorts while others were suits and ties mostly all strangers are dangerous now let's see what would happen if a stranger approaches you vacuum mere Maggie here Maggie this happened to you what would you do eh help the man find his dog be asked for a detailed description of the dog see tell him no I am NOT allowed to talk to strangers ordy call scooby-doo let's see what happens I'm so glad you came to tell me okay he did the right thing by not helping the stranger and telling an adult afterwards now let's see what else could happen hey guys stop hey your mom's been in an accident let's go bye ostilow come get the truck and go with me hurry your mom's been hurt she's been in an accident let's go the hospital what should Mason do Hey ask the driver what happened in the accident boom get in the car and go to the hospital see offered to trade his bike for the man's car ordy go to Mason's home or a friend's house as soon as possible and call his mother well let's see what Mason does Mayson you better than to get in the car with a stranger he went to the neighbor's house and had him call his mom even though his mother might have been in an accident it was better for him to get away and check to make sure remember never get into a car with somebody you do not know no matter what they say now let's see what happens when you're home alone if the phone rings and your parents are not home you should not pick up the phone at all or tell the caller that your parents are busy and asked if they would like to leave a message but what if somebody comes to the door come up in the door I need to talk to you what should Gabe do a turn the sprinklers on B do not talk to the stranger and call his parents or 900 C tell the man that his parents are not home or D let the man in so he can use the phone let's see what happens I need you to slow gave made the right decision by not opening remember never open the door for unexpected visitors and never show anyone that the Perito if you can't contact your parents have a neighbor that your parents know help you or call 911 what happens if you get lost what should Paige do if she cannot find her parents a go to the last place she saw her parents and stay there B go to a predetermined meeting spot and wait for her parents or see telly store clerk she is lost these are all good choices let's see what Paige does Paige was smart and waited at the last place she saw her parents she also could have told a clerk or gone to a meeting place her and her parents know in case they get separated but what happens if you accidentally do the wrong thing and a stranger takes you hey little girls go get some groceries out of the car I might even have some candy yeah whoa Alyssa made the wrong decision by going with a stranger she knows better than get into a stranger's car it is not too late to get away but what should she do hey try to talk the stranger out of candy and go for the ice cream instead fede kick and scream you're not my mom you're a stranger see wait until she has a candy and then try to get away or d call Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Alyssa shouldn't have gone with the stranger but she did the right thing to get away until an adult she remembered never to get in the car with somebody she and her parents do not know if you ever find yourself in these situations remember don't talk to strangers come open the door I didn't talk to you never get in a stranger's car if you are in trouble call 9-1-1 and if you are worried or something doesn't feel right ask a parent teacher or a police officer for all the parents out there there are many ways that you can help keep your children safe some items that parents should have in case their child's missing are a current photo physical description fingerprints a DNA sample for example a refrigerated cotton swab of saliva from their child's mouth a list of friends names phone numbers and addresses and a list of places their child hangs out teach your child to stay at least 6 feet away from people he or she does not know children have a natural talent for yelling and they can use it to protect themselves tell them to yell scream and kick know where your children are at all times post your contact information next to the phone include your office phone number mobile phone close friend or relative a neighbor and an emergency number walk the route to and from school with your children pointing out landmarks and safe places to go if they're being followed or need help if your children take a bus visit the bus stop with them and make sure they know which bus to take remember there is no substitute for your attention and supervision at the Travis County Sheriff's Office keeping our children safe is one of our main concerns prevention is the best way to protect your family that is why we're educating children in our community about the danger of strangers kids it's all about making good choices we hope that in the future you will make the right choice and stay away from strangers together we Travis County Sheriff's Office and you the community can make a difference in keeping our community safe

26 thoughts on “Stranger Danger Education

  1. Stranger:hey kid want some candy
    Me:what the oh and yes plz
    Stranger:come to my car
    Me:no go over to your fucking car and get the fucking candy
    Stranger:um no oh I also have puppy's in the car come on:
    Me:ok grabs gun JUST KIDDING shoots the gun fuck you

  2. Never talk to strangers. There's a lot of talking, all the time, in my community. Cause they know each other. Therefore, not technically strangers…

    I love it here. So familiar. So no problem. No need to worry. If something, or someone Is out of place, we contain it and deal with it for the kids, of course…

  3. STRANGER: Come open the door! I need to talk to you. ME: Actually my father will be the one opening the door. Give him one minute ok? He's in the middle of polishes his gun collection! (Stranger runs off)

  4. 4:23

    I don't know about that one. A more determined sicko would have kicked down the door, or broke the windows if he knew the boy was home alone. I think in that situation, avoiding being seen by the pedo would have been a better option.

  5. 2:18

    Based on his looks and how fast he's talking, there are probably dead bodies in the back of the truck.

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