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– Intro to the vlog?
– I mean. – It's cool, but.
(laughs) – Here's the intro and the outro. It was a busy day. I landed from fucking Qatar and went hard for fucking 14 hours (laughs). (cheers) You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) (remixed rock music) On this episode, my favorite human being
in the world stops by. Yeah, I mean, Joe like honestly, Joe wearing panty, what year was it? '70 what? Do you remember, '70? That is a risky move. – Yo, you know what? No, man, I liked it. I saw the humor in it. But first of all, it was a job. And it was a good job, and
it was with a good company. – Were you blown? By the way, I've seen the
commercial a billion times. Were you blown away how good your legs actually looked in 'em, you know, the commercial for
anybody who's not watching maybe we'll edit it on the blog, like, it's a pan-up of legs and it's coming kind of up from
the toes from left to right. And it's nice looking legs, and then all of a sudden, it's Joe. – [Announcer] This commercial will prove to the women of America
that Beautymist Pantyhose can make any legs look
like a million dollars. – Now, I don't wear pantyhose, but if Beautymist can
make my legs look good, imagine what they'll
do for yours (laughs). – Did that like, were you even stunned when you first saw it? Man, these things really work? – Wait a minute. (Gary laughs) If Beautymist can make
these legs look beautiful, – Still got it.
– Just think what they can do for yours.
(camera clicks) – I was three when I
came and moved to Queens. I was six when I started really
like, I mean, crazy stories. There's a prized possession of mine which I have in a safety deposit box. Everybody in the neighborhood
had a Jets jersey, a number seven, 14, excuse me, for Todd, Mickey Schuler. We were poor. So I came home and I said,
Mom, I want a Jets jersey, and she's like, you can't afford it. And then a week later, she
knitted me a Jets jersey. And to this day, like,
not only do I have it, my genuine dream in
life is to buy the Jets and hang it in the entrance
of the stadium and say, from not being able to afford a jersey to owning the team to just
back to inspiring, you know? – Well, it was funny when I was drawing up the partnership agreement
that I sent to AJ, I was going through my head of like, I was thinking like you, I was trying to think like, how would Gary see this? And I thought back all
the way to 12 years old when I started a lawn mowing company. And it's like funny
because I've always wanted to start a business, and I realized that I actually have started a number of businesses throughout my life. But I never really viewed it that way because I wasn't old enough in a way to understand this is it. – The macro was in place as an inevitable, the micro is the serendipity
what you end up with. Like we could've done, I mean. My dad could've had a food store and could've had a bookstore
and we could built Amazon. Who the hell knows? – Yep, wine. We talk about it all the time. If wine wasn't so heavy regulated. – Ah, I would've (blows tongue). – I would probably came
with the family business, AirBnB would've never existed and Intersport's never existed. – Yeah, because I was– – If wine was soda, anything that was– – Anything but alcohol, I would've built a $400
million business, not a 60. 100%, I know it. – It is a state by state
regulations squashed, entrepreneurship and growth. – So if I can ask you a question, as a one-man shop right now, I'm building my brand. I'm doing a lot of my
favorite kind of content. I think I would say what I'm
probably best at is writing. So I love blogging, I
love writing about cases, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, why you choose this financial visor. – You should take one week and reach out to every second and third
tier sports business and agent and NFL blogging platform. And reach out to them and say that you want to write
for free for their platform. You get the exposure, they get content. That is a framework that everybody needs. It's one of the great trades in the modern business world right now. I can produce content on the platform that needs more content. The trade, right? People aren't willing. you hear me talk about this
a lot, doing things for free. It's not free. You're getting exposure and cosign, you're not getting cash, you're getting what you actually need. – That's right. – That's how we do.
Gary, appreciate it. – Such a pleasure. – Yeah, me too.
– Real pleasure. Tyler, here's what I wanna
do with YouTube, ready? YouTube, Tyler's gonna be in charge. Like me, my world's gonna be in charge. Here's what it's gonna be, ready? We're gonna do fucking shows. Complete Potpourri. We're gonna come up with concepts. Like I'm gonna–
– Like tonight? – I love you. Oh wait, we'll do one tonight. This pizza and fucking wine thing with me, Aton, DJ Clue. – That's centered on your channels. – For now, if we have this. By they way–
– I thought we were gonna edit it and put it on 137. – It's done. – And not put it on–
– That's right. Ready for this? Let me tell you what 137
YouTube is gonna be, ready? 137's YouTube is fucking amazing. 137's YouTube is gonna be the way everybody as a media company's
gonna do this in three years. It's going to be one
big channel of pilots. Of pilots.
– In my lunchbox today. – I'm actually gonna. We're gonna actually own this, we're gonna call it Pilot: The Barber Show
with Rick Thompson Show. See what happens. Next. And then,
– And, anything else? – That's what I'm gonna trash talk. I did it is as a one-off
because I fucking love it. – Eventually, if it hits, you're
gonna give it that design. – We're gonna podcast from
it, podcasts and shows. That's right. It's gonna be called the 137 channel, is just gonna be pilots. (chill music) So as we continue this
collaboration with K-Swiss and we evolve, I continue to think about the themes, the words, the energy, that drives me, that created me, the things
that were instilled in me through my parents, my circumstances, the immigrant hustle, the lifestyle, all that, the entrepreneurship, the stuff that runs through me. And what was really excited
as we went to the O-4s was A, our first kind of high top. It's a kids, which is amazing. Our first high top which really excited me in the white and then the black low top and we decided to go with
optimism and positivity. The P and the O, that really drives so
much of what is needed which is the reality is, nothing good in your life can
happen if you start with no. (camera clicks)
– We post on YouTube. – Because you're trying to get the push. Well, why don't we do both? Why don't I do one right now? I got it. Instagram, what up? Super fired up, this Saturday morning. Tomorrow, well, let's make a decision. What time do we want to
air it on Saturday morning? When are we ready? Were you guys gonna do it Monday? – We were gonna do it Monday.
– Can we do it Saturday, this Saturday night? – Yes.
– It's Memorial Day. Monday is Memorial Day. – Monday is Memorial Day.
– Which is also fine 'cause kids are home. – Yeah, that was.
– Saturday morning cartoons. I'm doing it Saturday. Saturday 9:00 a.m. Get me a box of cereal. Instagram, I am super fired up. First of all, happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for following
me on this platform. It means the world to me. Tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. I want you to grab the
kids in your family. That's right, the kids in your family. I want you to open up
your favorite cereal, whatever that may be. And I want you to go
to YouTube at 9:00 a.m. because I'm premiering something that I've been working on for six months, the premiere of my
Saturday morning cartoon, LilVee more info tomorrow morning. Beautiful and so whatever
is left over you can put it in the previews. Oh, we could do it on IGTV. – Do you think it all goes back, stems back from the process of just not understanding the game of money or the education behind it? – I think money is actually, it's funny, I was thinking about, I thought
your opening question is, all right, Gary, finish this sentence. Money is and I played it in my
head right before we started. And it was funny what happened, literally my answer was money is fine. That's where my head went, it's fine. Like I understand the value, I hate when people watch or listen to me. Easy for you to say, you have it. I'm like you didn't know
me in my 20s when I didn't. You didn't know me. You don't know me now, I have a very funny
relationship with money. I do not think I'm overly strategic. I have people around me
that give me better advice than I take. It's like, I think money
actually is an exposure of what's going on in your head. I think money is a physical exposure. – It reveals what's really
behind that curtain. – I think money and social media are very similar in that
they expose who you are. – Interesting, almost
like a character revealer. – I think money is a character revealer. I think if you're insecure, and you want, your older
brother was successful, and you're insecure about that, that you're gonna do everything you can to amass money in the short term, and expent and deploy it
to create a perception. – Do you think that, you know, – [Gary] Do agree with that, Jason? – Agree.
– What? – [Jason] I totally agree. – You don't react to a lot of stuff like you just believe in it? – [Jason] I do. Just like some threads,
so I was like (laughs). It's just very real, like I just, like, nobody knows how,
like, I have no idea. When I look at everybody here, how much money they have saved, how much debt they're
in, or anything about it. And that's what everybody is. But everybody can see, I can see Nate's wearing those Nikes, I can see the Patagonia hat on Jason, I see your and that's why people use it. Because we don't talk about money. Like, I've famously talked
about this one story, I think, my admin at the time, where somebody was really
razzing me on social, like you're a bad guy, Gary, you talked about buying the Jets, but you never tweet about
charity like everybody else. I was in a weird ass mood. And I fucking hit up the
guy, met him at Starbucks on the Upper East Side. And I brought my tax return.
– Oh, shit. – And I showed him that
I gave a ton to charity compared to my and I go, what you're stupid about is my friends that you're putting on a pedestal in Silicon Valley, they talk about it on Twitter. And I know some of them don't do it. Like, here, I'm sorry that
I'm not comfortable promoting. So like, I think that that's what I think about those things. Like, you know like, God. I mean, there's that classic, there was a really fun
meme that was on Instagram a couple years ago, where it showed Jay-Z as a kid, and the big chains and all the jewelry. And then Jay Z today, plain black t-shirt. And it goes, this guy had 3 million bucks, this guy has 500 million bucks. And I think there's a very
interesting thing about that. (dramatic piano music) Actually, I was just saying
something about Podcast Puffs. So I sent these, I made this
one off cereal up there. And I sent it to a bunch of influencers who are part of my database. I'm just like, what's up? This is for you, hope everything is good. It was really interesting watching what everyone's doing with it. I'm getting a ton of brand awareness because it's something
unique and different. So, you know, obviously
you have a product. – That fits at a brand level.
– But, yeah. That's where I'm going with it. It's like, what if you made a beef jerky? And the thesis was you guys are traveling and filming all the time. Here's like a company beef jerky. I think an unusual product
that you give to the community, there's something that breaks like nobody was expecting to get a box from me that had a box of cereal with me on it. It like breaks you like
completely like what the fuck? I'm very big into like, what the fuck? It's why I do the sneaker deal, right? Like what the fuck is good? I think I wonder if you can do
something like what the fuck? – It's with more attitude.
– Yeah, like I don't know how much a parachute costs. But like, if you sent like a parachute to 50 big time people on Instagram or vloggers that you
wanted that you don't have. And I assume a parachute's expensive. Like if it's $380, but
it's branded on you. And literally the node is like we're inspired by the work you do. We'd love to see you jump out of a plane and do a film, that just breaks people. They're like, why the fuck? The moments–
– Jump out of a plane? – [Jason] The moment there's
a parachute, there it is. Go see her. See? Breaking the norm. Everybody's gonna send
you a T-shirt, a hoodie, and an iPhone case. That means they're dead. Cereal. (dramatic piano music) – If you think about your
business three, four years ago, they were much more technical. Now I feel that the editors
are looking much more for the punch in the media. – To me what the conversion
that I made there was two things. One, I myself am far more
interested in understanding why, bro, we're about to go around in a circle. All of you paid a lot of money and I'm going to tell you what
you've already heard from me. So the technical part
isn't working enough. The understanding why somebody doesn't act on the technical part is my problem. I put out an 86 page fucking link deck that is so technically sound and so detailed on how to
build your personal brand. You all saw it. It's called the Gary Vee Content Model. You saw it, it's black and
fucking white, in deck form. What I'm interested in is
both, and I say this a lot and you'll appreciate this. You want the technical part of me? Why have I posted for 40 days in a row at the same exact time on
Instagram, four days in a row, you can see that. Why, like I say it, don't
listen to what I'm saying, watch what I'm doing, right? You didn't need me to make a LinkedIn, I'm putting out to the
world that LinkedIn is good three months after I
went all in on LinkedIn. You could have saw that. When a lot of my friends asked me that and that's a very good question. I say because the technical
part of me is my actions which is public domain. I'm asking you to spend
time to go and do it. You want the technical part, sit down for three hours and consume everything I'm doing from a technical standpoint. Why did I stop doing hashtags? Like you can learn everything. I used to do plenty of
hashtags on my post. Now over the last 60 days, I don't. You can get everything technical for me if you break me down technically. The reason the editors follow my lead, what like I post every post. Right now it's 7:15, and
you'll notice during this time, like, here's how it works, and I'll show you because it's important because I just talked about
what we just talked about, but like, here's the
thread of my whole team. This is something I tweeted
that I'm more than willing. They're asking me, do you want to? They're putting it,
they know what to make. They're posting in here, right? Let me show you. This is all content that is
being made, right, to post. But when it comes time
to post on Instagram, for example, I am the
one who literally posts and writes all the copy. I have gone more into the motivational. I view it as my desperate struggle to figure out why people aren't posting. That's what got me into
keeping up with the Jone. I never thought about
keeping up with the Joneses. I don't give a fuck why
people bought Supreme, didn't cross my mind for 40
fucking years of my life, why you bought a Rolex, didn't even cross my mind until I started getting into
why are people not posting? Like reading comments. I know what you're saying,
meetings like this. And I'm like, wait a minute, you care what other people think. Then it goes into why do you
care about what people think? Oh, fuck, your mother
told you you are a loser. So you're insecure. Everything, so that's
how this all happened. And the answer is they both matter. The why or like your emotional framework, and then the technical part
is incredibly important. But the technical part, and I've said it and I keep saying, watch what I do. Watch what I do. Watch what I do. I think there's a way to observe. I think the people that have
gotten the most value out of me have literally verbatim copied behavior more so than even, mm-hmm. (inspiring music) – [Dave] Thank you so much for coming. Episode one. Wine, pizza, and content. – Wine, pizza, and content. – We got our panel here, we got the great DJ Clue. – You!
– World famous, world famous, We got Dave East in the building. – Dave East. – And of course, the content king himself, Gary Vee is in the building. Make some noise, please. – Absolutely, absolutely. (crowd cheers) (camera clicks)
– This for Gary, hi. I have two questions for you. So the first one is, when you had financial failure, like you know you've done really well thus far and all the things, what was the thing that brought you up, like that mental mindset– – [Gary] I don't give a fuck about money. I'm being dead serious with you. I do not care about money. I love the fucking game. Like people buy dumb shit. Like I lately people been
coming at me a little bit. It happened this week and they're like, wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute. You keep telling all of us
that you didn't make any money. But how'd you have money to invest in Facebook, Uber and Twitter, just like a thing that
popped up this last week. And I'm laughing because
I'm replying, I'm like, 'cause I live in a $1100 a month apartment that was a piece of shit, in Jersey. I went on no vacations. I bought no $4 coffee. I didn't buy any fucking swag clothes, and I fucking saved. I made 41,000 a year, the first three years of my career, and I saved 9,000 each of those years. You know how many fuckers
in here make 70K a year and lose money each year because
they got a fucking credit? I didn't have a credit
card until I was 27. I had a debit card because I wasn't gonna fucking
spend money I didn't have. I don't give a fuck about
money, I care about the game. So when I lose money, I don't care because I just don't care about it. Like, I don't want us
to tell you like what? Like, like, what are you gonna do with it? First of all, none of us talk about money. People don't talk about money in America. Like what, we're walking
around showing each other our bank accounts? Like, it's super easy for me. I think people value money too much 'cause they think it buys them happiness. Like people think that, people think that, and I really don't believe it. I really don't. It's so proven, people need to travel. People need to.
– For a living (laughs). – And, by the way, if you
can't afford to travel, go watch YouTube, go look, like people are confused out here. You don't need stuff. The more you're into
stuff to your happiness, that means you care about
other people's opinions. The more you're fucked. Outside affirmations
is a fucking blueprint to fucking disaster. (inspirational music) (crowd chatting)
– How do you differentiate the too big to, um. I'm supposed to be
patience because of my age? – Not so much, but keep going. But you're ambitious? – Yeah, exactly. And I need to go for it. And, thing is. – Think about me, think
about how ambitious I am and I push patience. The balance of ambition
and patience is everything. But you're not struggling with ambition. – You're really right. – You're struggling with patience. – And the reason why I say that is because that's what,
that's exactly what happened. So I started– – I wanna buy a multi-billion
dollar sports franchise. – I get it.
– Ambition's not my problem. My strength is patience. Your problem isn't your ambition. How do I balance ambition and patience? Easy, lean into patience. Because ambition is easy. (inspirational music) – All right, I'm done. – [Jason] Intro to the vlog? – Today, intro to the vlog? – I mean (laughs).
– It's cool. But here's the intro and the outro. It was a busy day, I landed from fucking Qatar and went hard for fucking
14 hours (laughs). (people chatting) Do you know what Big
Wallet, Little Wallet is? – [Man and Woman] Nope. – Big Wallet, Little
Wallet is like a hood game where like you roll up
on someone who's like and you say big wallet, little wallet, and if they say bet, like they accept you, first of all, it sucks to go like no. So you man up and then you
both take out your wallet. And whoever has the most money on them, takes the other person's money. – [Woman] Oh, you lose. So Jason's like, I'll play you. Uh-oh, Jason feels good, I think. (laughs) I feel like I'm gonna lose. I mean, he really wanted it. – He did want it.
– He did want it. This an easy win for him. You got it? Oh, you had it the whole time? – All right, what do we got? – [Gary] You good? – Big wallet, little wallet.
– Oh, you got money. – Who's gonna call it? – We'll just start with this one. – All right, I got 20. – I got a dollar. – I got another 20. (everyone gasps) – We got a five.
– We're in trouble. – 10, got another 10.
– I'm up a dollar. – Really.
– Yeah. – That's not good. (laughs) Another 20. (laughs) That's all I got.
– That's all you got. – Five.
– So, I got a five. I'm down 15, right? No, I got 14. – Oh, it's a close one. No! Two, three, four, five,
six, seven (laughs). – It's like 20 bucks.
– 20, 30, 40, 52, right? 40,
– I think so. – 45,
– 45. – And seven, 52. I win. – Yeah, worth it.
– That's a good game, bro. – This a great game. That's it. – Now you'll know. – Cash in the office. – That's how you play. Huge win. – Huge win. – [Jason] I just won. – This is called making money. Money is big wallet. (big beat music)

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