Story Book | LITTLE MISS Tidy by Roger Hargreaves Read Aloud by Books Read Aloud for Kids

Little Miss Tidy By Roger Hargreaves Little Miss Tidy was an extraordinarily tidy
person. In Little Miss Tidy’s house everything had
its place. She had a huge handbag. Which she would fill with all sorts of things
until she had time to put them away tidily. Then there were all her boxes. She had small ones, medium-sized ones, big ones, enormous ones, round ones, and square ones. And this was where Little Miss Tidy tidied
away all her things. Nothing was ever left lying around in her
house. Now, with all this tidying up going on, you would think that Little Miss Tidy was
perfect, wouldn’t you? Well she isn’t! On Monday at nine o’clock she telephoned Mr
Clever. “As you are so clever,” she said, “could you tell me where I put my hairbrush
when I tidied up?” On Tuesday at ten o’clock she telephoned Mr
Mean. “As you like money so much,” she said. “could you tell me where I put my purse when
I tidied up?” On Wednesday at eleven o’clock she telephoned
Mr Strong. “As you like eggs so much,” she said, “could you tell me where I put my boiled egg
when I tidied up?” On Thursday at twelve o’clock she telephoned
Mr Nosey. “As you are always poking your nose into things,”
she said, “could you tell me where I put my serving
spoon when I tidied up?” On Friday she didn’t telephone anybody because
she had tidied away her telephone, and she had to run all the way to Little Miss
Chatterbox’s house. “As you love using the telephone,” she said, “could you tell me where I put my telephone
when I tidied up?” Luckily, thanks to her friends, Little Miss Tidy was able to find all the
things she had lost that week. Her hairbrush was in a glovebox. Her purse was in a shoebox. Her boiled egg was in the salt pot. Her serving spoon was in the toolbox. And her telephone was in her sewing box. Little Miss Tidy certainly was very absent-minded
when it came to remembering where she had put things when
she was tidying up. But she couldn’t help it. On Saturday it was her birthday, and Little Miss Chatterbox came to her house, carrying a splendid looking parcel all tied
up with red ribbon. Little Miss Tidy couldn’t wait to see what
was inside the present. It was a notebook and pencil. The perfect present for somebody who lost
things as easily as Little Miss Tidy. Little Miss Tidy was as happy as… well, as happy as Mr Happy. She spent the rest of the day opening all
her boxes and writing down in her notebook everything that she had stored
away in them. It was very late by the time she had finished
her list. She went to bed, very tired. On Sunday morning she woke with a start. “My notebook and pencil!” she cried. “Where ever did I put them when I tidied up?” Little Miss Tidy spent all day Sunday looking
for her notebook and pencil. She had to open and close all her boxes again. And do you know where she eventually found
her notebook and pencil? On her bedside table!

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