Storied: Queer Voices, Part 4

[music] [Erin Sharkey]
This is called “Grapefruit”. “Not frustrated but excited for the excuse, she lifted the bowl of the peel to her lips and drank the nectar; let the sticky juice cover her fingers. When the skins of the fruit were picked clean, we flipped on to our backs and watched the sky.” I write because I’m fascinated by stories. I’m fascinated by the ways that stories make us who we are. I navigate the world looking for stories. I have been thinking a lot about Stonewall recently because I’m going to be travelling to New York for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. Fifty years is a long time but it’s not that long. And I think about all the ways in which the movement has allowed for us to live out loud and live in public and live in a way that we can be authentic. I’m a black person of color that is living in a queer marriage and I think that that is significant, I think it’s changed my whole family. The ways that my parents think about themselves and their own identity, the ways that my brothers think about themselves. I think about remembering the fight continues, remembering that it’s okay for people to be different. We don’t have to continue to say, “We’re the same,” when we’re not the same. And I don’t know that we win in the long run if we continue to try to argue for that.

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