Stone of Fire. An ARKANE Thriller Novel Book Trailer

8 thoughts on “Stone of Fire. An ARKANE Thriller Novel Book Trailer

  1. This is the work of a professional. It is worth doing things professionally as it has its reward. I am reading your ebook Author 2.0 and you mention there that this trailer has had 2717 views. As at this moment I can see that the trailer has now had 5,768 views. Well done.

  2. Hi Joanna…got the link to here via Dana( Savvy Mrkteer). Having just had my first book trailer done for my 3rd book( I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart) I now know how much effort goes into these promotion elements of a book launch. I loved the trailer, full of intrique and mystery. I know its well over a year ago now but hope the book went really well for you! God Bless Dave

  3. I think I agree with some of the other comments here that this moves too quickly, albeit I think the message looks interesting. Music too feels a little bit James Bond but I don't think that would matter if the pace of the video were slowed perhaps….(oddly!) And you def need to leave a longer pause on the link image – i I hadn't realised that was what it was until I saw anotheryour link on Twitter and it went to an error page. but all in all very well done! twitter @kareninglis)

  4. This would be better if you slowed it down a little and maybe used less 'in you face' music.
    The speed makes it readable only for speed readers. The music is too startling. It's dramatic, but my immediate thought was to pause it and switch to something else because of the sound.

  5. I've seen some really bad book trailers but this is very good. However, just a wee bit over the top. Good job and good luck!

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