Stewie on Brian's novel

35 thoughts on “Stewie on Brian's novel

  1. If Seth can think up plot lines like the ones Stewie suggests then why in the hell does Family Guy suck so much today?

  2. "Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends." Pretty much sums up all episodes of HOMELAND since season 4.

  3. Lmao I new Stewie could make me shit my self now let's make theses readers more richer for the experience and guess how I get out of this one in broad daylight

  4. This is what i hate about family guy. Its funny at first but then they keep reusing jokes. I dont even watch it anymore.

  5. The funniest part is imagining Seth in the recording booth trying so hard to hit those last few really high notes XD

  6. Next to the Bundys and The Smiths this here is my favorite white family!! Lol Seth you are a genius

  7. if you look at Brian's eyes up to 0:46 it almost look like Brian is nervous that Stewie is exposing him.

  8. So uhhh . . . how's that Trump of yours doin' huh? You elected a smart guy, right? Not, uhhh . . makin' a fool of himself in public? I hear you guys control all three branches of government, plus the presidency, now. So he's gettin a kinds of stuff done, right? You making America great again? Passing all kinds of good laws? His favorite show is Fox and Friends? Gotta be a well-informed guy, right?

    Sooooo how's your wall coming along? It's been 5 months, so I bet he's got a couple of miles built already, huh? Only 2,000 miles let to go, ya know? So . . . you feeling a little buyer's remorse?

  9. I know of a great book that takes place in ancient Rome.

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