Steven Pinker talks with Ian McEwan about his novel 'Nutshell'

14 thoughts on “Steven Pinker talks with Ian McEwan about his novel 'Nutshell'

  1. Brilliant but please please Mr Pinker stop 'er….er…er'ing! Yes it's important to choose your words carefully but not at the expense of flowing conversation. I'd rather you made more grammatical mistakes and periodically chose the less fitting word or phrase than have to listen to the cumulatively irritating ers. To 'er' is human, to 'flow' divine. But I do also think you're fab:)

  2. Ian McEwen is a treasure for the literate especially for the remarkable plots he creates, many of which are uncanny constructions.

  3. Wow. Great, fun, full conversation. Many insights. Now to re-read McEwan's books. Only now, at 70, am I re-reading. Recently re-read ''Kafka on the Shore''….3 times! So enjoyed it, each reading different

  4. It's ironic that this video has an ambiguous pronoun (his) in the title, seeing that Steven Pinker has spoken about these things a lot.

  5. I read an Ageist McKewan "comedy" and it was the worst book I've ever read (apart from The Slap); can't remember the title as it was such a forgettable story.

    Take a look at this person's disgusting comments on Brexit – Ageist and discriminatory.

     McKewan is juvenile in his comments on Brexit where he came out with Ageist comments saying that "Oldsters" should die.

    Forgive me for my common, vulgar faux pas (faux passes?) – I am merely a Brit who walks among the streets of the British islands communicating with the hoi polloi – we don't care what you think – we care what's good for our islands.

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