Steve Sims, Author of Bluefishing

– As a thick headed Irish brick layer, which I still fricken am, so many people tell you
that you can’t do things. And the Irish boy in me
and the bulldog says, if you tell me I can’t do something then I’m gonna go and do
it like all entrepreneurs. Course the more I did,
the more exciting it got, the more out of this
world it got literally. It just kind of thought, hang
on now nothing’s impossible. And I really got hooked on that
addiction of someone going, well I wanna go down and see
the wreck of the Titanic. And you know, I wanna play
drums for Guns N’ Roses, I want a piano lesson by Sir Elton John. And it was that addiction
that got me excited into being able to go out
there and actually doing it. And allow them to do it, you know by me. (soft music) I’ve often been asked why
I wanted to write a book and my answer’s always been that I was pissed off and aggravated. I wanted to write a book
because I wanted the people to stop thinking that they needed a $30,000 CRM program to be successful. They needed a $50,000
funnel ridden website to get the clients I’ve never
had it and I’m doing fine. I’m on speed dial with
some of the richest, most powerful people in the world. I can’t even spell for
shit or send an email. So I wanted to write a book
to say look, if I can do it, you’re already out of excuses. I hadn’t given any thought
into what it could actually do and I remember at the
time of I got a retainer for doing the book and I was
introduced to a phenomenal publishing group and I thought to myself. I’ve got paid to spout and talk and rant, it’s in paper and now I’ve got a book. Chapter over. I was so wrong. I’m doing paid gigs,
literally all over the world, all the way through to next March. I’ve got a consulting program. I’m running events. I’m on talk shows, it
gave me a second industry. I heard one the other day
when there was this woman in Canada that they listen
to a different chapter audible on the way to
taking the kids to school. And they listen to one chapter and they’ve got like a 45 minute journey. They listen to one chapter
and then discuss it. And I just thought to myself,
I’m oblivious to this, living in my home and
there’s a conversation in Canada between a woman and her son that have found a single
point of focus and connection that they can laugh at,
and they can grin at and they can talk about
that’s pretty cool for me

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