Stephen Sondheim & Adam Guettel: Composing a Hit

but certain kinds of scores where you want to hold a score together so it isn't just a group of disparate songs what you do is you utilize as little material as possible and build on it variate you know Sweeney Todd is built out of out of about three or four themes not all the songs but most of them it's not an opera it's not completely through composed but a lot of it is and merrily is a merrily rolling a set show that exists on just that on taking a theme and then making it the accompaniment and taking the accompaniment at a theme and making the release the main thing I'm Verdi and everything it's all about what you manipulating things musically and it isn't just an intellectual exercise it gives a leanness you have a feeling that those songs belong in that score and not in this score yeah you're not breaking any of your own rules you create such a style it's it's the actual musical material you

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