Stephen Hawking(1942-2018): Short biography in hindi

21 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking(1942-2018): Short biography in hindi

  1. Important: This video has few minor narration mistakes. For example – Instead of saying, Universe in a nutshell , it has been mistakenly said "University in a nutshell". However, The correct text has been used in those places in this video in order to avoid confusion.

  2. itni difficulties ke baat v wo sab se saafal scientist mein gine ja tha the agar wo physically challenged nahi hote tho wo kitne successful hote

    legend never dies!!! ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. He is the inspiration of my life main unke jisa banna chahati thi but now he is RIP
    I still don't believe that


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