Stephanie Poetri & Jackson Wang – I Love You 3000 II (Lyrics)

100 thoughts on “Stephanie Poetri & Jackson Wang – I Love You 3000 II (Lyrics)

  1. jackson hopes one day the person he gives his ring to is you, then he thought you’d end up at the altar with him, and now he’s ready to bring your wedding ring,,,, WHOEVER THIS GIRL IMMA NEED YOU TO STOP PLAYING WITH HIS EMOTIONS

  2. You know what, it feels a little bit strange when you're Indonesian and they play original ver in literally everywhere for like 2 months straight and now you hear a male kpop idol you've known for years' voice in it, plus they changed the lyrics :')
    But tbh it sounds pretty good tho

  3. Ughh..its kinda ruined , the guy is planning to get down on one knee and shes saying "i want you to be my best friend~" that really hurt , girl !

  4. So she change the lyrics from "see u standing there in your hulk outwear" to "see u standing there and nothing compares"
    I just imagine that Jackson wear hulk costume and show his abs😆😂😂

  5. omg uwawu! ,,Stephanie Poetri keren banget sih bisa duet sama salah satu dari member GOT7 ,,yang mana GOT7 itu grup kesukaannya Stephanie,

    Senengnya pasti bukan main, karena bisa duet bareng jackson :>>

  6. I don't understand why? this just a song, why should change it? why a song should be taken seriously. It’s really strange to change the lyrics and the lyrics are not suitable.(l love original “husband”)

  7. Jackson should have said ‘husband’ not best friend. That would have made this so much better 🥺
    But I still love this ❤️

  8. I’m confuse, how friendzone are you to get a ring with one knee to only just be best friend? I feel hurt seeing this song 😂

    And also he said wedding ring and later he just wants to be best friend, like whaaaat?

  9. Wow the remix and collab I never knew I needed tears in my eyes reading and listening to this song and it’s lyrics wow love like this would be a dream 🥺💗

  10. for everyone who just know this song by now. Let me give you a fact of this song :

    The real lyric (Stephanie Poetri's Solo) of this song is "Baby take my hand, I want you to be my husband"

  11. 😂😂😂😂 even before this song published with the 'best friend' i already said it to my friends 😂😂

  12. "Im ready to bring your wedding ring" What if Jackson's the ring person?😂 It would make sense if he's her best friend

  13. This is so beautiful…I feel like I should be falling in-love with someone and be so happy right now.

    This sounds like it could be in a romance drama. 😉 They sound so perfect singing together. :'')

  14. This song is so melancholy I have difficulty sleeping and it’s such a beautiful lullaby

    Hehe got7 reference cough

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