Stefflon Don – Pretty Girl ft. Tiggs Da Author (Official Music Video)

44 thoughts on “Stefflon Don – Pretty Girl ft. Tiggs Da Author (Official Music Video)

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  2. When stefflon don sings she sounds Jamaican but when she talks she has a English accent πŸ˜‚ but I still love her & her music❀️😍

  3. Think its cool to mix Jamaincan and African music styles. I take it Tiggs is African (At least its what im hearing)?

  4. Me And My Grl Bff Love This Song And Are So Badly Obessed My Mom Is Obessed With Steff And Friends Too And My Dad Said If He Wasn't Married To To My Beautiful Mom He Would Go To Stefflon Don And Hit It From The Back My Bisexual Self Was Dead And Grossed Out And Lmfao

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  6. I love how in the beginning she is breaking the stereotypes of only white Girls can have hair like that lol

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