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  1. EA puts out unfinished games and tries to milk you for an extra 60 bucks on top of what you paid for the game.
    Star Citizen isn't putting out a game period and tries to milk you for THOUSANDS of extra bucks on top of what you paid for the non-existent game.

    It takes a whole lot for EA to become the lesser of two evils in any comparison.

  2. Star Citizen isn't a scam they said, Star Citizen is having really good updates everyday they said, Star Citizen is releasing soon they said. Welp

  3. IIRC Roberts did pitch the "star citizen" idea to several publishers way back, not one was interested. Especially since freelancer, where he used some of microsofts money to finish wing commander movie. So, no – SC won't find a publisher, even if Roberts wanted one. Check out "Sunk cost galaxy" by BinkyATX.

  4. Yeah, so glad Anthem had a publisher and got released so fast. It's really great we could play it that quick, and are now able to get hyped for the next product.
    I mean: where would we be if games suddenly had quality and not money as focus?
    That thought is as ridiculous as media channels suddenly conducting research on the topics they are reporting on, instead of just taking someone elses article as fact.

  5. Not the best analysis I've ever heard. Seems to be detached from the challenges devs and the community are actually facing.

  6. Normal games: Hay so we have a $20 million dollar budget and 3 years to make a game, lets focus on making it fun and playable then add features over time if its a hit.
    Star Citizen: Hay lets spend a whole year and $20 million dollars on the letting the players decorate the room they wake up in when they first log in by moving cups around and them still being there when they log in again…. CUZ THAT'S IMPORTANT IN A SPACE GAME!!! ABOUT SPACE!!!!

  7. You need good management. Not necessarily a publisher. A publisher provides management via a 3rd party, securing control with contracts. Anthem was published by EA, but had terrible management. Management just had to get a fire lit under their arses to get anything done.

  8. Hey, Memorial Day is for the American Service Members who died during war. Real hip and shocking to have a British flag in the background.

  9. What other games this size had 3rd party publishers? Let's take the biggest games to date: Star Citizen — Grand Theft Auto V — Cyberpunk 2077. NONE OF THEM HAVE PUBLISHERS! OPEN YOUR MIND FFS!

  10. You read an article, and basically parrot it. Great title to the video. Sure, publishers make games amazing… Name one time that "wrangling" a developer lead to a better game and I will show you 10 games that were totally fucked by rushed deadlines. Pathetic writing, research and general presentation. You should be ashamed. You just gave future generations cancer.

  11. Que the onslaught of moron backers to tell you … you wrong … because … I don't like what your saying. LOGIC!!! Be-gone!

  12. Games with publishers that are dead:
    Fallout 76
    WOW is nearly dead
    Any blizzard game at this point
    Any COD at this point

    Shall we talk about the other scams known as publisher games? The game has more to play than most games on the market. But yes, let's leave a "news" source (political propaganda hit piece) to tell us why we need Star Citizen to have a publisher when so many games die thanks to publishers. I know their game is doing absolutely great and has made them money with millions of players active in their game. Oh wait, IG plays games and not makes them. That's why we should all listen to them. Hey IG, I know you aren't going to respond to this because I called you out for your bullshit on knowing how a game needs to be made, but have ANY of you played it? Did you do any research other then listen to the leftist rag known as forbes like how they had to switch engines as they were redoing 90% of the Unreal engine? Or the fact they tried outsourcing Star Marine to another company only to redo the whole game as the other company fucked up? How about the fact that this game is being made by the backers and the backers are the one telling CIG what to do and this isn't completely his fault? How about the fact that this is only pissing off console peasants since their platform has no good games and most games last about a month or two and they don't like PC gamers having games that last a lifetime?

    No, of course you don't do research as you want a click bait title and a click bait thumbnail to drive in all that revenue. For anyone saying they are broke, where's the proof? They show EVERYTHING about their company and we have NEVER seen the company going to go bankrupt. So, console peasants, fuck off back to your pathetic console with NO good games to play and take IG with you.


  14. >Needs a publisher
    How's that going for all those massive publisher fails across the board these days? Like, CD Projekt is the last champion of actual games development, but even they've been caught in the 'crunch culture' message getting tossed around.

  15. Well…i can't say i didn't see this coming with the information that came out about the development over the years

  16. If they were smart they would have worked solely on the open world, finished it up to a enjoyable playable point, sell it, then continue to add on features and content with updates and expansions (that you sell to make more money to finish your fucking game). Like every Paradox game. Hell, Paradox should be their publisher, itd be a good fit.

    Lol Scalebound looked promising…?

  17. Not going to say if SC needs a publisher or not. Depends on what you want more. an ambitious game or a released game. Don't want them to take forever while asking for more money, but don't want them to cut corners to make the game uninteresting either. I consider it a lose-lose

  18. This video felt like it was directed at the makers of Star Citizen more than anyone else. Like one of the Catheter Cowboy videos.

  19. I still maintain there will be a "full release" of Star Citizen at some point. But good money says it's going to be like the original PC release of No Man's Sky.

  20. I'd just like to point out that they do have something as a company, and it should be out in the next 18 months.

    It's called Squadron 42, ep. 1, an entire game using the assets that they are creating/have created, as well as the engine that they've built out.

  21. There are plenty of games without publishers that launch fine, games like elite dangerous are a great example. Making this out to be about game devs needing publishers, when it's really about star citizen needing a publisher is a bit odd.

  22. I love your show but I’m actually hurt that you guys don’t really know what Memorial Day is about. It’s for the dead service members. They have no reset button.

  23. This sorta reminds me when Bioshock Infinite kept getting Delayed. Then 2K brought in Rod Ferguson and from there the game got released.

    Now, it is known that the game didn't ship with everything it promised, but i think it goes to show how important it is to have someone make the tough decisions and know what to cut and ship a game.

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