Spreading Holiday Cheer I Author CALLewis

hey how are you doing y’all. I just wanted to
share a little something that I’m doing for the winter holidays to bringing a
little bit of Christmas cheer. holidays is a very hard time in prison you know,
you’re away from family and friends and you know it’s not a lot of activities
going on in in the compound because it’s cold so you know, I wanted to show a
little love to some of the people incarcerated you know because a lot of
people don’t realize that over 90% of people incarcerated are coming home to
the community, so how do you want them to come home? mad, or happy to be home and
looking to be a positive impact. Some of the people I’m sending it out to going
to be Big Meech, Apollo, Cyntoia Brown, Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Max B. We
got Taxstone in here, Mendeecees, Kevin gates, Meek Mill, just a lot of people man so just trying
to show a little bit of holiday cheer man.
what are y’all doing for Christmas? let me know down in the comments below

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