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hello bookworms it’s Jade from bedtime
bookworm and welcome back to my Channel today I’m here with some recommendations
for some spooky books I haven’t done a whole lot of
recommendation videos around here but it’s something that I kind of want to
get into and I’ve definitely been gathering ideas for different types of
recommendations that I want to give if there are any specific recommendations
that you would like to hear from me let me know down in the comment section but
today I’m here to recommend some spooky books I’ve been dabbling in the world of
horror for the past couple of years I did talk about how I got into reading
horror in the horror booktube tag I will link that video for you if you’re
interested in hearing more of my horror reading history I actually hadn’t really
planned on doing this video until very recently I just have never really felt
like I had enough expertise to do a video like this but at the encouragement
of my friends I’ve decided that I’ve read enough horror and have liked some
and not like some that I could definitely recommend to you guys the
ones that I have liked so far so today I have 13 horror or horror leaning books
to share with you I thought 13 was a great number for this
video I also have them broken up into various categories I have mostly two for
each category except for one so hopefully there’s a little something
here for everybody ranging from people who just want to dip
their toes into something spooky to people who really like scary things I
will have timestamps in the description box in case there are certain types of
spooky books that you’re more interested in than others like I said there are 13
books to talk about so I’m gonna try to keep my thoughts on each recommendation
pretty short and just try to give you an idea of what to expect so I’m gonna
structure this video from like less scary to more scary but keep in mind
that what scares people is really personal and what I deem to be less
scary or more scary might not be true for you so the first category I have is
a middle-grade I definitely haven’t read enough middle grade horror so leave me
some recommendations if you have them down in the comment section but the one
middle grade horror series that I’ve read is the monstrumologists by Rick
Yancey this is a four book series and the main character will starts out as a
12 year old in the first book and ends as a 16 year old in the last book the
series does age up and the last book is more YA feeling than
great in this series the main character will is an apprentice to a monstrumologist
which is a doctor like a PhD scientist doctor who studies monsters and this is
set in around the 1800s in the northeastern part of the u.s. despite
being written for middle grade readers there is a good amount of body horror in
this series so if you don’t like reading about gore
this might not be for you I really enjoyed the first three books in the
series the final book was a little bit of a disappointment but I would still
recommend the series as a whole next I want to talk about short story
collections I think short stories are a nice way to consume horror because if a
certain story really freaks you out it’s really short it’s only gonna freak you
out for a little while first I’d like to recommend YA horror short story
collection and that would be slasher girls and monster boys this collection
is edited by April Genevieve Tucholke and include stories from many popular YA
authors the author list includes stefan bachman Kendare blake jay kristoff jonathan Maberry Carrie Ryan Nova Ren suma April Genevieve Tucholke Leigh bardugo
AG Howard Marie Lu Danielle Paige Megan Shepard McCormick templeman and Cat
winters I read this short story collection way back in 2016 and I still
remember a few of the stories they have definitely stuck with me over time
there’s definitely a variety of stories in here and I think that there would be
something for everyone the other short story collection I want to recommend is
one that I haven’t mentioned yet but it will be in my next wrap-up and that is
darkest hours by Mike thorn this is a short story collection all by one author
by Mike thorn and it was my first introduction to this author this is an
adult horror short story collection like all short story collections there were
some stories that I liked more than others but they were a handful that I
really enjoyed again and this is a short story collection that has a variety of
types of stories in it because of that I think there is something in this short
story collection for everyone next I’m going to talk about a couple of YA
books and I’m putting these under the category of atmospheric both of these
books I wouldn’t consider to be straight-up
horror books they fall into other genres but they are very atmospheric and of
course they have some spooky scenes the first one I’ll talk about is Sawkill Girls
by Claire Legrand this is an urban fantasy maybe like a paranormal story
it’s about a group of girls that live on Sawkill Island over the years there
have been disappearances of girls and this group of girls is trying to get to
the bottom of these disappearances the three girls that the story centers
around are all very different from each other but they find that they have to
work together against this supernatural force in addition to being atmospheric
this book is pretty dark as well as feminist and it’s queer there is a
female female romance the next atmospheric book I would recommend is
the house of salt and sorrows by Erin a Craig this is a YA fantasy and is
also a twelve dancing princesses retelling the main character Annaleigh is
or was one of twelve daughters for some reason some of her sisters have been
dying and many people think that her family is cursed so she spends the story
trying to figure out what has been happening to her sisters is her family
really curse is there a murderer or is there something else going on this story
takes place in a manor by the sea and on some of the surrounding islands and
Annaleigh’s family’s culture and religion very much involves the sea the spooky
part of this book is the fact that Annaleigh’s youngest sister has been
seeing the ghosts of her dead sisters and after Annaleigh finds that out she starts
seeing their ghosts too there are a handful of spooky scenes in this book and if
anything I wanted more of those spooky scenes but I think that for people who
are just wanting to dabble in things that are scary this would be a really
great place to start next I want to talk about a couple of adult books that I
think are great for horror beginners I would honestly classify both these books
as suspense or thriller but many other people have called these books horror so
I do think there’s a little bit of crossover and that’s why I think it’s a
great place to start my first recommendation is going to be Bird box
by Josh Malerman this is a really popular book I’m sure you’ve probably
already heard of it but this is a sort of post-apocalyptic story the main
character is named Mallory and it takes place in two
different timelines in the past timeline Mallory is pregnant when there is an
outbreak of something there seems to be something in the air outside that when
people see it they go crazy and become murderous and suicidal and because of
that people are having to stay indoors and not look outside so in the past
storyline you follow Mallory getting to safety and being stuck inside
a house with strangers while being pregnant in the present or future
timeline you have Mallory with two children trying to leave a house and go
down a river to a place of safety like I said while I wouldn’t consider this book
to be whore it is very suspenseful I’m pretty sure I listened to this on
audiobook but regardless of how I consumed the story I remember there were
many times where I was holding my breath because I didn’t know what was gonna
happen and I think that the fear of the unseen is one that speaks to a lot of
people the idea of having to go outside to find resources like food and supplies
and not being able to see what you’re doing or open your eyes is just
terrifying the other one I would recommend is into
the drowning deep by Mira grant this is an adult science fiction book and as
people like to say it’s about killer mermaids this book is about a group of
scientists that were hired by a reality TV show to go and investigate what they
think are mermaids this is not the first group of scientists that have gone to
study these mermaids the first group of scientists accidentally discovered these
mermaids and all ended up dead I really had fun
reading this book I really enjoyed the science behind everything I don’t think
I was quite expecting it to be so scientific but there are all kinds of
biologists on this boat and they would explain the biology behind these
mermaids and theorize about how they could communicate or what their
evolution was like and me being a scientist a biological scientist I ate
that shit up when it comes to the horror element in this book that’s gonna be
body horror as you can imagine it does get a little bloody so be prepared for
that all right now moving on to what I think is a little scarier than those
books I have recommendations for too different zombie books my first
recommendation is going to be World War Z by Max Brooks I read this book on
audio and I highly recommend that route because it’s a full cast production and
there are so many amazing voice actors and actor actors that narrate this book
there really isn’t a main character in this book you cease from so many
different perspectives in fact I would kind of say that the world the earth is
the main character the story starts at the beginning of a zombie outbreak and
is told through a series of interviews with various people through these
interviews you get an idea of how this virus spread and became a worldwide
epidemic it was a fascinating way to tell the story and I really enjoyed this
one my next zombie book recommendation was
honestly a little hesitant to put on this list or at least classify as a
zombie book because some people would consider the fact that it says on the
book to be a little bit of a spoiler but honestly I feel like most people mention
that when I talk about this book and I’ve also heard people say that if they
had known that that was what this was that they either would have enjoyed it
more or wouldn’t have picked it up so I’m gonna go ahead and say this book and
hopefully none of you guys are too mad about it the next zombie book I want to
recommend is the girl with all the gifts by Mr Carey I personally did know this
was a zombie book before going in because I watched the movie first the
main character in this story is Melanie and the way the book opens she is a very
smart student at a special school and there’s a lot of mystery around like why
she’s there or how the world came to be how it is and I’m not gonna describe any
of that because I do think that’s fun to figure out as you go what I will say is
that this book does explore the scientific side of a zombie apocalypse
and a zombie virus or disease and again my science loving heart loved all of
that I do think the second book in the duology delves more into the science than
the first book does but I still remember enjoying the science aspect from the
first book my next two categories are what I would solidly call horror books I
would recommend these last four books for more experienced horror readers the
first category is survival horror I think these are the only two survival horror
books that I’ve read but I loved them both so much I am pretty sure I gave
them both five stars I definitely want to read more survival horror so leave me
any recommendations you have down in the comment section the first one that I
read was the troop by Nick cutter this book is about a troop of Boy Scouts that
go to an island for a Boy Scout camping trip and end up stuck there when some
sort of biological weapon is released it very much reminded me of Lord of the
Flies or at least what I remember of Lord of
the Flies because it’s about a group of boys and they have to do some pretty
terrible things to survive I do not recommend this book for people
who are just wanting to dip their toes into horror this book was intense
there is a lot of body horror in this book so I don’t recommend reading this
while you’re eating something or if you have a queasy stomach in general and on
top of all that I want to add a warning that there is a scene of animal torture
in this book that was very hard for me to read and when you get to the scene
where there’s a turtle feel free to skim read that and move on
because it’s not pretty my next survival horror recommendation
is going to be the ruins by Scott Smith yes this is a book I have talked about
very recently on my channel but I couldn’t do a horror recommendations
video without recommending this one this is an adult horror book about a group of
college kids who go on vacation to Mexico and then get looped into going to
look for somebody’s brother who seems to have followed a girl to some Mayan ruins
only to find that when they get to the Mayan ruins that they can’t leave again
this book also has a good amount of body horror in it so be aware of that before
going in although the body horror is not as bad as it was in the troop that book
is intense this one is less intense but it’s still definitely there what I love
about survival horror is just seeing the lengths people will go to to survive and
also seeing the way that the situation affects the relationships between the
friends in this group alright and my last spooky book category is going to be
haunted houses first I’ll start with an adult recommendation and that’s gonna be
Kill Creek by Scott Thomas this book was a debut for Scott Thomas but don’t let
that fool you because it was also nominated for a Bram Stoker it’s about a
group of horror authors they all get invited to stay the night at a haunted
house as a publicity stunt to revive their careers you get to meet these
authors before they spend the night at the house while they’re at the house as
well as see some of the aftermath in addition to having a paranormal element
there is also again some body horror one thing that I really loved about this
book is that it is very meta like I said the four characters are all horror
authors and they all write different kinds of horror and most if not all of
them are modeled after real horror authors like it’s very obvious that one
of them is meant to be the Stephen King in this world and one of them is like an
RL Stine the book opens with a scene set at a university during a lecture about
horror as a genre so it’s very meta it’s all about horror and writing horror in
different tropes and things like that and I really loved that I also loved
that it wasn’t 100% just set at the house like I said you get some before
and after of the night that they stayed at the house I just thought this was a
lot of fun and I definitely recommend it if you enjoy a good haunted house story
and then lastly I have another YA book I’m sure this doesn’t come as a
surprise to anybody who has been around my channel over the last few months but
of course I could not not recommend and the trees crept in by Dawn Kurtagich
while I categorize this as a haunted house story it’s also very much a
psychological horror the story centers around Silla and her little sister nori
something has happened with their parents and they have had to move in
with their aunt Cath who might be a little bit crazy she lives in this
really old house that has not been taken care of there is no electricity they
have to use candles all Silla wants to do is take care of her sister but is
finding that a little bit difficult with her crazy aunt cath and then one day she
thinks that the trees surrounding their house seem to be moving a little bit
closer to them each day or are they you have heard me talk about this book
you know that I highly highly recommend it getting the audiobook for this not
only is a narrator fantastic but it’s not just the narrator reading the book
to you it is a whole production with sound effects and echoes it definitely
enhances your experience and I think it would be a much creepier read that way
maybe if you want to tone down the creepiness you could read the physical
book because the physical book does have some cool formatting I had an absolute
blast reading this book I went into it not really knowing what to expect
because I’d seen some mixed reviews out there and something that I forgot to
mention in my last video that I mentioned this book is that the ending
is a little polarizing I’ve definitely seen reviews for people who did not like
the ending but I personally really loved the ending so just know going in that
the ending might not work for you alright guys those are all 13 of my
spooky recommendations for you now that I’m reading more and more horror books
maybe I can do one of these videos every year definitely leave me some
recommendations for your favorite horror books down in the comment section or if
you’ve read any of these books let me know what you thought of them if you
liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
for more bookish content that is all I have for now thank you so much for
watching and until next time bookworms keep reading bye
I will also have um I will have I will love the best character will is an
imprint as’ is and and there has um over the years
there have and I’m gonna talk about I’m gonna talk I have um if you’ve read any
of these books or if you’ve read any of the books little bit by

17 thoughts on “Spooky Book | Recommendations

  1. THE MONSTRUMOLOGIST AAAAAH that's my favorite series of ALL TIME and was so underappreciated when it came out. I actually have a Monstrumologist tattoo too! I also loved Bird Box, a great show of Cosmic horror, it was amazing and another favorite BUT I refused to re-read it or watch the movie because it was all SO heartbreaking for me that I just will not put myself through that again. And I am still halfway through And The Trees Crept in but so far I love it.
    I am planning on starting my booktube channel soon (yay!) and I realized it'll be mostly spooky books because that seems to be all I read! If you'd like a bit of gothic horror I recommend The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. That's a beautifully atmospheric story and some Science Fiction Horror Solaris by Stanislav Lem.

    Edit: I forgot to add Night Film by Marisha Pessl. A lot of people don't like it but it thoroughly terrified me.

    Edit 2: The girl with all the gifts! (I am so sorry I keep editing but I'm so excited) When I first read it I was a bit eh about it but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. I also recommend Station Eleven which is kind of in the same vein of The Girl With All The Gifts but in a post apocalyptic world.

  2. I like the Aliens series. Horror SF with an amazing female protagonist.
    Beautifully written and utterly uncomfortable: Song of Kali, by Dan Simmons.
    Perfect for this season: Dark Sister, by Graham Joyce.

  3. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS!!! i wanted more spooky book recs after and the trees crept in ☺️ the last 3 you mentioned sound so good, and as a new horror reader, i'm going to just cannonball right in 😅 i think i'll pick up kill creek next!!!

  4. Excellent video! I bought The Troop awhile back based on your recommendation. Now, I just have to work up the courage (and the stomach) to read it. 😐

  5. I need to read the drowning deep and the trees crept in! Im absolutely loving Kill Creek, I already know it's gonna make my favorites of the year:)

  6. Yes! Loved this! If you find any good survival horror let me know! I'd be down to read some with you! I love that subgenre 🖤

  7. Middle grade/ya rec = the Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan Stroud. Great concept executed well and the character dynamics is so good.

  8. I’m currently reading The Troop based on your recommendation. Made the mistake of trying to eat and read. 🤢 I have had The Ruins on my shelf for a long time. Definitely going to have to add it to my October TBR. For middle grade-ish reads, I’d recommend City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab and The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding. I loved the atmosphere and characters in that one.

  9. I've been going back and forth on whether or not to try Into the Drowning Deep. Her work is so hit or miss for me, but I do love ocean-related horror, so I think I'll cave.

    I really recommend Micheal McDowell's work for southern gothic horror. Opinions seem split, but Iain Reid's I'm Thinking of Ending Things might be my favorite horror audiobook I've ever listened too. Clive Barker is also a personal fav for dark fantasy flavored horror.

  10. I wrote notes while watching the video…then when the video ended…it automatically went to the next video…losing all my notes. I will try to capture just a few of them. Sorry.

    One, was when you were talking about the Bird Box book. Definitely not something that I'd read, but I will mention it to Marie. She may want to read it (if she hasn't already). Thanks.

    I thought of a new movie coming out on the Apple streaming service called SEE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rg0y7NT1gU). It is set in the future…where no one can see…until children start being born able to SEE. When describing the tension in Bird Box, I thought how horrible it would be to live in a world with horrors AND not be able to see. This is a whole world of blind people (surviving), then children start to be born seeing and the chaos that ensues. Just in case you had NOT seen the trailer…it is linked above. Not sure how many people will actually "see" it, since it is on Apple's new streaming service (about $5 per month). Hard to compete with new streaming services like Disney+ (about $7 per month), with the amount of content they provide and the short pickings that Apple's streaming service will provide at launch.

    I won't ever read this book (The Girl with all the Gifts), but I did watch the movie. My ★★★½ review of The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) on @letterboxd: https://boxd.it/ikrBv

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