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lyricist society started 2009 right here Freddie Doug's Academy for young man I saw that there were a number of students who were interested in and hip-hop and rap but they had no outlet they wanted to join the music program or something like that they could do that but there was no outlet for those who are interested in non-traditional forms of music so I thought it was important for them to have that outlet and so does lyricist Society was created students facilitators we all sit around and we come up with topics that that's important is pertinent to you know our city our issues our school our community the things that students created in this program I've used in classes and things like that Dave they've run awards for some of the music and music videos that they've created they've created documentaries and so now it's just become this you know all-encompassing Club I guess you would say our movement within the school where you know students can come and you know really be involved in creating but what like the most about rap is the scheme's the way they use they float therefore Barnes account I love fast rap alliterations there's syllables like the message school the other day listen the 99/5 by jay-z off the Bill of Rights because he got 99 problems but a be anyone he talking about dogs and drugs because I mean I before say they can't read shall never know for right they can't hurt you without a warrant that's that's that's the point he was trying to get to and most people don't know that I came out to beat I get they tryna see me they want me to spread my wings and feed three time freedom fighter damn it nothing like that my sweet I got a knife where I can go I can't be eating there's a genius behind hip-hop I mean just with the vocabulary attainment just for the subject matter that hip-hop talks about when students see their interest that daily interest touted as brilliant ingenious they in turn seasoned themselves as being the same as geniuses and brilliant and so you know we use hip-hop a lot in the classroom to discuss components of history to increase vocabulary I mean there was a young man Austin Martin from Brown University that this independent research that showed that you know a considerable amount of words used on the SAT can be found and hit popular as well so just being able to use the program that he created called Ron's with reason to help students to you know listen to their music in the critical fashion Rises reason is an interactive web-based vocabulary workbook or software that teaches students SAT a CT and Common Core designated vocabulary all found within popular recognizable hip-hop lyrics there are so many kids out there that they know the lyrics to their favorite rap song or they know all the lyrics to their favorite rapper by heart and nobody has to tell them to go like look up those lyrics or break down those lyrics but everybody teacher-parent has to you know coerce them to memorize or go learn SAT words or go learn the key terms to their history homework or our history curricular science curriculum and this is just a fusion of those two things and a way to get kids interested and excited about learning stuff that they need to know music is like the thing out here nowadays that's just it's always around like every good music is music that artists music songs albums mixtapes people love music people love Bob that they can like agree with or relate to especially beats instruments that they can okay I likes that and something that can evolve and that makes music and I'd be like okay I wanna see something that not only speaks for myself but it speaks for everybody else around me I put the key into the door and sesang not thank you video this was destined for me huge crowds had everything my mind is like a lion in my heart is like a kid has made together resin but I just feel it somewhere you was originated on the fall of the new generation I hope I make it cut jump like me and dying every day and it kind of names I create up for name in back down not extra hook what I've done memory something that bigger you guard your heart people when I got up I started with lyrics in society honestly just looked at it as a way to write like I get to wrap after school I had no intention on you know looking at it from a deeper perspective of alright we teaching people we actually reach in people we're doing something that's noble and it's not corny is one of those things where it's so much deeper than what you see surface love with like you see surface level we're making songs positive songs promoting a positive message and you know we're doing that to somewhat change the the stigma of what hip-hop is you know in our culture not only are we making music but we we make any positive music that's not corny this is something that kids actually listen to like we got kids from the like urban communities like from the hood you know excited to write a song about something positive Randy okay you gotta talk I can barely hear you like your groupies are elevated you're all of it everything is really low now you're gonna be a whisperer listen society give you gives young people I guess a sense of pride and dignity and doing things and excellence for students to know that what they're producing and what they're creating it's gonna be viewed by hundreds of people thousands of people that it gives them a sense of urgency and that they have to be good they have to be excellent at what they're doing the best companies in the world from Google to Apple etc etc when they have a product they prototype it with the end user they let the end user take a product and say I don't like this I like this change this change that and the final product comes out according to what the end user wants the education sphere needs to move in that direction education needs to be much more reliant upon what you are interested in and they need to be the curators of what they're learning we'll see much better outcomes if that's the case the answers we need solutions that we need is found within our community as teachers that's community members parents you know it's important for us to step up and fill in those gaps it's not there because nobody knows our community our students like like we do there's a society with my way to you know to make a positive impact I mean I use the interested eye that I had the interests of other community members just to come in and take something that you know students may gravitate to and use it in a positive way

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