Spoken Word Poetry – LOVE IS BLIND (poem about love and heartbreak)

Last night, I forgot to close the blinds so I awoke this morning with the sunlight in my eyes Which must’ve kickstarted my mind Because for the first time, it was clear,
I realised She never loved me
And I can laugh about it now Because she broke my heart so many times it
feels no more pain Not anymore, somehow
I’ve grown resilient Even if I’ve never grown wise to the lies
of womankind And I know that’s not kind to say
But I need to let off steam today So if you’re easily offended,
stay out of my way This will pass, I will regain control
I will finish this ride on the tide of emotion Perhaps eventually understand what emotion
this is But for now,
I must laugh at myself, For I lost my love but I have my health
And I lost some time, but I’ve kept my mind Love is blind
I was blinded by my love Oblivious to the fact that no love was recipricated
I don’t think I was hated I just wasn’t the one for her
Like I thought I was Like she said I was
Love is blind Maybe I blinded her with my love
Maybe she couldn’t see that I wasn’t the one Maybe I’m making excuses for the woman who
broke my heart And the truth is I should have known from
the start Love is blind Love is blind

2 thoughts on “Spoken Word Poetry – LOVE IS BLIND (poem about love and heartbreak)

  1. "Maybe I blinded her with my love". Now that is a line that most people can relate to. I liked the bg music, but I felt like it would have been as powerful without it though.

  2. Spoken Word Poetry – Love is Blind

    Poetry about that moment you realize you aren't loved the way you thought you were., or at least you hoped you were. Love, life and heartbreak.

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