Spider-Verse Peter Parker Is Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man REVEALED! Comic Con Footage Breakdown

my name is Miles Morales and in my world
I’m the one and only spider-man that is until he showed up and it snow on the
Cape I think it’s cool spider-man doesn’t work eh hey guys who are you I’m
Gwen Stacy I’m from another another dimension
how many more spider people are there hey tell us this could literally not get
any weirder it can get weird my name is Peter porker how am I supposed to save
the whole world you can’t think about saving the world
you have to think about saving one person miles where did you go
spider-man turn invisible not in my universe this is incredible some kind of
fight or flight thing what’s that I think this is a cape my name is Peter
Parker I’m pretty sure you know the rest I saved the city
fell in love then I saved the city again and again and again look I’m a comic
book serial to get a Christmas album and or so so popsicle but this isn’t about
me not anymore what is good YouTube warstu here
with a video on spider-man into the Spidey first so Sony is releasing a
animated Spidey Universe which is gonna be coming out very soon next month so
this movie looks fantastic to me guys what do the warheads think about this it
just looks so cool so something I wanted to talk about for such a while is this
theory it’s been going around that the Peter Parker that we see at the start of
the first official trailer for the movie is the Tobey Maguire’s version there’s a
lot of Easter eggs and clues that could make you think that he actually is Tobey
Maguire version a Peter Parker inside this alternate kind of universe so the
Peter Parker in the Mars Morales universe has died but a rift in time and
space brings another version of the original spider-man through to Mars
Morales’s world and from what we see in the trailer it’s an older untidy unkept
down on his own look spider-man we get a short intro of this version of Peter
even in the latest trailer which offers a really cool montage of everything of
what this version of Peter Parker’s are done briefly and it gives homage to the
spider-man 2 version obviously Tobey Maguire’s version of him to the point
where a lot of people questioning it is this actually the same version so many
Peter Parker fans would know obviously we’re talking about the Tobey Maguire
version from spider-man 2 if you’re old enough when Spiderman was fighting
Doctor Octopus left a runaway Manhattan train of full of passengers ready to go
straight through the end of the line into the atlantic ocean below spider-man
jumps on the line and saves the people on the train and webbing and webbing
around the kind of train track it’s such an iconic scene but is it just an easter
egg or is it actually the tow Maguire version of Peter Parker that we’ve known
for years and then we get the iconic his scene which is Merlin the famous upside
down spider-man kiss with Mary Jane from the first spider-man movie
a single shot of him sitting down at a table in a restaurant with her as a car
comes flying through a window again mirror in spider-man 2 and more of
doctor octopus’s handiwork so it’s instantly recognizable for
anyone who is I don’t know at least 16 to 20 maybe bit older that it is
mirroring the Tobey Maguire’s version of spider-man so could it very well be him
it’s possible the theory is really good there is a lot of supporting evidence
but we don’t actually ever know what happened to this version of atad Mike
why did we after the credits rolled in spider-man 3 I think it’s back in 2007
if say we’re in the power universe and that universe timeline kept playing out
with that Tobey Maguire Peter Parker be obviously there would be a decade older
now so it could easily have become him and it could be him very well could be
him but it’s interesting that the co-director has outright stated that
Peter Parker isn’t one you’ve seen before but it’s kind of weird how like
he’s saying it’s not the Peter Parker we’ve seen before yet there’s a lot of
scenes that we have seen before so is it a secret easter egg that they
might reveal after the actual movies come out I’m not really sure so there
was some footage shown at New York Comic Con four people attended and also for
the London Comic Con which is really weird because other people in London
don’t really get much so in the footage it shows a version of Peter Parker
battling kingpin and the Green Goblin so as we know Peter Parker is in the movie
and we it appears that King Peng could be the overall arching villain of the
movie now we know the green Goblin’s in it we know that the prowlers in it and
we know that other people will be in it it seems like it’s allowing four
different versions of spider-man to interact but also threatening to destroy
all of them fans reactions for this movie of very
one reaction said this Sony has just shown in the first act and then at some
of the inter Spidey verse at New York Comic Con holy crap that was so much fun
Martha Morales is going to be a stud I can’t wait to see much more so many
Marvel characters and Stan Lee so I honestly cannot wait to watch this movie
the overarching theme looks quite cool having lots of different variations of
villains that might not necessarily be from the same universe as there’s
obviously different character different spider-man’s from different Spidey
universes hence why it’s called into the Spidey verse it’s kind of like a
multiverse if you like of Spider characters which is gonna be fantastic
guys so do you think the Peter Parker that essentially looks like he’s going
to be helping Miles Morales do you think he is actually the older version of the
Peter Parker that we known from the Tobey Maguire one which we had I mean I
think the overshadowing reason why they don’t want to come out and say is is
because they don’t want to under shed oh the Tom Holland version of Peter Parker
but you can’t really compare the two so guys I will be doing different Marvel
videos yes the Avengers for videos will be sticking around but obviously there’s
so much more to Marvel than just the Avengers if you get I mean so yesterday
I put a video out about the Avengers project it’s looking very likely that we
will be getting new footage and information at the games award next
month the 6th of December they are live streaming worldwide it’s live from LA so
guys I did get a pretty interesting response to that video so I will be
doing more based Avengers project the video game that will be coming out at
some point we’ll be doing more videos based on that when we do get some more
info and I’m gonna try and get another inter spy device video out before the
movie comes out in December so guys let me know everything you think about this
up-and-coming movie it’s getting it’s got so much hype online sorry I’m late
to the party of doing inter spider-verse videos but I’m gonna try to focus more
Marvel and DC overalls instead of focusing purely on the Avengers so
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29 thoughts on “Spider-Verse Peter Parker Is Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man REVEALED! Comic Con Footage Breakdown

  1. yeah it's not fare fetched and it's really intresting that the movie's makers applied the actor's age to the character, but some questions remain for example exactly how many alternate spiderman are we going to see?

  2. I hope it’s not Tobey’s. Honestly Sam Raimi trilogy sucks, yes I said it. The only good film was the first, the best dominant spidey is our current mcu. Pretty sure these things are just references. Don’t @ me

  3. Seeing the evidence I fully understand that it is Tobey’s Spider Man possibility continues after Spider Man 3. The current Peter Parker is currently in rest until the avengers can revive him. Tobey and Andrews Peter Parker’s are still alive but Sony never finished their stories. Maybe the animated film can be just the thing to finish original Peter’s story along with the debut of Miles.

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  5. You don’t have to be 16 to 20 to recosized these you have to be a spiderman fan
    Like me I am 13 I orgasned when I saw that in the trailer

  6. I searched in wiki and it said "it is confirmed that It is Tobey Maguire but His Counterparther" Because The Original Earth Is 96283 For The Tobey Spidey earth And The "counterparther" Earth Is TRN701

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