Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Trailer BREAKDOWN

Hello and welcome to my shot by shot breakdown of a truly magnificent trailer…

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  1. Grace you missed the other ad for a Yugo. Apparently in Miles Morales' universe, the Yugo survived and is a successful car company.

  2. I think the Comic Con joke was for us and won't be in the movie. So at SDCC they will show everyone in the movie.

  3. The only thing I'm worried about from this movie is that they have Spider Gwen and will take away to much focus from Miles Morales. Other then that I'm down to watch it

  4. love these breakdowns and live reaction videos Grace, whenever I see a new trailer my first thought is always 'whats Grace gonna make of this I wonder…'. Have you seen the new How to train your Dragon 3 trailer yet?

  5. My problem with the movie is that they keep shortchanging miles morales, first when Marvel got the rights back people asked for Miles to be the live action spider-man and the company reaction was "No, we want white spider-man, but we will take the best friend from Miles Morales" and then Miles gets short changed being downgraded from his own solo live action movie to an animated movie, and now he's getting buddied up with other spider characters. Peter's meant to die and set Miles on his journey, not train him, and Gwen isn't meant to be in the mix at all. It just feels like they're so nervous about having a black superhero they've got to cram in as many white side kicks/mentors as possible. And I'm still bitter they took Ganke from Miles, like Peter didn't have enough stuff in 60+ years of comics that they need to take from a fledgeling franchise. And people said Miles was derivative yet Peter's stealing his best friend. 🙄 I'm not against the movie per se, i just wish they'd done it right and let it be Miles's movie.

  6. Pointillism would be the word you were looking for in the scene with the trees. This movie (based on the trailer) is very visually pleasing.

  7. Another sneaky easter egg in the first shots: When you see the giant robot drawing beneath his books, it looks somewhat similar to Leopardon, the giant robot from the japanese Toho Spider-Man series!

  8. Sony is the worst. They can't do 1 Spiderman, let alone a bunch of them. Just sell it to Disney and stop ruining the character.

  9. 2 theories- this adult peter parker is not from this universe. At all. when they comment on him in the news, its because he recently popped up. they already showed his grave in the first trailer. Thats why he is aware that there are multiple universes and doesnt seem phased by spidergwen.

    OR, he really IS from this universe, Miles gets the powers WHILE this older Peter Parker is still alive, and he dies later in the movie. So the first teaser trailer is all scenes from like the end or last third of the movie, when he has a full costume, visits peter's grave, and fully embraces being the new spiderman.

  10. Eeh, i'm not against this film or the character but the only thing that annoyed me about the trailers are the song choices… It's pretty obvious why they chose rap and it just don't fit Miles' character…

  11. I love this. It’s going to be a legitimate work of art and something to watch over and over. It would be completely mind blowing if miles somehow finds himself in Wakanda, continuing the same animation style, as he meets T’Challa, ultimately getting a Wakandan upgrade to his suit courtesy of Shuri.

  12. 8:18 I'm guessing he doesn't go by "Miles Davis" for the same reason Michael B. Jordan doesn't just call himself Michael Jordan.

  13. yep, many people don't like him because he's not Peter Parker. Granted I don't like a lot a newer Marvel comics, but Marvel Morales is actually pretty cool

  14. I don't like Miles, it's forced diversity. Mantle heroes are overdone. His personality and story does nothing for me. However visually I am floored and want to keep an open mind since artistically it feels above its time.

  15. Miles Morales is the only new marvel character that people like. He caught some flak when he was first announced, but he grew on us over time and he’s a good character. Doesn’t have any villains of his own, but his abilities differ from Peter’s.

    As for the other characters that Marvel tried to force on us… that’s another story.

  16. Thank you for this nice video! Please don't forget Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman who also direct and are doing an incredible job.

  17. I get the feeling the spider man that's training miles is a different version of spider man than the one we see fighting green goblin. I think all the spider men are crashing into one timeline.

  18. WHAT IF…Marvel/Disney is helping Sony to establish Ultimate Spider-Man with hopes of buying back MCU Spider-Man from Sony in the future. Could this be a test bed movie?

  19. Did Marvel have to allow Sony to use Kingpin? I am unsure of how his rights work but because he is on Daredevil I assumed Marvel had exclusive rights to him. If they did allow Sony use of Kingpin maybe they are supporting it more than the "In association with" title card is leading on.

  20. Animation looking horrible? What, would people rather have Illumination's cheap and uninspired animation?

  21. The thing I love about his outift is that’s really how young black men dress when they’re about to do physical activities. When my school first introduced a track team we didn’t have the proper equipment so we just wore basketball short and sneakers

  22. I enjoy the female in the trailer. Enjoyment might of this character might lead me to watch it in theaters.

  23. I love that it's a hybrid between a comic and 3d animation! Very stylistically unique! This looks great!!

  24. (The color of Gwen Stacy's shoes is to match with the interior of her hoodie). 😉 It adds some style to the character.. Looks nicer on a comic book cover

  25. I think this is the best move sony has made when it comes to their superhero movies. The style, animation and characters look fantastic. The first issue of spiderman I read was actually the golden cover of spiderman vs venom and am only used to adult spiderman
    . regards from South Africa

  26. I grew up with the Peter Parker stories so obviously I'm a bit biased towards him. And I too have grown tired of seeing a kid Peter Parker, and I would like to see more movies about him as a working or semi working adult, given his financial mishaps. I've never been interested in Miles Morales but I'll admit this trailer looks good and I'm willing to give it a chance.

  27. The comic con thing was a joke. Miles ask Peter how many different spider-man exist and peter response was "same as comic con" since in every comic con, there's a tons of people that cosplay as spider-man. If you're familiar with the spider-verse comic, it's a cross-over story of every alternative reality spider-man(s).

  28. I really enjoy Miles, but Bendis was just collecting a paycheck in the later runs. As he did with most of his later writings.

  29. I think the comment about Comic-con in the trailer is about their appearance at Comic-con this year 😉 don't think it has any relevance in the movie

  30. I still think this movie is going to do super well and then Feige is going to say he supported it all this time.

  31. Half African-American and half Latino? Bruh, in this world you're either white or black and this cat is black. Hey I don't make the rules. 🤷‍♂️

  32. Grace, I can't speak for anyone else, but I have such a loathing for the "Ultimate" Marvel line comics that I've read that I haven't had a desire to read the Miles stuff. I think this movie looks great though.

  33. I'm not against this movie, but I'm a bit sad that Peter's a shlub. But everyone else looks amazing, and I'm really excited to see Miles and his family.

  34. I think Ms Randolph, you do do contribute a significant amount to the discourse of why people shouldn't appreciate art irrespective of commerce. But what really confuses me at times, is amazingly dedicated love for said art.

  35. My boy Miles is finally getting his recognition ! This film really has the potential to be the best spiderman film

  36. the visuals are amazing. however if that older Spider-Man is Peter Parker….they are loosing me. I also have a hard time with multi-dimensions/realities that aren't the 'original', because at times it can feel like the 'throw away' universe. like Peter Parker can die in this movie but its ok because hes alive in the 'original' and the death looses its weight and importance a bit. knowing another universe is out there in the back of my head messes with the integrity of this story. it makes it come off as fan service/fanfiction/anything goes. which true is very fun…but it makes it less 'real' for me. ps – Spider-Gwen? that's really her name? like when Peter Parker reports on her that's the name he uses? pss – Gwen dates Miles not Peter? because Gwen is so much younger it looks like than Peter in this universe? do you see where my issue i initially brought up is coming into play here????

  37. having done a little more research on Miles and while also attempting not to see spoilers, this video seems to sum up the issues that many have with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxhW7SyZ52c
    he COULD come into his own and be great but right now it feels a bit too much like a copy of Peter Parker but with less interesting motivations.

  38. I think the animation is amazing, box fresh very artistic. Let’s face it Art is secondary to character building and storytelling, but when you get both right it’s all gravy which I feel this film will be. 🤟🏾🤩

  39. He has the suitcase b/c he goes to boarding school during the week and stays with his parents on the weekends

  40. The movie looks stunning, just wish the animation was smooth. I'm used to the way it is now, but it's jarring at first.

  41. 6:46 c’mon Grace that’s a stereotype, the majority of people in "urban communities" are not torn between law and crime; most of them just want to live normal lives

  42. its so funny coming back and looking at the comments, seeing howmany people thought that this "Peter B. Parker" and miles are from they same universe (they're not btw), but its funny to see that all the things that are one way for one spiderman and completly different for miles's universe

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