Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 REACTION

so just to reiterate I am super excited
like I couldn’t be more excited about this movie for three reasons alright
three main reasons the first is that I am a huge Miles Morales fan I’ve been a
fan since issue number one and on a sad side note it’s really a shame you can
feel the loss of Brian Michael Bendis from the title he of course infamously
left Marvel for DC it was quite the DC coup but again I’m sure they’ll be able
to find somebody who can take over the title but they haven’t found them yet
and I think it’s gonna be a bit of a process but you know people I think
incorrectly called Myles just a Peter Parker ripoff right a token character
that couldn’t be more wrong so I’m excited for you to properly for many
people to properly meet miles and see what I see
also adult Peter Parker how awesome is that he’s been an adult in the comics
for quite some time even though he never seems to grow up in the movies it’s
awesome so I’m excited for mainstream audiences to get to see that too
inspired choice on his voice and then also I and this is something many of us
have discussed we want to see animated movies in the West become something that
moves it moves beyond being just Family Fare now make no mistake I think
families will hopefully we’ll hopefully families will be interested in this it’s
coming out at a very competitive time at the box office but I want adults to see
it too and you know for it for animation to become something that can tackle
subjects that have you know great action sequences and can make bold bold
artistic choices again right something that I think’s been missing from
animation a little bit these days even the big movies so so let’s take a look I
know it’s long to put on the movie but I think you can take it all right here we
go oh boy it’s almost three minutes what makes you different is what makes
you spider-man spider-man swings in once a day’s little mask and answers to no
one I love you spider-man at least that’s what I
thought you hear the supercollider need all of this amazing hey guys who are you I’m Gwen
Stacy another French it’s mine what makes you different is what makes
you spider-man that is so good oh I hope people see
this I’m really nervous people aren’t gonna go please go and see this only on
big screens this Christmas I know that you have a lot of options but as I said
this is really important for like a number of reasons it looks so good I
love how everybody has their own unique awesome style all right we’re gonna
break this down but I thought it just looked really really fabulous it’s just
and I like that again I said bold artistic choices that’s so important and
I I just would like to see I’d like to see that in live-action too quite
frankly I mean just cuz something’s mainstream and I hope this is mainstream
doesn’t mean that you can’t do the absolute best that you can I just think
it’s amazing I think it’s fabulous so share your thoughts down below thank you
for watching with me and of course as always you can check out some more
videos right now

100 thoughts on “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 REACTION

  1. aside miles morales i dont particular like the spider verse ..like spider gwen is ok for comics but not the big screen . spider noar and pig are all good but distract me from the story i want to see wich is the miles Morales one and the Japaneses robot looks too much like that other robot film net flix just put out

    ill say this.. im impressed by the animation as much as this other elements are not working form me ..i still will go to see it just cause the art style

  2. Another younger spiderman is necessary. I always hated characters that remained permanently in there teens. You want to see characters grow (Parker) and see others(Miles) go on a new hero's journey.

  3. The animation still feels off to me. The design is okay, no problem with that, the motion just feels very choppy and headache inducing.

  4. They got Peni Parker in here tho that’s lit kinda weird how she was introduced later than Miles but already is in a movie sooner than he was??

  5. definitely going to see this
    its so many things they can do with this… origins, spin off films… so much. they are going to make alot of money

  6. I had zero interest in this because it was animated until the trailer! Now I can’t wait! In some clips you kind of forget it’s animated. I’m going and for you Grace, I’ll make sure I drag my husband along with me too.

  7. I'm not a fan of the animation and why is it playing at 30fps?? This seems more geared toward kids and I'll probably watch it never as Im not to into forced humor and cringe worthy cliche scenes.

  8. The art style looks very well done, but I physically cringed with this trailer and didn't laugh once. I honestly believe it's going to be average or below that. And with someone like Jake Johnsons grading and douchy voice playing Spidey? I'm not impressed. Not to mention his inability to pick good movies and tv shows.

  9. Thanks Grace for your unbiased opinion. Me on the other hand I’m going to go see this purely For Myles. Growing up there were never characters from my walk of life and family archetype. So although I’m a fan of yours, I’ll be supporting the fact that there’s a minority star.

  10. This looks so awesome!! I will probably watch even though I'm not to familiar with Miles Morales, I'm a fan of the way the style of this movie. 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for this reaction and your words, Grace! Hollywood, by and large, really needs to rediscover art again, and to start taking more chances. Thank you so much for pointing that out.

  12. I love how every universe gets its own animation style. The characters look like they were pasted together from different movies. It really evokes the feel of different realities.

  13. I’m so fucking hyped! I’m sick of the typical 3D art
    I’ve always loved 2d or comic book style of art. I’m defiantly going to this with my boys

  14. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest movie fan or Spider-Man fan but all of the trailers and hype surrounding this just makes me so excited. Even if this movie turns out to be not so good I get the feeling it will still be REALLY fun to watch. Certainly better than Batman Ninja, even just from the trailers.

  15. I am sad because this means that Spider-Man can never be part of a disney crossover. I blame Marvel Animation studios.

  16. Grace having LoK picture, when she says, great animation has been missing for quite some time👌

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