Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 BREAKDOWN

As they say hindsight is 20 20

100 thoughts on “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 BREAKDOWN

  1. Wasn't sold on the first trailer although it piked my interest. This trailer has me sold and ready to dive in.

  2. The Coke logo isn't all that changes either! The police car changed from "NYPD" to "PDNY"! I appreciate subtle changes like that.

  3. I think the animation looks great. I'm not 100% familiar with Miles Morales but I enjoyed his character in the PS4 game. I'm definitely more excited to see this after playing the game.

  4. I'm not a huge Spiderman fan but I love animation. The art in this movie is so beautiful and so original! It's nice to see animation that's willing to bring in some traditional 2D art qualities into it. I'm looking forward to this one. I'm definitely going to the theater.

  5. MARVEL isn't leaving anything for Comic Con NYC, All that's left is Netflix – Daredevil season -3, The Whole Spider-Verse is way to much, This isn't the life of Peter Parker, You would think maybe they should have just made a simple Miles Morales origin, first villain. first costume, story, Once MARVEL open this can of worms, There A Spider-Man everywhere of all kinds, Spider-Man is No-longer unique, This isn't even an Army, Who's the real Star of this Movie , it Can't be Miles Morales, if you have Spider-Ham & Spider-gwen too , Way to Go SONY, How to keep all the Spider-People all in one movie, This Movie isn't going make what Disney the Incredibles make in the box office. This would have been better off on "Blu-ray DVD so it can be a Stocking Stuffer, for Christmas .

  6. I, like Grace, am usually against Spider Ham in the movies as being just a little TOO loony for a superhero cartoon like this. However, as a fan of John Mulaney, and someone who had never heard of Peni Parker before this trailer, he's my favorite of the additions from this trailer.

  7. I will see this movie. The animation reminds me of the Incredibles . Miles morales is my favorite spiderman . Now we need to have a Val-Zod animated movie ,to see  if he can go live action

  8. I almost thought the voice actor for SpiderHam was the guy who dose the voice for Duey in the new Ducktales show. but i love all the animation it is very well put together. i cant wait for the third trailer!!!

  9. Grace that was John Romita Sr. art style not Steve's in that comic that's featured. I know people here are gonna get you for that i just wanted to be nice about it.

  10. About the Brooklyn thing, in the Spiderman Ps4 game in the character log it states that Miles is born in Brooklyn

  11. Takes issue with Gwen having a pink theme but has no problem with the Japanese girl being all literally anime like…because she Japanese. Umm ok. You have weird priorities to take offense too.

  12. I guess the animation is okay. Sometimes it looks like a 3D movie when you take off the glasses. Other then that, it's fine

  13. You praised both a low frame rate, and product placement in this video. I don’t know what’s happening anymore.

  14. 6:49 it’s not for comedy it references the time in his life when he game up Spider-Man “Spider-Man No More”

    7:02 it actually is a real Comic it’s just not called True Life Tales

  15. It’s pronounced “gain-key” look it up, I hate it when people butcher a name based on another culture, just shows that u don’t care

    Not specifically aimed at u just venting about other people lol

  16. As an animation student, it's freaking scary that people don't like this animation. It's soo amazing! How high is people's bars?

  17. I cant wait to see this movie and I love the art styles! Also, Venom was great!!! Also that was actually an Spider-man comic Grace. Also Spider-Gwen lands on her toes on both feet in the tree, in a ballerina like pose .

  18. One the Imagine That comic, there is an ad for an Energized Spider Man. THat was an actual toy back in the 70's. You could hook him on things and he would reel the 'web' in, moving upwards. As well, there was a sort of 'view finder' type gimmick with the eye, where, using polarized lenses, it would 'simulate' his spider sense. My older brother had one. As a side note, Spider Ham started off as a What If – Peter Porker was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig. It spawned a short lived comic series where the Marvel universe was re imagined as anthro characters. He was also included during the ick – my oppinion Marvel zombie invasion.

  19. I honestly would’ve gone for Cindy moon instead of penny parker especially due to the really big fan they Silk had recently been getting

  20. I think that this movie is going to be a major breakthrough for animation like the Matrix did for cinematics and cinematography at the time of its release…I think many animation studios are going to mimic the many multi-layered styles of animation that are going to be excellently created for this movie…you could say that this movie's going to be a modern marvel that's going to echo for years to come…great breakdown/review as always

  21. On the menu it says "2 Souvlaki" which is the name of the food that the rest of the world calls Kebab.And the name of the restaurant is either a mispelled Greek female name or an allusion to the Greek name of a bug. Not sure which one

  22. I love Peni Parker. But all these Spider People r cool. But I could see this movie spinning off an Animated Spider-Man Universe if it does well. Mabye a Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Miles Morales, Peni Parker, amd Spider-Ham movies could come out of this

  23. Grace! The Sider-Man comic was Amazing Spider-Man 186! https://www.marvel.com/comics/issue/6578/the_amazing_spider-man_1963_186

  24. People are upset that the guy voicing Miles isn't Afro-Latino, but those same people didn't have a problem with Halle Berry or Alexander Shipp as Storm?

  25. Im just happy that Miles and Gwen are near the bottom of "google searches" after the trailer dropped, meaning people are the least interested in those two… To my surprise Penny Parker and Spider-ham top the charts for searches…

    I just wish Miguel O'hara had made it into the movie since I feel Spider-man 2099 >>>> Spider-man Noir…

  26. I can't believe that there are people who think it doesn't look cool 8-)… as I have seen it I thought "WTF this looks soooo amazing!!! I can't wait to see this!!". There are really not much animated/drawn Movies which looks as spacial! Maybe Animatrix, Renaissance, Final Fantasy 7 and Akira…

  27. Spider-ham is an omage to The Simpsons. One of the favorite scenes that movie was Spiderpig pig leaving footprints on the ceiling.

  28. honestly doing the animation on 2's makes all the movents much more crisp any makes it look like every frame can be appreciated and can be its own poster shot.

  29. I prefer Spider Noir with a fedora… because it's NOIR. Plain black suit spidey doesn't really trip my trigger, it's too similar to Symbiote Spidey. I personally love the Noir theme they've got going on, and as for Nicholas Cage playing Nicholas Cage, I can definitely hear a tone difference between this and his usual preformances.

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