Miles! Yeah? If you want me to drive, we gotta go now. Miles’ Father: “Personally I would like to be the first at work!” “It’s okay!” “..seriously dad, walking would’ve been fine.” Miles’ Father: “Spider-Man.” “This guy swings at once a day, zip, zap, zop dancing.” “No dad! Speed up, speed up! I know these kids!” “Guys don’t cops run red lights!” “Oh, you’re some dude, but uh, not your dad.” Miles: “In your universe..there’s only one Spider-Man..” Miles: “But there’s another universe. It looks and sounds like yours..” Miles: “..but it’s not.” “My name is Miles Morales.” “Hey kid..” “You’re like me..how?” Miles: “I know it’s complicated..” Peter: “Wanna know what happened to you?” Peter: “I can teach you to be Spider-Man!” “Mmm..” “I love these burgers so delicious..” “Probably the best burgers I’ve ever had.” “You have money right? I’m not very liquid right now.” “I think you’re gonna be bad at teaching..” “How am I supposed to save the whole world?” “You can’t think about saving the world, you have to think about saving ‘one’ person.” Peter: “One thing I know for sure, don’t do it like me..” Peter: “Do it like you.” “I see the spark in you? It’s amazing!” “Hands up!” Miles’ Father: “I love you, Miles.” Miles’ Father: “You gotta say ‘I love you’ back!” “Dad, are you serious?!” Miles’ Father: “I wanna hear it!” “You wanna hear me say it?!” Miles’ Father: “I love you, dad!” “You’re droppin’ me off of school!” Miles’ Father: “I love you, dad!” “Look at this place!” “Dad, I love you.” “Dad.. I love you..” “That’s a copy..” Peter: “Time to swing! Just like I taught you!” Miles: “When did you teach me that?” Peter: “I didn’t, it’s a little joke. Team-Building.” “Hey guys..” “Okay, who are you?” “I’m Gwen Stacy. C’mon!” “How much Spider-people are there?” “Save it for the comic-con..” “What’s comic-co–” Peter: “Let’s go!” “Wait, so how many of us are there?”

100 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Trailer 2 (2018)

  1. Miles!!!

    If you dont know the new game that just came out, there is a guy named Miles who's dad dies. He was then bitten by the same spider Peter was bitten by. And boom, now you know how he got those powers.

  2. This is my theory. So on the grave that miles went to it sad P for the first name and P for the last name which could be Peter Parker cause miles gets his powers from Peter in the comics. 2nd theory Peter could of died while teaching miles which could give him ma reason to go to the grave cause he knew Peter at that time.

  3. I never liked superheroes movies and I've never read a comic of kind, but honestly… this looks so interesting. I'll watch it because I'm such an animation fan :}

  4. UHaaa, spider man, The new one. I like that sequel. Boxxy service makes movie watching so much easier for me. Super amazing.

  5. 2:38 it says someones first and last them but they both begin with P and it says 1991-2018

    does that mean peter parker dies?

  6. I think I just got a FICTIOPHILIA
    ( a crush on a fictional character )

    I got a crush on GWEN STACY..


    ( Faints )

  7. Nice actor play. I will watching it using boxxy software, were I can choose the language and subtitles in different languages.

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