Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review

best spider-man movie best Stan Lee
cameo now I’d say come at me and I’m sure many of you will because this movie
doesn’t open to the public until December 14th but when you finally feast
your eyes upon this masterpiece you will realize that I am speaking the truth
seriously at my press screening well first off we were all just so delighted
to see it so freaking early but the entire theater sat in complete silence
except for applause for the Stan Lee cameo and a lot of us and like I’m gonna
cry was so perfect we’ll get to the Stan Lee cameo a little bit later don’t worry
this is the non-spoiler review and there will be a spoiler review because there’s
so much to talk about but anyway the other the other instance when someone
who’s talking was the little boy next to me and I will share that in my spoiler
review but for the most part because I don’t want to give away what he was
reacting to it looks adorable but anyway for the most part yes complete silence
as we said on barely able to process what we were seeing we had no idea it
would be this good and as I left the theater I heard many people proclaim
best spider-man movie ever it’s I know it’s gonna be so hard for many of you to
believe but it’s really really good now I think that’s partially because
it’s got a Spider Man for everybody you’ll get bit by a spider you’ll get
bit by a spider and while our main spiders delightfully so are miles Peter
and Gwen the other spiders really make their mark and I’m amazed at how
accessible this movie makes alternate realities for non comic-book readers I
mean I am a comic book reader and I love me some alternate realities but I’ve
never liked it with spider-man but here rapt attention I think my favorite thing
about the movie is that it takes itself so seriously
I mean it’s animated so it can be highly stylized and closer to its comic-book
roots right from the get-go and you even see the way this movie opens with the
credits you’ll be like I think I’m in for something special and you are but
it’s very much still it seems very much like a live-action movie
you’ve been hoping for in terms we know when it comes to the evolution of
animation but I’m talking about scope depth action scenes and what’s at stake
this is the Beauty and the Beast of superhero animated movies I’m also in
awe of this movie’s authenticity this is Miles Morales this is Peter
Parker Spider Gwen but it’s also miles this extended family such great
characters Kington Aunt May and well there are some surprises here yes while
the trailers have been amazing I am so impressed with how much they’ve been
able to keep hidden about this movie and I mean I can’t find the running time
anywhere online and I checked my invitation and even Sony didn’t provide
it whoa this is a long movie but in like in a really good way where you’re like I
can’t believe we’ll be still going I never want it to end keep going keep
going yes give me more I really I hope hope they’re working on the sequel right
now although I have another idea which we’ll talk about in just a moment but
for those of you first of all worried about getting miles just right oh boy do
they he even speaks Spanish for instance I know a number of you were worried
about that but most importantly he feels is real and unique as he did when he was
first introduced in the comics because in the comics recently and I think this
has to do with Brian Michael Bendis his attention being drawn elsewhere first
within Marvel and then leaving for DC but miles has lost his way as a
character over the past couple of years I’ve bought every single one of his
comics always enjoyed them even though it’s been waning a little bit recently
and I’m hoping that this movie reminds Marvel and Sony what a great and
valuable character he is I would love to see shameik Moore very talented actor
should meet more fans since um since dope but he does the voice of Miles
Morales and I would love to see him appear alongside Tom Holland in a future
live-action spider-man movie and you know I’d actually say the same for
Hailee Steinfeld who I don’t usually enjoy but she is perfectly cast as
spider-gwen I really liked her too come to think of
it they animated these characters to look a little bit like the actors so
they could do it they could jump to the live-action
but there will always be a special place in my heart for Jake Johnson spider-man
I have waited so long for an adult spider-man to appear on screen and it
was worth the wait he is perfect I also want to warn you at
the beginning of the movie like myself you might be like where’s Jake Johnson’s
voice did they cast a different voice don’t worry he’s coming it’s just part
of a twist in a movie full of twists then as I said truly true believer best
Stan Lee cameo ever no shirt to be fair coming right after his tragic passing it
does pull on the old heartstrings just a bit harder but I still think even if you
take that element away it’s the best Stan Lee cameo because I think for one
it’s associated with spider-man the character he’s the most associated with
and then he’s given such a wonderful line that he says to Miles Morales it’s
like almost as good as the one he wrote for spider-man in the comics with great
power comes great responsibility and I think it even plays on that a little bit
it was just it perfectly captured Stan Lee and on that note this is a really
well-written movie so kudos to Phil Lord and he usually works with Chris Miller
as his writing partner but here he’s writing with Rodney Rahman they wrote a
movie that is scary thrilling absolutely hilarious and has
so much respect for the source material and while I heard Sony isn’t pushing
this for Best Animated Feature which is insane I hope that was just something I
misheard because it’s stupid I still hope to see this directing trio
here acknowledged for their work because this is the biggest leap in animation
since Disney’s Paperman so if you love spider-man Stan Lee Comics superheroes
and animation aimed at adults it’s here it’s happening this is the moment please
I’m begging you go see this movie I know there are ton of movies coming out right
now but really it is so worth your time
definitely it’s my favorite animated movie of the probably one of my most
favorite animated movies of all time but definitely for the year and yes I do
remember what came out in 2018 this is better so it’s the next it’s
next evolution it’s amazing so share your thoughts down below
no spoilers if you manage to see it as well and of course as always you can
check out some more videos right now

100 thoughts on “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review

  1. Just saw it here in Australia! Best Stan Lee cameo for sure Grace! 😁👌🏻🕷and that end credit scene so good! Haha

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the Sam Raimi Spidey movies(50,000 guns point to my head) or the Amazing Spider-Man movies, or even Homecoming. I hope this movie hits my imaginary mark.

  3. Wow Grace! You LOVED Tge Incredibles 2, and now you’re saying that Spider Man is better?! Now I must see the movie when it comes out!

  4. Boy, did Disney ever missed the opportunity of doing this kind of animation style for Moana before (in the vain of Paperman, no less).

  5. Homecoming seemed like a really great Spider-Man movie
    Until Spider-Man PS4 and Into the Spider Verse came out which just makes the story telling in Homecoming look Mediocre in comparison
    Spider-Man PS4 and Spider Verse truly showed what Spider-Man can and should be
    Not just another movie in a franchise with a bunch of references, but it's own story with unique and deep characters, it shouldn't need to relie on cameos and tie ins
    Spider-Man should be it's own story, but that doesn't mean he should never have team ups, I just think it could and should be handled with care and respect

  6. Well well Disney a company famous for animation decided a animated Spidey movie wasn't viable . Meanwhile they gave us an average mediocre Spidey well done Sony

  7. I hope this is the movie that shows the general public that great animated movies aren’t just from Disney and for kids.

  8. Grace I think the movie is as long as Incredibles 2, but lost a minute which is 1hr and 57 minutes or probably longer

  9. I saw it too, villains were amazing, and it showed me that ya just have to take a “leap of faith” if ya know what I mean🙃

  10. Saw it in 3D tonight at an advance screening (uk)
    It looked great and liked the various versions of Spider-Man (I think Peter Porker was my favorite)

  11. there is so much potential creating an animated marvel universe using these characters, especially in this comic style. its easily one of the best films that has been released this year in my opinion. cant wait to see what they do in the future. my fingers are crossed for more stories of characters that may never be featured in large marvel studios films.

  12. Luck enough to just see a preview screening. You are 💯 correct Grace. This is such a wonderful, amazing, exciting and funny movie. It is so beautifully animated and completely entertaining. I can’t believe how true to life the characters are, it’s like the kept off the page and into the movie. Definitely going in my to movies for 2018. 👍

  13. Just came back from seeing this (we live in the UK). THis is the Spider-Man movie I've wanted to see in forever! I totally agree with you, this is THE best Spider-Man movie.

  14. We had a preview screening weekend here in the UK, so I got to see Into the Spider-Verse. Wow… just, Wow – What an absolute love letter to comic books in general and Spider-Man in particular. Really hope the film does well on release and isn't just relegated to "just a kids film" status, because this really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

  15. Does this seem appropriate for a child almost 7? He's never seen any superhero movies other than the cartoons on Disney XD. They have no swearing or anything. He wants to see this but I"m hesitant. Is there a lot of swearing? I know superhero violence but was just curious if anybody else has seen it with kids. I know this is subjective we all show kids different things. I've been pretty strict, but I love Spider-Man.

  16. listen idc about spoilers, i need someone to answer this question for me , all i need to know is did peter die or go back to his universe? 😕

  17. Probably not the same reaction, but the kid in my theatre reacted to the fact that peter was wearing pants. lol
    Anyways, totally agree, want a sequel already NOW!

  18. UK watcher here. Hubby and I saw this last night and thought it was amazing!!! Such a great film,totally agree with your review Grace. Want the spoiler review now!

  19. Saying that this was the best superhero movie ever is not an exaggeration. Just got back and I will go again this weekend!! Go!!!!

  20. the best spider man movie after the first three original from sam raimi….. the tom holland and the andrew g spiderman are the worst… this spiderverse and the first three will forever be the best

  21. 3D is a must 4 this one folks IMHO.
    Its funny how Sony, not Disney is capitalizing off the multiverse that was introduced by Dr Strange and Avengers Inf War. Lol

  22. Love Grace. Love the reviews. Love the banter. But boy I sure do cringe every time Grace refers back to comics history. Brand echh.

  23. Anyone else think the first 30 min we're clunky in narration with the animation being a bit too jerky, but it got way better as it went along?

  24. It’s one of the best movies of the year. Not just best animated or comic book film. Can’t believe how much I loved it.

  25. They did storytelling, characterization, world building, and diversity so well! No edginess, swearing, or "mature" garbage aka Homecoming. Better than the comics! And Mary Jane wasn't some black chick with no character.

  26. Just got home from the theater and yet I’m still on the edge of my seat. One of the freshest (stylistically), and most original movies ever!!! Loved it!!

  27. Best Spider-Man film and best movie of the year. I agree. THIS is what I'd hoped Incredibles 2 would be. Shocked at how great it was…

  28. Grace, my wife and I walked out of this heavily pixelated animation travesty of a film 5 min in. We got our money back..it was that awful!!!

  29. I enjoyed it a lot. But it's not the best Spider-Man movie. That would have been Spider-Man 2 with Dr. Otto Octavius.

  30. Miles lost his way in the comics because people get caught up in the superficial aspects of his character instead of letting them flavor the good person his character actually is.

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